Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Work It out Wednesday

Today I went back to an oldie but goodie workout to get my heart rate soaring and still fit in weights. With Runner's Reset I am trying to stick to committing 3 days to weights understanding that I need to retrain my body and my metabolism.  Here is what today looked like...The supersets are exercises done one after another 3 times. For example: 12 lunges, 12 shoulder raises, 12 bicep curls then repeat 3 times.
10 min run @ 8 min mile pace
Superset #1
walking lunges (out and back), lateral raises, hammer curls, abs
Superset #2
chest press, reverse fly, tricep kickbacks one armed
10 sprints....8.5 speed with a 3.0 incline (20sec on and 20 sec off)
one-legged squat, front raises, bicep curls, abs
Superset#4flies, tricep extensions, upright row
10 min bike

Normally I would go and do another 2 supersets and 10 more minutes but it was getting close to 6am and I knew I had to get home to start the day.  The basic premise is to keep your heart rate elevated the whole time.

I was able to get a good sweat on and still be done within an hour!  Score!!  
How do you fit in weights and cardio....or do you?


  1. I've been doing Beach Body Guide by Keyla. 28 minutes and my workout is done!