Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Around Here...

If you are wondering where in the heck I have been, let's start with trying to keep up with these 3...

Our little man has taken a deviation from the family in that he is not like his champion sleeping sisters.  He is still waking up at least once in the night!!!  You mamas that deal with this for all your children my heart goes out to you!!!  Sleep deprivation is a torture all in itself!!  I was missing my morning workouts something fierce!!!  He would wake up just as I was about to start or would be up at 2....and then sleep won out!  This past week or so though I have been just pushing through and rededicating to getting those morning workouts in.  I just feel so much better throughout the day instead of having my workout hanging over my head until everyone has gone to bed. 

Speaking of working out, I have started the 80 Day Obsession program by Beachbody.  I was seeing so many people have amazing results, coupled with the fact that I was STRUGGLING to get to the gym because of said sleeping issues.  I toyed with the idea for a while and then BOOM my gym closed...pretty much made the decision for me!! 
I just started week 4 and I am really loving it!  I have done other Beachbody programs in the past but didn't find the workouts super challenging.  These are different!  Plus each workout is different....80 different workouts!  The added bonus is that I got a year subscription to Beachbody OnDemand so I can try out other workouts too.  I am starting to feel good and am thinking I even need to invest in some heavier dumbbells.  I was feeling discouraged by the scale because I really need to lose A LOT but after taking measurements I am down 11 inches overall!!!  BOOM!!!! 
I also registered for Newport 10 Miler coming up in June.  I have to be real with you all....I am SUPER nervous!!!  Running is SUPER hard for me right now.  Between not sleeping and trying to climb my way back, I am nervous what this race will be like. 
I have been putting in my long runs and have about 2 more left before I taper (fun fact...I have only tapered once in the 17 years I have been running races).  I am running with my BRF Jill (she has been with me for all my first post-baby races) so if anything we will have fun!!

So that about sums up what's going on in this corner of my world.  We are reaching the end of the school year and I think we all are really looking forward to Summer!!!  I know I am looking forward to warmer temps and being about to relax around a fire with the hubs...and of course the beach! 

Tell me....what have you been up to???

Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Motivation

It has been almost a year since little man was born...and it feels like it has been that long since I really posted on here.  Life has been like a runaway train these days and I will completely and fully admit that I let "me" get sucked in and taken away with that too.  I have been honest on here about my struggles with postpartum depression, and to say I am out of the woods would not be completely true.  However, each day I feel like I am getting closer and closer to feeling like me again...being about to laugh more freely...being able to be present and enjoy life.  Needless to say my "sparkle" had been all but lost but lately I have been seeing it glint from time to time.  I need to remember that my family needs my sparkle...and so do I!  Taking that time to fill my tank...to sweat...to laugh...to be me is helping more and more each day.  Don't lose sight of your SPARKLE!  Let it shine!!!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Motivation

With little man back to not sleeping and challenges to every day, I think it's safe to say that times around these parts have been tough....but that fire can't be turned off.  I CAN and I WILL push through each day...I CAN and I WILL stoke that flame each day until it is back to a roaring fire!!  We are tough...and we will get there!!!  I'm not where I want to be but I'll be damned if I choose to stay here!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Motivation

I will admit that I have been a little stuck in the in-between....between knowing I need to start training for the Newport 10 Miler and feeling exhausted.  Well yesterday I had had enough and I put my money down.  I registered and thus today am on my way training for this race for the 5th time!  It really is a race that is dear to my heart...it runs through my hometown...the views are amazing...and it brings out my grit every time!  I think that is what has me scared...I know that this race is no walk in the park.  I’m ready to get started...to commit to me...to commit to finish what I start!!
Don’t sit in the in between...commit and find out how great you are!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Holy moly it's Thursday!  There is something about a short week...it feels like it is dragging along until BAM it's almost over!!  Here's some randoms for your reading enjoyment!

Across the miles...My BRF Jill and I have been running together for 9 years.  We started running together after I had our oldest lady.  We ran my first post-baby race together in a local 5k.  I didn't know Jill as well then but it was meant to be...even when she told me to push harder because I didn't feel like I was going to puke yet!!  We have run countless miles and races together since then (fun fact is that she has been by my side for all my "first post-baby" races and will be there in June for Newport)!  It was much easier to meet up and run when we lived close to each other, but now I'm on the Cape and she's jamming out north of Boston.  This past weekend we came up with a plan to encourage each other to get moving without actually being together.

We told each other our goals and have been texting each other to make sure we follow through!  I know that if I get that text and am sitting on the couch or pushing snooze, then she'll know (she knows everything!)  I love it!!!

Oh my Chip Gaines...Like I needed another reason to love the Gaines, now Chip is running a marathon! 

If you follow him on Instagram you will get a few laughs as he embarks on the journey of 26.2!  He has a good sense of humor about the pain of it all!  He's getting his inspiration and advice from accomplished runner and cancer warrior Gabe Grunewald.

I'm excited to follow this journey especially since they are adding to their already big crew along the way!!

Operation Hydration...One healthy habit that I started many years ago that has stuck more than anything with me is making sure I am drinking enough water.  My husband carries a gallon of water around with him all day, so when we started dating I took a page from his book and decided that hydration was something I could do!  If you see me at work...at the beach...pretty much anywhere I have water with me! 
The lineup plus my morning shake!
My students notice even when I don't have my water with me...and often times ask me if I forgot it somewhere (which is always a possibility).  Doctors recommend that you drink at least half your body weight in good ole H2O so get chugging!  You will feel so much better I promise!!!...once you are done with your 18th trip to the potty!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rounding Out a Decade

Monday was my birthday...my 39th birthday.  I went out for a run yesterday morning and started thinking about the last decade of my life and about how I wanted that decade to end.  I began my 30s feeling the same way I do today...I'm discouraged with how I look/feel...I'm in the worst shape I have been in since I was 30 (I had my oldest child just weeks before I turned 30)...I'm embarrassed.  I began this decade as a new mom.  I have spent this decade of life growing our family...literally in my body.  I have carried 4 babies, one of which we will meet one day in heaven.  I have gained 50+lbs three times.  I have stretched my stomach, and unfortunately the rest of my body, to sizes I didn't know it could reach!  I have had surgery three times to meet our beautiful babies.  I have also lost 60+lbs twice....battled postpartum depression twice and am currently doing so again.  To say I have challenged my body during this decade would be an understatement!!

As I was running along, it got me thinking about what I wanted this year to be....do I want it to be an extension of the blah that I have been feeling lately (overweight and exhausted) or do I want this last year of 30 to be an exclamation point on a decade of physical challenges?  I choose the later!!  I choose that I am going to end this decade with an exclamation point!  I will NOT let depression win!  I will NOT quit trying to get back into shape!  I will NOT just quit...I can do this!!!  Here is a picture from one of my first big races after having my oldest...
I was petrified because it was a big race full of a million and one hills.  I chose this picture to reflect on because I am about 9 months postpartum in this picture...2 months more than I am right now.  I chose this picture to motivate me.  No I wasn't in the shape I wanted to be in but DAMN I was a lot closer than I am today!!  Taking short steps, my first goal is to be in this place in 2 months...in March my goal is to be here! 

Don't you worry....I have another picture for the next 3 months!!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fitness Friday...What You Tell Yourself

I will fully admit that I am my own worst enemy.  If others around me talked to me like I talk to myself....well let's just say we would no longer be friends. 

I am hard on myself in all aspects of my life (especially lately when all the wheels are falling off the Fancy bus almost daily) but especially hard on myself when it comes to fitness and weight loss.  It is almost as if I choose to accept myself the way that I am now, I almost fear the weight won't come off! 

My goal for my girls, and my son too, is for them to love themselves.  I am always aware how I am talking to them about being healthy...about trying their best...about being proud of themselves. 
However I do not extend the same grace to myself.  When it comes to fitness and weight loss journeys, it is so crucial that you believe in yourself.  That you know that at the end of each day you tried your best and that was enough! 

I really noticed this yesterday out on my runch with a coworker/friend of mine.  The miles flew by and I felt awesome about it when we got back to school.  Yes I was a hot sweaty mess but I felt really positive about the run.
Just a few days before...same route...but solo.  I let so many negative thoughts in about me as a runner and frankly the run stunk!  I stopped a bunch of times to walk and felt discouraged about my progress.  Positive talk and positive people around you can make such a difference!  This weekend I think I am going to start compiling sayings and images for a vision board for next to my treadmill.  A board of positive things to look at when the negative creeps in! 
Be your biggest cheerleader!!!  You can do this!!