Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...Keep Your Eyes on the Finish!

In just 6 short weeks this finish line will be mine...
I just have to keep my workouts focused on what I want to accomplish....Working for a PR for my last race of the year!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's Talk Training

This week I'm going to lay out how I have been trying to merge my half marathon training for ZOOMA Cape Cod and the 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique program.  It certainly isn't ideal since...well I'm not a professional athlete and my job isn't working out (although if anyone out there is looking for a mom of 2 to sponser I'm all yours!) so there are days when the last thing I want to do is run! 
I start my week on Monday since Sunday is my rest lay down and do not a thing day...because that could happen!!
Monday: Back and Cardio...Today worked out great since the cardio was to run 3 miles.  Headed to the gym early with the sun and cranked out the back workout and then hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles.
Tuesday:  3 miles (from schedule) and legs and abs workout-Another morning at the gym.  I did the weights first and then another 3 miles on the mill!
Wednesday: 6 mile tempo and chest & shoulders workout-I didn't want to spend another day running the treadmill (there will be plenty of that come winter) so I did my tempo first thing in the morning.  Later in the day when the ladies took a nap I headed to the basement and did weights.
Thursday: Cardio...StairMaster.  I was nervous to do this since I have always seen the StairMaster as the stairs of doom but I owned it!!  Later in the day I cranked out 3 more miles while the girls slept!
Friday:  I knew I had a busy Saturday morning so hubby graciously let me do my long run today as long as I was home before he went to work (hind sight...Aubs woke up with an infected spider bite and we ended up in Urgent Care so I guess it was good to start the day with something more positive!).  The air has been so crisp lately especially in the mornings so it was awesome!  13.1 miles down for Jost Running!
Saturday: Because I skipped the weight workout for Friday, I did it today while Aubs slept.  Biceps, triceps, and legs done and done!!  I tweaked a few exercises since I was at home and not at the gym.
Sunday:  REST!!!!!  Sat my sore hiney on the beach!!!
How do you make weights and cardio fit in for you?
When pressed for time, which would you choose?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Motivation

I think if I spoke to my friends the way that I talk to myself at times I would certainly have no friends to talk to!  Why is it that so often people are their own worst enemy...slow to celebrate a victory because they fell short of where they wanted to be.  This week I'm challenging myself....and of course you all talk to myself the way I would want someone to talk to me.  I'm challenging myself to celebrate the small victories...the good choices...the daily workouts instead of focusing on the times I fall short.  Day by day I'm going to build me up...what about you?
Are you quicker to criticize yourself than others?  
What would you tell yourself today that you would tell someone you love?  
Me...I would say great job getting up at the crack of dawn to run this morning!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Whoot whoot!!  Today is Thursday!  
Here is your weekly dose of randomness!!

Big sis...Today is my big sister's birthday.  I make sure to say big sister since so many people think that I'M the big sister!!!
She's awesome and I am so proud to call her my sister and friend!!!  And just because she loves to torture herself on her birthday, she is packing up her girls and going on a road trip to Nashville....with 4 preteens!  Some women would have chosen the spa Amy but happy birthday!!!  We love you!!!

Giving back...My BRF Jill was telling me about a great sock company that not only wicked comfy but is also doing amazing things to help the community around them.
Austin based company Mitscoots gives a pair of socks to someone in need every time you purchase a pair through the charities they have partnered with.  Above that...they employ those who are in need of jobs and need a second chance.  It comes full circle...they help others and then allow those same people to help another person!  Such a great idea and again super comfy socks!!

Bad blogger...I was talking with a fellow Cape Cod Fitfluential blogger Susan in the library yesterday and we were talking about how the summer just lends itself to us being bad bloggers.  I am missing catching up on all that you all are doing and celebrating but my time has been really full trying to eek out the last few weeks of summer with these two lovely ladies...
and pretty much going from my gym clothes to this get-up!
There is no denying I love all things about summer but more than anything I love being able to spend time with the girls!!!  I promise I'll be back to weeding through my Bloglovin feed before you know it!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Talk Training

I haven't done one of these posts since I ran Ragnar!  Yes I've been training but haven't been posting.  I guess at times it seems pretty boring to me since it all sort of looks the same but this training cycle for ZOOMA Cape Cod has been different because I have been working to incorporate my miles in with the 12 Weeks to a Fit Physique that I am doing with Jolynn Toma.  I can honestly say it is kicking my hiney but it's awesome and I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger!  This past week however I was away from a gym and thus I stuck to just the running plan....I will post next week how I'm working in the strength training from Jolynn and my half marathon training plan.  I loved my week filled with running but was sad that no miles were clocked with my BRF Jill who is battling foot injuries!  She's a trooper but injuries stink!  Dare I say I missed the weights....who am I becoming???

Monday: 4 miles after class...Realized with a quickness that I am SOO spoiled by living on Cape Cod with our sea breezes.  I felt like my face was literally melting off!!
Tuesday: 5 miles...Woke up with the sun for a loop around the island of Nahant.  I was missing my BRF but loving the sunrise views!
Wednesday: 6 mile track workout...3X1600 @ 8:07 pace with 800 jogs and 1 mile WU and CD...Yeah the heat I was mentioning....SUCKS!  I quickly chugged down a bottle of water and a Quest bar before meeting a good friend, Lisa, for a boot camp class.  It was a hard class but you know me...I loved it!  Certainly earned my margarita after!
Thursday: 3.5 miles...Jill yes is battling her foot injury but convinced me she could do a quick run...Marathon Sports in Melrose was hosting a pub run.  It was fun and had a great time meeting many new runners!
Friday: 10.1 miles...I knew I wanted to get my long run in before I got home so that I could relax and spend time with my family who I had missed terribly!  I woke up bright and early and literally ran 10 circles around campus!  It was such a peaceful time on campus and I was able to spend the time laughing at memories and praying over the campus.  I'm not going to was a challenge in the later miles each time I passed my car!!!
Saturday & Sunday: 2 miles....Brought the girls out for a bike ride on a path near our house...while they rode I ran!  I was more than happy to rest up on Sunday!!!

How was your week?? 
Have you ever done a pub run?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Motivation

I was thinking this past week that I am starting to fall into...this is good enough...mode with my running which is NOT going to score me a PR for my next race, ZOOMA Cape Cod!  If we want to reach new levels with whatever it is that we are doing we need to be constantly challenging ourselves...pushing ourselves to reach the potential that we have.  Today is your day to not settle for status quo and really take that step to challenge yourself!!
What do you do to challenge yourself?  How are you going to challenge yourself today?
Me I'm pushing my pace this morning on my run...getting to that uncomfortable spot on purpose! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday...Finish What You Started

I started using this mantra many years ago when I found out I was pregnant with our second daughter while I was training for a 20 miler.  I was determined to continue the work I was doing and finish the race I had been training for for so long.  This phrase would pop into my head on those last miles when my legs were feeling like lead and my mind was trying its best to convince me to stop and just walk it in.  Over time this phrase has continued to remind me to keep pushing ALL the way to the the finish line...until the last rep is complete...until I reach the goal I have in front of me. 

Today I decided to do my long run early since I am away from home and knew that once I got home I wouldn't want to leave my family for 2 hours to run.  I drove to campus early so that I would have plenty of time to run and shower before I needed to teach.  The campus is a mile long circle of sorts and so I began circling campus...counting down each time as I passed my car.  It was so peaceful on campus and it was a great time spent reflecting on the years spent there and the memories they held.  After 6 loops I decided I needed a little kick and I grabbed my Yurbuds for some tunes.  When my watch clicked to mile 8, my mind started its game again of convincing me to one will know if you can always make up the 2 miles later're tired and sore and deserve a break.  Then I thought...FINISH WHAT YOU START! 

I have worked hard to get to where I am in my running and weight loss.  I have pushed my body to get it here and this was the reminder that I needed not to stop when I'm tired but stop when I'm done...when I've reached my goal...reached my weight...reached my finish line...when I finish what I've started!!  It's easy to let things eek in and convince us that we've come far enough or we work so hard we deserve a break, but we know what our goal is and we need to push until we finish!! 
I did finish my 10 miles and felt SO awesome for doing so....I even scored myself some negative splits!!
KEEP PUSHING!!!  You WILL get there!