Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Someone Pinch Me!

I had one of those moments the other day.  The one where you get an email and even as you are reading it you think either someone is totally messing with you (which is why I texted Dani to check) or they must have meant to send it to another person!  Well no one was messing with me and they really DID mean to send it to me...me....lilfancynancy...mom of 2...me!  On October 15-18th I am heading down to Bethlehem, PA for the Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival
The coolest part is that I am heading down as a RW Influencer!!!  This means I get to go to RW headquarters and meet all the fabulous people there along with amazing fellow bloggers!!!  I can't even right now!!!
And of course running ALL the races!!!  I mean really it's Runner's World...why not?!  There is a 3.8 mile trail run on Friday, a 5k and 10k on Saturday, and then the festival wraps up with a half marathon on Sunday.  You can run one of the races, do a Hat Trick(5k, 10k, and half), or the Five and Dime (5k and 10k). 
Plus you know I brought enough to share with the class!!!  If you are as excited as I am and want to join in on the fun use the code bloglittlefancynancy at checkout and save yourself some dinero!! Use the code  for $3.50 off the 5k, $4 off the 10k, $7.50 off the Five and Dime  (5k and 10k), $9.50 off the Half Marathon, and $17 off the Hat Trick (5k, 10k, and half).  Register here!

What race/races you pick to run?  Are you coming?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Motivation

You hear about it more and more lately.  People well into their 80s that are crossing finish lines and have been for more than half their life!  The other day I was driving home from the gym and passed a woman running.  Her long silver hair was not tied back and what I saw was this image of her running and smiling with her silver hair flying in the wind.  I thought to myself...I want that.  No I'm not ready to just let my hair go (although if I don't get myself to the salon soon people are going to start to talk!)!  I want this crazy running thing to be something I'm still doing years from now.  Shouldn't that be all of our goals?  To be doing whatever it is to get our bodies moving well into the time when others are slowing down?
Find what you love to do and make it something that lasts a lifetime!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Promise...

Hey all!  I know that I have not only been scarce around these parts but haven't been exactly writing the most interesting posts either!!  Call it writer's block meets summertime but I have been spending a lot more time with these two...

and just watching them grow and learn.  Not all rainbows and unicorns, but exactly what I need out of summer!  I promise though that I will get back into my usual groove!!  Next week brings a week of working...and thinking...and writing!  There's a lot circling around this fancy head of mine!!  Thanks for hanging in with me!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Motivation

Each day I make the choice to move...the choice to feed my body with things that make it work the best it can...or the choice to rest.  It is the process that feeds my body and my mind.  It is the process of training...and moving...and fueling...that produces the results.  I love the process...it makes it my way of life instead of a laborious process.  The process is my life....the results are just the bonus!  You don't have to be a runner.  Find what you can fall in love with so that moving your body is something you love!  Focus on finding joy and the results will come!
What do you do that you love?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Week of Running

This past week the ladies and I went down to visit my family in RI.  It is a yearly tradition to head down for a week of sleepovers and cousin time along with VBS at our church.  The girls always look forward to this week since it is much harder to get down there during the school year!

We usually have about a million ideas of things we want to do while we are down there complete with hours of trampoline jumping and raspberry picking.  This week also included a fun dodgeball tournament for us adults!!

One of the things I love during this week is being able to run some of my favorite routes and see some amazing sights!  I started the week with my long run of 10.5 miles along the Ocean Drive and past some former presidential summer homes like the Kennedys and the Eisenhowers.

Another run went along Bellevue Ave and then turned onto one of my favorite places to run, the Cliff Walk.  This is about a 4 mile path that climbs along the ocean and the backyards of the ridiculously wealthy!  I love the sights here...helps me to really think...just me and the ocean.

Wednesday I hit up the track for some very HOT and humbling 800s!  I brought all the ladies with me!!  I have to say only one...OP...stuck with it and made it 2 miles.  The others were more than happy to watch from the stadium seats!  Lol!

I ended the week with hill repeats which aren't usually fun but a change of scenery always shakes things up and makes them more interesting!

I won't say all these miles were perfect and my pace was on point the entire time, but I covered the distances I needed to and more than that I enjoyed them!  There a few more routes I still wanted to run...guess we need to go back!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Motivation

With 10 weeks until ZOOMA Cape Cod, it is time to keep my eye on the prize!!!  I will admit that the last few weeks I have been slacking a little...not so much the amount of mileage I have been putting in but the intensity of the miles.  A walk here....dropped pace there...cookie here...mixed drink there and here I am far heavier than I need to be if I'm going to break 1:50 in September.  Starting today...without looking back....it's step by step...good choice after good choice...keeping my eye on the prize!  It is going to take sacrifice...it is going to take balance...it is going to take determination...but I, we all, have it in us to do great things!!
How do you stay focused during the summer months?

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Here they are...my three randoms for the week...enjoy!

Stop the Train!!!  Is it me or is this Summer FLYING by?  We have only been out of school for a few weeks but good gravy it is Thursday again and I feel like I'm sitting here pumping the brakes!!  I love Summer for all things warm and beachy but it is more than that for me.  It means time...unscheduled time if I want...to just be with my girls.  I may not have the ability to not work but I certainly hit the jackpot by being able to work and have the gift of Summer with them where we can spend days at the beach...swim...explore...play...and do whatever for 2 months each year.  Could someone just let me know how to slow that time down please?

Cousins Week...This coming week we are headed to my home state Little Rhody and spending the week with my family....a week of cousins and grandparents and beaches and memories and bucket lists and raspberry picking and fun!  That being said I am going to take the week off from writing here while I soak in the memories and salt air (yes the air is different in Newport!).  I will of course be posting all the fun on Instagram...so follow along!

Deep Thoughts...Last month my sister, a friend, and I trekked into Boston to see the author and speaker Glennon Doyle Melton, author of Carry On, Warrior and blog Momastery.

Truth be told I had read a few things that Glennon had written but I knew very little of what to expect.  Sometimes that is the best way to be because I was unaware of how open I was to what she was sharing that night.  That sweaty night at the Old South Church has left me thinking...and challenging...and thinking some more about the life I am putting out there for all to see...challenging deep, deep norms I have put all around me to help navigate life...challenging the example I want to give my girls.  I do need to think more...let the points marinate a bit (hopefully looking out over my childhood backyard!) before I share but they were exactly what I needed to hear....now it's just to get the courage to live it!

How's your week?  Flying by or crawling along?