Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Motivation

I have been doing a lot of comparing other new the me from last other runners...and it has stolen joy each time.  I've never been one to "bounce right back" and this pregnancy is no different.  However I know I WILL get there!  I need to make the choice every day to try my best and one day I WILL be there!  Everyone's journey looks different...and so does mine!  It will be a challenge this week but I am putting my foot down on the caparison game...will you?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Motivation

Last week I was cleared to start exercising.  If I've learned anything from my last two pregnancies it's that I can't start back at the intensity that I was at before pregnancy.  Some people can but my body has made it clear that after 3 C-Sections I need to take my time and be patient...something I have a hard time with.  So I have a plan.  Before I start pile on all the miles, my plan is to keep my mileage low and work more on building muscle building a house.  You need to have a strong foundation first...this is evidenced by the fact that I hurt my back yesterday in church literally just coughing!!  I am so ready....ready to feel like myself again...ready to have my clothes fit again...ready to not feel like me walking around in a fat suit!  I'm ready and I have my plan!!  What goals are you working toward this week?  Make a plan and go get them!!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Man

It's been a little over a month now and I am just now feeling like I am coming out of the haze that a new baby brings....well I'm almost out of the haze!!  I thought I would share the little man's birth story.

For me, this was a scheduled C-section due to the fact that I had had two previous C-sections and an abdominal surgery beforehand, so unfortunately there is no rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night here!  I did however a few days before think that I was in labor (cramping, back pains, etc) but no chance!  The good thing about a scheduled delivery is that we were able to solidify people to watch the girls and bring them to the hospital, and I was able to shower...and do my hair which is always a concern for us curly haired girls!!  As a side note we did have a little craziness on the way to the hospital when I realized that I had lost my wallet (with my ID and insurance card) at the movie theater the day before!!  Thankfully they held it and I was able to check in without all of it!

My biggest stress about the whole thing was actually having the C-section.  For some reason this time I was nervous.  I had a lot of family and friends praying for me which I can honestly say helped in a major way as evidenced by my steady and low heart rate during the procedure!  My husband commented that he thought his heart rate was higher than mine!  They prepped me...he came in...and then within a short amount of time we heard our little man's first cry!  Tears streamed down my face!!!  There is something magical about that moment to me...the baby who I had been talking to for the past 10 months was now talking to me!!  They brought him over and let me hold him!!!

From there they took my husband and the baby out of the room to finish up with me.  This was honestly the only time where I was nervous and honestly super uncomfortable.  This actually took over an hour!!  Because I had extensive scar tissue my doctor had to really pull and tug all over the place!  This ending up causing more pain for me than the actual C-section!  By the time I got back to my room my upper abs (from my belly button to my chest) KILLED and really was the source of all my pain in healing!

Due to the procedure I was in the hospital 4 days while my poor husband had to juggle the family at, softball, field trips, you name it!  By the time we hit 4 days I was READY to go home!

I want to be completely honest about the days that followed.  I don't do this to complain but instead to paint a realistic picture.  I feel like it can be so isolating living the "Facebook age" where everything looks perfect.  You often feel like you are the only one not holding it all together!  I had originally had the plan to breastfeed.  I had tried with my other two but was never successful long-term.  I was determined this time to make it work.  I managed fine in the hospital...when it was just little man and I.

When I got was mom of 3 time and for me that was a HUGE game changer!  I had support from my loving husband and also my awesome mom who came down for a week to help us with driving the kids and giving me support...I also had my awesome father-in-law who brought the girls home each day from school so I didn't have to make the 40 min drive every day!  However the thought that I was it...the only person who could feed the baby...the thought that the following week I was going to have my 4 very very active 4 year-old home with me...and the thought that I would never be able to leave the house again without having to have a plan became so overwhelming for me.  For two days I had panic attacks and chest pains over this and in the end I decided to stop and use formula.  I know so many rockstar moms who breastfeed and my hat goes off to them honestly but for me and my mental health I just couldn't.  He is fine...growing awesome...and I'm able to feed him and love on him and not feel so much anxiety!

Life with our little man is's crazy...and there are moments when I wonder if our life will ever not be a circus again, but we love him so much and can't imagine our circus without him!

The growing pains of growing our family will one day be behind us and we will have an amazing man added to our life!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Motivation

I am still waiting to get the green light to work out...but that's not keeping me from making goals!  A little fun fact is that I have worn the same dress on the first day of school for the past 7 years....the same black sleeveless dress with a ruffle down the front.  Well I tried it on yesterday and let's just say I wouldn't be caught dead in it right the zipper was not too happy with me!  So there it is...I have 2 months to keep the tradition going!  I figured I could spend the next two months wishing I fit into it, or I could do something about it.
Don't quit on a dream just because of can and will get there!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Motivation

Today marks just 1 day shy of 3 weeks since our little man came into this world!  For this mama it is time to start on my journey back.  However, the more I think about it....the climb back to where I was...I am switching my focus.  I don't want to just get back to where I was...I want to be stronger!!!  I have done this twice before...lost the my speed back...but this time I want speed AND strength!  Third times a charm right?!  I have another 3 weeks until I can really get moving again so for that time I am going to focus on my food.  Low carb/low sugar has always worked for my body and so that is where I am going to start.  Once I get running again I am going to add back some healthy carbs, but until then low carb it is!  I am going to be kind and mindful of the healing process...of my lack of sleep...but I WILL make it back and then some!!!
How will you make this week STRONG for you?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Motivation

Baby boy is scheduled to be here next baby yet but I can certainly feel my body slowing down as the day gets closer!  Yesterday a very timely Timehop picture came up from last year...before baby...before my midsection resembled more a globe than anything else.  It got me motivated...planning...thinking about what I want this "bounce back" to be about.  Yes I want to get back to running....the kind of running where I feel like I could do it forever.  Yes I want to fit back into my jeans again.  Yes I want to see those muscles again.  However it struck me yesterday that this is my last "bounce back".  This is the last time I will grow a tiny human inside me and watch my waistline grow to make room.  This is the last time doctors will perform surgery to take that tiny human out and snuggle him next to my face.  This time is will usher in a different phase of my life and my fitness.  So with that in mind I want to focus on the not only a smaller me but the healthiest me I can be for myself and my family.  Yes there will be finish lines...and scale and non-scale victories...but there will be balance.  More savoring...more soaking it in...more health...more believing in myself!  Believe in yourself this week...that you are capable of finding that balance...that health!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Motivation

Yesterday brought me lots of love from my family but it also brought me a bright reminder that I need to use my life as an example for my girls...on how to be to ENJOY to make choices that are going to help my body work the best it can.  I can talk to them until I am blue in the face, but if my choices don't match my actions they mean nothing!  What are you going to do today that matches what you say?  Are you going to choose the foods that are fuel over what you are craving?  Are you going to sweat because you love the way it makes you feel?  Remember there is always someone watching!!