Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Motivation

This past week I missed some workouts/runs that were important for me in reaching my goals.  A combination of snow and time restrictions made it difficult to get the workouts in that I needed.  It happened but I'm moving on.  I'm not throwing it all in because I missed workouts.  This week is looking like there will be even more challenges due to a blizzard today and more snow during the week, but I'm sticking to my goals and I'm getting the job done!  We all have missteps...challenges that we don't always conquer...but that doesn't mean we need to throw it all away.  Today is a new day and good choices are waiting to be made!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Runner's Reset...Lessons Learned

I was so happy to be able to be part of the Runner's Reset with Laura again this year.

 I know that I have written a few things that I have learned from doing the reset but I wanted to put a final stamp of reflection on it.  Laura is incredibly knowledgeable and a very easy person to work with!  If you are struggling with nutrition or just feeling off...check her out!  She's great!  So here are a few of the many things I learned on this 21 day reset.

Prep is King...I knew this before the reset but it was a great reminder after the holidays and life being crazy.  I prepped my lunches and snacks for the week on Sunday.  This meant I was cooking big batches of chicken and broccoli, boiling a bunch of eggs, making a big batch of soup packed with veggies, and portioning it all out so that at the beginning of the day I could stand in front of my fridge and just fill my lunch box!  The portioning out is key for me because I have about 30 min in the morning to pack my daughter's lunch as well as my own and everyone's breakfast.  If everything is already packed and weighed then it is a 1 minute process!  I also tried to prep a few things for dinner for the week too but I wasn't always successful.  Going forward my goal is to continue this as well as add an additional prep day Thursday or Friday for the weekend so I can stay on track!

Wait it Out...My cravings come at two very distinct times of day...late afternoon when I am walking in the door from work and after the girls go to bed.  Late afternoon cravings are ALL THE FOOD cravings while the nighttime cravings are more sweets.  I found, especially with the night cravings, is that if I just would wait even just a half hour, they would either go away or it would be time for dinner...or I fell asleep!  This admittedly is a challenge for me especially for those afternoon ones and has always been a weak time for me.  I am going to practice more waiting it out and busying myself to allow the craving to pass.

Mind your Training...The biggest revelation that I had was when it came to my training and weight I was/am carrying.  As a distance runner(I still feel like a poser every time I write that!) I take 4 month or so cycles to train for a race.  I would say in the past 4-5 years (with the exception of when I was pregnant) I have been keeping myself at half marathon ready.  This has meant I am more or less always following a training plan.  Now I do this because I love the structure of a plan but also so that I can maintain the cardio base that I have built.  As a mother runner, I have a small window of time to get in my runs most of the time.  During the week I have about an hour and about 2 hours (that's pushing it) on the weekend to get in a long run.  What does that mean for me?  Lots of speed work!  What I have learned from Laura is that I may be training my body to hold onto weight especially around my middle!!!  During the reset (and I fully admit I am an absolute work in progress on this because it is changing a deep-seeded mindset) I tried easy runs, fasted runs (which most of my runs are fasted by nature), and speed work.  I also started incorporating more Omega 3s and a probiotic into my daily practice.  I will get back to you on that progress as I continue longer.  It has been hard to really mentally make myself run easy since I want to fit ALL THE MILES into NO MINUTES but I am willing to keep trying if it is going to mean a better feeling...and let's be honest to get rid of my belly!!

Have you ever changed your way of training?  Have you ever done a reset?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#WinterWarrior in Review

This past month of January I took the Winter Warrior Challenge with Marathon Sports.
As I have posted about before, the challenge is to run at least 1 mile outside every day for the month of January.  Now I have tried the challenge in the past but flu and blizzards have kept me from completing the challenge.  Thankfully we were all healthy this year and have had it pretty easy with the weather considering.  The biggest challenge for me this month was getting in the OUTDOOR miles.  Once I start school again and the sun disappears far earlier each day, my miles are usually confined to a treadmill except for the weekends.  I'm too afraid to run alone in the dark and sometimes the temps were far too low to have my girls out for the fun.  This meant a lot of miles during my 25 minute lunch!  I actually loved it and was feeling out of sorts yesterday morning when I wasn't carrying my bag of running gear to school!  I like getting out during my day for a dose of Vitamin D and some sweat!  I tried to be a good blogger and take as many pictures as I here's a rundown of the month!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Motivation

The other day I was having a conversation with my oldest.  It was after her skating lesson...the one where she let the instructor pull her around on the ice for an hour after we had talked the whole way there that this was going to be the lesson when she was going to skate on her own.  We talked all about courage and how proud she felt last lesson when she finally was able to skate on her own.  We talked about how hard she had worked and how she just kept trying her best.  We even prayed before we got out of the car for courage.  And then as soon as she stepped out on the ice...she grabbed her hands...and began to coast.  During our talk I encouraged her to stop quitting on herself before she could be as great as she stop fearing failure so much that she quits.  And all the while I was saying it, I couldn't help but think of myself...all those goals I have set for myself that are the same exact goals as last year because I never reached them.  All the times I have said, "This is the time" and fell just short of my goals or sabotaged my progress continually!  I need to stop quitting on me....I owe it to myself...and to my girls.
Don't quit on yourself before you can be great!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Holy cow how in the heck did we get to Thursday already???  Some weeks have a tendency to crawl along but this week is certainly flying by!!  Here's your weekly dose of randomness!

Fit-Fat-Fit....So everyone is talking about this show and I've seen so many different opinions that I thought I would share my own and see what you all think.
A&E has started a show, thought up by the original trainer who decided to gain weight and try to lose it again so that he could know what it was like to be overweight.  Trainers are paired up with people that (from what I've seen so far) are at least 100lbs overweight.  The trainers spend the first 4 months gaining weight...seriously they eat upwards of 7000 calories...and then the trainer and client work to lose the weight together.  Like with all weight loss shows I find the story lines compelling.  I find it so interesting to see how the trainers transform not physically but mentally throughout the 4 months. So far they have been falling into patterns of depression and feeling like failures.  It has been very emotional for them....just a snapshot of what their clients feel like for years.  The part that is clear to me from watching the two episodes though is that the trainers bodies are built to burn.  Both men struggled to put on the weight even though they were eating everything they could.  Losing for them brought them back into their zone.  However, I do think they were very invested in their client's journey.  I've liked them so far.  What about you?  What have been your thoughts on this?

Macros Smackros...I've been trying hard while doing this Runner's Reset to really work my way through hitting my macros each day...particularly my protein.  For whatever reason, I have an abnormally hard time wrapping my head around what to eat to make it fit into these even my husband has given up trying to explain it to me!  This week (granted it's only Thursday) I have hit my macros each day...BOOM!  I have been trying to bump up my snack to make it more protein rich (I have a snack mid-day because I eat breakfast at 6:30 and lunch at 1:30).  Last week I found these in my grocery store...
I use Kodiak Cakes for pancakes and love that they are protein packed...especially for the girls so I decided to try it out.  I've been mixing these and plain Greek yogurt....YUMMM and 25 grams of protein which is good for me for a quick snack!  What's a go-to protein packed snack for you?

Tech vs cotton...I am running the Hyannis Half Marathon next month and my only complaint about this race in the past is that they gave out the WORST know other than the fact that some years it's pouring rain...snowing...or mild take your pick!!!

I'm not being petty either...these shirts were awful!!  Cotton t-shirts with a massive silk screen that wouldn't soften no matter how many times you washed it!  Well this year I was psyched when I got an email saying they were going to be doing long-sleeved tech shirts!!!!!  Glory!!!  I'm excited to see how they are!  What about or cotton?  Me I like a good long-sleeved cotton but I really do like the tech!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Work It out Wednesday

Today I went back to an oldie but goodie workout to get my heart rate soaring and still fit in weights. With Runner's Reset I am trying to stick to committing 3 days to weights understanding that I need to retrain my body and my metabolism.  Here is what today looked like...The supersets are exercises done one after another 3 times. For example: 12 lunges, 12 shoulder raises, 12 bicep curls then repeat 3 times.
10 min run @ 8 min mile pace
Superset #1
walking lunges (out and back), lateral raises, hammer curls, abs
Superset #2
chest press, reverse fly, tricep kickbacks one armed
10 sprints....8.5 speed with a 3.0 incline (20sec on and 20 sec off)
one-legged squat, front raises, bicep curls, abs
Superset#4flies, tricep extensions, upright row
10 min bike

Normally I would go and do another 2 supersets and 10 more minutes but it was getting close to 6am and I knew I had to get home to start the day.  The basic premise is to keep your heart rate elevated the whole time.

I was able to get a good sweat on and still be done within an hour!  Score!!  
How do you fit in weights and cardio....or do you?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Motivation

All too often people choose to stay in a a weight...with health issues...because the work it will take to change it is hard or scary.  However once they make the choice and leave their comfort zone they realize that it wasn't that great anyway!  Yes it will take work...yes it may be hard...but getting out of your comfort zone will be nothing but worth it!  Throw off those comfy and embrace what is waiting for you on the other side!!