Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Motivation

In honor of back-to-school time, I'm bringing back a quote I always went to with my high school students.  They often times would tell me how frustrating it was that people always assumed things about them and how being the minority population in the school was hard.  I always went back to this quote....encouraging them to show others how to use their lives to change.  I have the unique opportunity throughout my career to work with children who have survived horrific situations around the world...who came to me with very little and loaded with fear.  Again this quote remained...encouraging them to take the steps to make the changes!  The same is for all of us.  It is easy to stand back and voice opinions about one thing or another....but the real challenge is to be that do something to change what we see around us.
BE that change!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Back-to-School...A Teacher's View

All over the social media you see images of moms celebrating their children going back to school.  Whether it is because they are getting back their freedom for a few hours or they are not having to do the child care juggle any more, moms are happy to see their kids return to school.
It looks a little different in my house....more like this...

Don't get me wrong, I love the summer for all things beachy and fun.  Also I honestly do love my job.  I know it is rare to find something you love to do, and teaching is that for me...minus all the paperwork!  However, it is what the school year means for my girls that makes me not want to go back...that is putting a pit in my stomach as the calendar days tick away.

The school year for my girls means they have to remember to share their girls are 100% my loves but during the school year they share me with the 80 other students I have...who I try to find the ways that make them unique...who I try to push and help them reach their potential I can see inside them...who's burdens I take home with me no matter how hard I try!

The school year means that my girls have to share me with other a professional development provider also in my district, I spend Monday nights helping teachers find the unique ways to reach their second language learners inside their classroom.  It also means that I am prepping and planning during the week.  As much as I try to keep this to the school is hard.

I would say for me the fact that my girls need to share me during the school year is where my pit is coming from.  Before having my own kids I would mourn the end of the summer but look forward to pouring myself into my class.  Now I want to pour myself into my kids....but also be a good teacher.  It's a dance that I will continue to try to perfect as the years go by.  Until then I will continue to soak in these last days of summer with these two loves not having to share!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Time

This past week we packed our bags and headed north to one of our favorite places, Jackson, New Hampshire.
Hubs and I have been coming here since our first anniversary, and he has been coming even longer with his family.  Last year we brought the whole crew and this year we were back for another family vacation to hit up Storyland and Santa's Village.  With half the house and our Cinderella crowns packed we headed north for 4 days of fun!

First let me do the mom thing and overshare a few of my favorite pics of the time away!

Getting a toddler to look at the camera just as you are taking the picture may be harder than establishing world peace but thanks to a quick shutter I think I got it!

The trip was one that we have been looking forward to all summer and honestly was just what we needed.  Was it all rainbows and we have two girls who get tired of each other...but getting away and having those shared experiences together has given us lasting memories!  We rode all the rides...swam in the pool well past bedtime...explored falls...and said yes far more than no!  We were certainly sad to see the week come to an end!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Training Shift

This year my #1 goal race has been ZOOMA Half Marathon in September here on Cape Cod.  Last year belly issues kept me from claiming my place in the sub 1:50 club and this year was going to be different.  Well this past weekend out on my long run I made a very tough decision...I'm shifting my focus and using the ZOOMA Half as a training run.  There have been many things that have led me to this decision which at first all sounded like lame excuses.  Then I remembered that this is my journey and it is real.  Here is what has brought me here....

  • Belly issues out on the long run that are still plaguing me!  I have a doctor appointment today and will hopefully get more answers.  
  • Going out too hard too fast.  This June when I ran the Newport 10 Miler, I was rocking my training and had an awesome race!  I think though that I started my training for ZOOMA too soon and thus left me a little burnt and needing some down time.
  • Friggin RUNNER'S WORLD!!!  Before getting the email from Runner's World, ZOOMA was my last race of the season....but oh baby now I'm going to be in PA with the greats covering 26.2 miles in 4 days!!!  I know that I could push myself for ZOOMA but I also know me and that would leave me with very little in the tank for PA...and that is just not ok!!  (don't forget to join me in the fun and use the code bloglittlefancynancy)
So as hard as it is to make the decision, I know it is the best one for me.  I WILL get that sub 1:50 half mark my words, but right now it is about being aware of what my mind and body need.  

Have you ever had to back down from a goal?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Motivation

I have to be honest here and say that this summer, while I've kept up with my workouts, my nutrition has failed...and thus leaving me in a spot that I am finding I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  For me it is a failure....and I am left with two choices.  I can stay here and continue to feel this way or I can make the changes I need to and get back on track.  Failure does not have to stop us where we are...that is our choice.  I am choosing to make the changes I need to...choosing health over not wanting to change...choosing to be a successful over this instead of staying down.  When failure pushes me down, I am choosing to get up!  Will you?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Motivation

Yesterday I slogged out a very humid and sweaty 9 miles.  The temps were pushing 90 and the humidity had rose to meet it which made even this Cape Cod air thick and at times unbearable.  On the run there were so many times that I wanted to stop and walk...give in to the heat and exhaustion...but I pushed on.  It wasn't record time for me but it was a battle won.  It is easy to settle...stay right where you are...not push any further...but that is not where the passion is found.  The passion is found in pushing yourself to reach what you are truly capable of.
Will you push?  What will you do today?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

3 Healthy Sources of Electrolytes You Can Get Anywhere

I'm joining in with SaltStick for their #30SaltyDays month.  During these summer months when seat is flowing, we need to remember to replace our electrolytes for a healthy balance.
Here's a guest post from SaltStick about creative and healthy ways to replace your electrolytes!

Now that it’s officially July, much of the country is experiencing summer at its hottest. Our workouts have shifted from indoors to outside, and we are enjoying “getting our sweat on” in the sunshine. To stay hydrated, it’s important to stock up on electrolytes, both during a workout and throughout the day. 

Electrolytes are necessary for regulating blood flow, muscle contraction, and many other biological imperatives. For example, calcium helps maintain strong bones and magnesium keeps muscles relaxed (and thus preventing cramping). To ensure you are getting maximum benefit, it’s best to add healthy sources of electrolytes to your meals throughout the day, including plenty of fruits and vegetables and a few servings of legumes. 

But sometimes life happens. What if you are nowhere near a grocery store, and your only options are seemingly a lot less healthy, such as a gas station or concession stand? It’s harder, but it can be done! Use these creative options below to still get your electrolytes: 

  1. Any fruit: Fruit can be found pretty much anywhere these days, including picnics, gas stations and coffee shops. A simple apple or banana contain plenty of potassium. Most fruits also contain small amounts of calcium and magnesium, further adding to your electrolyte supplies. Grab a heaping dose of fruit salad at the neighborhood potluck, pick up some dried cranberries from a gas station, or snag a banana with your coffee on-the-go. 
  2. Sunflower seeds: As we recently blogged about, sunflower seeds are one of the best sources of magnesium. Just ¼ cup of dry-roasted sunflower seeds contain a whopping 128 milligrams of magnesium, nearly 30 percent of your daily needs. They are also pretty ubiquitous to gas stations and convenience stores. Add cranberries and presto! You’ve got some trail mix packed with electrolytes. 
  3. Mustard: Mustard is currently used by many tennis players to keep from cramping. The exact science behind its effectiveness to prevent cramps is unknown, but many believe it’s due to mustard’s high magnesium content. Add mustard to the hotdog you grab from the Little League concession stand or the turkey sandwich you order from the local deli.