Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Talk Training

I know I haven't done a training update post in a long time...mostly due to the whole toe thing...
After breaking my toe, I took one full week off of all activity (except chasing my children because well...safety first).  This was for two reasons....I couldn't walk and I couldn't put a shoe on.  After about a week of feeling like a slug, I started back at the gym riding the bike and lifting.  I will say that during this healing my Altras have really come in handy with their wide toe box!
I took 3 full weeks off from any kind of running at all!  Yup....I was ready to cut someone!!  After three weeks was up I started slowly running again.  My toe felt pretty good...I think more than anything my toenail is a little wonky now (figures I have never lost a toenail running but I may just lose one now) and I have to really make sure I am putting my foot down flat.  After weeks of compensating for the toe, my gait is a little off.  Last week I got in 20 miles total with shorter runs throughout the week on the treadmill.  I didn't want to risk anything by going on the uneven surface outside.
Fast forward to this week.  I have started Monday with a Summer Shred with Amanda Tress and so far we have done sprints yesterday and today.  My toe feels pretty good but boy oh boy taking even just 3 weeks off has me sucking wind!  I am hoping to run a fall half but I am taking the next two weeks to see how my toe and body cooperate.  I'm definitely not acclimated to summer running as evidenced by today's sweat fest!
My hope is that after a few weeks of just mentally toughing it out...and dropping those lbs that showed up uninvited when I stopped moving for three weeks....things will start to click again!  I mean I won't always feel like a fat stinkin hog out there right?!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Motivation

I am giving myself a huge helping of reality....I've been eating foods I shouldn't...not running like I usually do because of my toe...not being the healthy version of me...and I'm feeling it.  I'm feeling slow...tired always...and grouchy.  Time to stop this bus and put it on the right track...time to refocus!  Today I'm starting the Summer Shred with Amanda Tress who I have done Intermittent Fasting programs with before and loved.  I'm looking forward to get back to training and feeling like myself again!  The key isn't being always perfect but being able to not let yourself get so off track you can't ever get back!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Motivation

This past week has certainly been one that has weighed heavily on my mind....well I guess has been more than just this past week but the thoughts are certainly mounting.  I look at my children...my students...and wonder what they think about the world we are giving them.  One of my favorite things to do when things start to weigh heavy on my mind is run...however for the past 3 weeks I have been sidelined because of my broken toe...which really has allowed the thoughts to pile up!  My routine is to give whatever it is that is weighing on me 1 mile to think about...pray about...worry about...and then when my Garmin beeps another mile in...I let it go and give it up.  Granted it doesn't always work perfectly and there are days when I am mulling over the same things, but it gives me a finite time to think and then I have to let it go.  What are you mulling over these days?  What is weighing you down?  How do you let it go?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Grilling #alfresco

It's summer and for me that means time on the beach enjoying what Cape Cod offers outside keeping cool.  It also means firing up the grill whenever we get the chance!  Menu planning always includes your usual burgers, chicken and steak but you may or may not be aware of another awesome option offered by al fresco in their Sweet and Smokey BBQ chicken sausage!  I was excited for the opportunity to try it out as part of a campaign with Fitfluential.

Summertime brings lots of great foods and cookouts but I know that unless I want my short shorts to keep getting tighter, I need to make sure my grill is filled with healthier options.  The al fresco chicken sausages came to the rescue!  Not only are these sausages packed with flavor, but they are also gluten free and have 70% less fat than regular pork sausage!  Sounds good to me!  While my husband was grilling up the burgers, I had him throw our Sweet and Smoky BBQ sausage on and in just minutes they were ready to enjoy!
I loved the smoky taste and even more the fact that I didn't feel gross and bloated after like I do with regular sausage!  Next time I am excited to try out some of the delicious looking recipes that are part of the al fresco Summer Grilling Sweepstakes.  Be sure to check them out yourself and even vote!  Your vote enters you to win $500 AND your own high quality grill!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of al fresco. The opinions and text are all mine.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Motivation

A week has gone by since "the break heard round the world" and I will say that I threw myself one heck of a pity party!  One week without being able to put a shoe on...one week struggling to chase my toddler...one week hobbling to get around...and watching our chickie run a 5k we had promised to run together.  I'm not a good injured person and this past week proved it.  However one week down I needed to sweat...to feel winded...to push my body again.  I headed to the gym...did sprints on the bike...put on sneakers...and I sucked it up.  It was uncomfortable but not impossible...we are moving on and focusing on what I CAN do instead of what I can't.  Weights and eats are my focus until I can once again start running my mornings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Crack Heard Round the World

It was a chilly but sunny day on Cape Cod.  We had just spent the morning as a family on the beach...the girls were particularly crabby but had moments of getting along.  The chilly wind off the ocean had us deciding to head home early.  As we were driving off the beach I suddenly realized that I really had to go to the bathroom....like I had drank just shy a gallon of water and the bumpy beach ride was torture!  I convinced my husband to pull over and let me run over to a porta-potty coming up.  The girls were bickering about something silly as I jumped out of the truck and I decided that I better hurry the heck up...I went to sprint across the soft sand...flip flops in hand...and I heard it....CRACK!!!  My toe met with a large rock buried under the soft sand.  At first I thought I had just scraped up the top of my toe really bad.  It was bleeding a little but not too much.  I did what I needed to and headed back to the truck and said, "I think something is wrong with my toe!"  The throbbing had started along with the nausea of being in extreme pain.  By the time we got to our house (about 10 minutes away) the swelling and bruising had started.  I knew then that something was seriously wrong.  I showered the girls and got them settled...then headed to the walk-in clinic (the ER on Cape Cod is bananas in the summer).
Diagnosis...broken toe...2-4 weeks sidelined.  The more people I talk to the more I want to cry.  Everyone keeps saying how long it took for them to recover!  The next day we went back to the beach....I was much more careful this time...and I spent a large amount of time soaking in nature's ice bath...
After the day was done it was still looking pretty gnarly!
Since I can only wear flip flops but need to also tape it so that it has support here's what I worked out today at work!
After a full day with kids and grocery shopping after, my toe is THROBBING!!!  Tomorrow I'm going to need a new strategy!  I'm discouraged but trying to stay positive.  I had such big plans heading into the summer...getting stronger...running faster...track time...now I'm just praying I can get back in 4 weeks!  I'm going to give myself one more day and then work in weights and strength training.  If I can't run at least I can build some muscle!!!

Any advice for a broken toe?  I have literally have never broken a bone in my life so any advice is perfect!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Motivation

I spent a majority of my life sweating and starving to look like other people.  I had motivational pictures that would line my workout journal...my locker...my notebooks...of girls that were tall and thin...of what I wanted to look like.  Let me tell you at 5'2" it's pretty darn difficult to look tall!!  I wouldn't say that I have shaken this demon...that I still don't wish my body looked differently or that the wrinkles that accentuate my face weren't a little less faint, but there are less days I think about it and for me that is a win!  Most days I get up and put on my running shoes to get stronger...I pick heavier weights to get stronger...I chose to sweat instead of lounge on our comfy couch to get stronger.  I may not be perfect at it and my husband will certainly confirm it, but more and more often I am making choices so that I can be stronger than I was yesterday!  Why will you push your limits this week?  Strive to be stronger than you were last week!!!