Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIAW...Fall Reset Eats

This September I decided to take the challenge from the fabulous Laura and do her September Reset Challenge.  It is a great way to reset the body after a summer of fun eats and drinks!  It is also a great way to really focus on your body and truly give it what it give you the second to think before you eat about how what is in front of you will effect your body.  Laura as always is super organized and clear for what is on the avoid list and even sends us a weekly menu and shopping list!  She is super supportive and so is the group of challengers as a whole!!  

For me the key to the success game is planning and prepping ahead.  Since my busiest times are breakfast and lunch, I have been choosing a few of the suggested meals and making them ahead for the whole week....smoothies for breakfast are the easiest and so it has been a staple here.  I have gone off the menu but stuck with the guidelines for a few dinners.  I am so proud of myself too since I have finally got mashed cauliflower right!!!  I LOVED family not so much!

Here are a few pictures of what has been getting into my belly lately thanks to the September Reset Challenge!!

grilled chicken lettuce wraps
Turkey meatballs with zoodles (I'm obsessed with zoodles!!!)
grilled salmon and cauliflower mash (finally got it right!!!)
Fall Green Monster time!!!

Have you ever done a reset?  What have been some of your favorite eats lately?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Motivation

There are just 2 weeks until I am standing at the starting line of ZOOMA Cape Cod.  If I could list all the things that are going on between now and then, there would be more than enough justification for me to just phone in the next 2 weeks and head to the starting line able to just finish the race.  That's not going to happen though...I need to stay focused on my goals...and picture myself crossing the finish line with my hands raised knowing I did it!  Life can certainly give us more than we can handle and then we throw in running...or lifting...or crossfit...or cycling.  The thing for me is running makes all that other stuff doable. 
What is your goal this week?  What are you striving for...and what stands in your way?  
Stay focused...picture the finish...and how satisfied you will be getting there!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Woo hoo!!!  Thursday again my friends so here's your weekly dose of randomness courtesy of moi! 

Time is ticking...I promise this is the last time I will mention that I am feeling like the Little Engine that Could with the start of the school year.  I think the hardest part for me is the time I am now getting home...a full hour later than I was last year.  Two things about this make me squirm and want to throw a temper tantrum.  The first is that I get to see tiny tornado just a short time before dinner and the bedtime routine begins.  The second is that I have an hour less to get things done.  We used to run to pick up Aubs once I picked up Em and then ran around the neighborhood...or picked up things we needed at stores...or sat around and giggled...we just had the time.  Now....not so much!  I fully recognize that I am blessed to be able to get home that early when regular working people tend to get done at work at 5...I will get there but this is the first week and I'm pouting!
Yesterday I made sure when we got home...before any clearing of backpacks or starting of dinner...we went outside and played!  It was great!

Do more...As I said in yesterday's post, I like to do more with my miles than just running them as often as I can.  Enter Miss Dani, fellow ZOOMA ambassador and just overall amazing runner, Weight Watchers leader, and person!  She has been part of Tedy's Team to #FightStroke for the past 2 years and has raised an AMAZING $15,575!!!  Her goal is to hit the $20,000 mark and get a spot on the team again this year for Boston.  One amazing part of this is that she has found a donor to match any donations made in September (her birthday month!!!) up to $1200....AWESOME!  Here's where you come into play!  Dani is hosting a virtual 5k this month.  A $25 donation gets you in and along with helping Dani reach her goal you also get a wicked cool medal and 7 entries into her raffle of amazing prizes!  

You can also just donate $20 and receive 5 entries into the raffle.  Want to join Dani in #FightStroke?  Visit her site here and register today!!

Bully...Our sweet kindergartner started school this week and I suddenly realized as a mom my worst nightmare...what if she's bullied?   I never realized in my 14 years as being a teacher how vulnerable parents can feel sending their children to school for the first time.  I find myself just praying that everyone will love her and realize how amazing she is.  She has come home the past few days talking about a little girl that is not being so nice...After fretting all night I talked with her teacher and I know she will address it, however it of course has me worried (not too hard).  We try to build Em up as much as we can...because she's awesome!  How do I make sure she is strong but still stays sweet?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Virtual Summer with JostRunning

We wrapped up a great summer in August with another virtual race for Em and I with Jost Running.  This past month we "Hit a Homerun" to raise money to send children to Camp Promise, a week long camp for kids with muscular dystrophy and similar neurological disorders. I ran the half marathon and Em was all geared up to run her miles this month but I think she psyched herself out.  I didn't want to push her too hard and make her have a negative association with running (since I'm hoping one day we'll be running buddies) so she biked her miles again this month and did great!  The medals are again not too shabby!  They are so fun and part of me thinks Em does it for the sparkle!!
I am so thankful I was able to partner with Jost Running for this Summer of virtual running!!  I hadn't heard too much about their organization before but I must say they know how to rock the virtual races!!  Yes the medals are awesome but they also make sure they are supporting some really great charities with their earnings!  I'm also thankful Em and I were able to share this Summer pushing ourselves toward a goal each month.  It got us all as a family out and on the road!

In September Jost Running is soaring to support Team for Kids.  Here is a blurb from their website to let you know what Team for Kids is all about.
Team for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds for NYRR's Youth and Community Services programs while training for major endurance events. The funds they raise provide free or low-cost health and fitness programs to kids who would otherwise have little or no access to regular physical activity. These programs serve more than 200,000 children each year in more than 800 schools and community centers in New York City, across the nation, and around the world. 
Easy as pie to head on over and sign up for this month's virtual race with Jost Running or any of their upcoming races and do something with your miles!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Motivation

There is plenty of time to be average...and average runner, average spinner, average triathlete, average whatever...but if you put in the work you need to, YOU my friend will be BADASS!!  I know this week I'm keeping this in mind....on the days when I want to phone it in or stay on the couch instead of getting my workout in.  I have 3 weeks until ZOOMA Cape Cod and when I reach that finish line I want to feel badass...a badass mother runner!!!
What are you going to do this week to feel BADASS?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fitness Friday...The Human Side of Change

I was unpacking boxes in my classroom this week and I came upon a book from one of my post-graduate classes many moons ago named, The Human Side of School Change.  The course, and the book as well, addressed the fact that initiatives and changes happen in schools, however there are people and lives attached to that change.  I remember taking the course and feeling these upper ups realized that change wasn't just what it said on paper.

Flash forward to this week...when change is running-a-muck in the Fancy Nancy house!  The blessing of being a teacher is that I have the summer with my family...however it always comes to an end.  This week I went back to school and Aubs started back at daycare (Em starts Monday).  In addition to going back to school, I am now (happily) housed in one school only which unfortunately happens to be the latest school meaning my up and out of the house mornings along with my home early afternoons are done....yeah change is running-a-muck!! 

During the school year I had a good rhythm going...I got my lunches prepped...workouts cleaned...I was Sarah Jessica Parker in "How Does She Do It"!  The summer took some time but I found my rhythm again fitting it all in.  Now that I am back to school I can best equate it to when you are running a marathon and you stop to walk....and it is like the Little Engine that Could getting going again!  I feel like I'm slowly chugging up the hill again!  I know that things will get back into a new rhythm again but I just have to look at this week and say...."I've tried my best!"  I know I can't just not run or workout (I kind of have a big race coming in a few weeks....can anyone say ZOOMA!!!!!) but this week hasn't been pretty.  In fact I have a date with my treadmill tonight after the ladies go to bed (how romantic I know) since I got on my mill this a mile into my run...and said, "Nope not going to happen this morning!" 

How do you get yourself into a new rhythm after a big change?
Definitely feeling like this this morning!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIAW...Protein Packed

Yesterday was my first day back to school (Em starts next week) and judging by how quickly I fell asleep on the couch last night, I'm going to need to be certain to get food prepped and workouts in early!! 

This summer I worked to get into the habit of making sure each meal I ate, breakfast - snack - lunch - dinner, had a source of protein in it.  Let me say that this wasn't always done well but I am learning more and more ways to get my protein packed into each meal...protein means muscle!  Now the summer means a little more time but who wants to be slaving away in the kitchen when there is fun to be had outside?  Even more now that I am back to work, meals need to be quick but packed with protein and fresh ingredients.  I mean I could just grab a spoon and a jar of peanut butter but....well that can't happen! 

These have been a few meals that I've been loving lately!  I will post more in the next few weeks about my eats too since I am joining Laura again for another 21 day reset!  None of these meals took me less than 30 minutes start to finish....that's my kind of meal!!
Protein packed green monster smoothie and Greek yogurt with protein powder and fruit!
Tuna on cucumbers with banana peppers and zucchini noodles with turkey sausage

How do you pack your meals with protein in a quick, healthy way?