Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Reflections of 1 Year

Today is our little man's first birthday...

I can say with certainty that I had NO IDEA what this year was going to bring us.  In all truthfulness to look at it on the surface it was one of the most difficult years physically and mentally for me.  I have battled weight gain, PF, sleeplessness, postpartum depression, and just lack of time.  However if I just look at the surface I would miss the overwhelming amount of blessings that this year and this little man has brought my life!  And because I choose to see the blessings this boy has brought me, I know the other things will one day be a blessing as well!

Our village...Almost immediately after he was born life took off at rapid speeds...I'm pretty sure that happens when you are adding a baby to a family with two other children.  There were swimming lessons to attend and plans for the summer....and off he went with us!  A friend of ours joked that they loved seeing the "Elijah Summer Tour" on Facebook.  However what didn't get noticed was the village of people that came around us and supported us!  I have friends at the beach who would rock him...or hold him while I got the other two situated.  We gained a consistent babysitter which let my husband and I have much needed date nights!  We had people praying for us...bringing us formula...making us meals...loving on us!  It has been such a blessing!

We DON'T all get 24 hours...There is a post in the fitness world that we all get the same 24 hours.  I remember thinking it when we just had the two girls (who were fabulous sleepers at jump) that people would throw around the "I don't have time" excuse...and it was just that.  An excuse.  After this year I now feel like I should apologize to all of them.  We are NOT given the same 24 hours.  Some moms work from home and have to juggle kids from jump until they collapse into bed. Some moms have children with health issues.  Some moms work outside the home and have 1000 other commitments.  Some moms are fighting depression because they can't figure out why they can't just make it work.  There will come a day moms where the priority will shift and you will make exercise work...until then keep plugging away! 

Family...This year has highlighted for me the blessing of this family that my husband and I are growing (done getting any bigger in numbers though thank you very much!).  We have spent a lot more time together doing things and enjoying (and sometimes not enjoying) each other.  It has brought us to a place where our priorities should be and I am so thankful for it!  I have also had the blessing of watching our middle child blossom into the most amazing big sister!  She was made for this!!

Humble...Before this year I was always what I called "half marathon ready".  For me this meant that I was in good enough shape that I could run a half marathon no problem.  It was something that I had worked very hard on and was something I was very proud of.  I picked and prodded at my body but it served me very well and I was healthy.  This year I have struggled to get back into any shape let alone half marathon shape.  Little by little I am getting there....but my appearance on the outside in no way matches how I feel on the inside.  I thought the weight would come off at least by a year like the other two times but as I sit here typing I know that that couldn't be farther from the truth.  It has been humbling...and embarrassing at times...but I am learning about myself and my own strengths.  One day I will look back at the blessing of these lessons (just not quite yet :-) )
This year has taught me so much but more than anything it is that we all needed this blessing in our lives!  This little man is just that...a blessing!  He has completed our family and I look forward to watching him grow into the man he is meant to be!!  Our hands are full but boy you should see our hearts!


  1. Your boy is so cute!
    Good Luck for his future ahead!
    Wilfred Moses |

  2. Love this picture! Hope you guys enjoyed your snow day...I'm sad there isn't snow in our forecast this week. We've had so many snow days...I'm starting to get used to being home all day! :)

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