Monday, May 31, 2010

Give Me My Cake....And a Fork Too!

Well this isn't the race report that I want to be writing...I want to write to say YAHOOO I made it but I did not! This post is going to be my thoughts on my race though as I composed them on this morning's run with between rescuing Elmo from the sidewalk!

Yesterday was a beautiful day..a little hot towards the end but just beautiful. The course started in Hyannis, MA on Cape
Cod and wound along beaches and beautiful scenery. The plan for the day was to stay with my good friend Jill until I felt I could kick it to the end. Jill helps me pace myself, something I struggle with. I just love running fast! I had a great race with Jill taking in the scenes and the sun. I felt like a million bucks! Mile 9 came and I began to pick up the pace and proceeded to do negative splits the rest of the way. I even ran my last mile in 7 minutes! I felt so good coming into the shoot and passing people with ease! I felt great and had had a great time....but not my time time.

This leads to my question....Can we have fun and also ha
ve a great time?

My last half in Hyannis I ran too fast in the beginning and barely crossed the finish line just missing my sub-2hour time by 2 minutes. This race I felt great the whole time but also missed my sub-2 hour time but more than 2 minutes. I have my next half maybe next month
but definitely in October and I am going to try to blend the two but am unsure how. Can I have my cake of a sub-2 hour time and enjoy it? I hope so and would love any suggestions!

Here are a few pics from the race...My hubby took the acti
on ones as I kicked it to the end. He did awesome! Funny Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle were there to surprise me at the finish...I must have run RIGHT by them and never saw them!!! I guess I was just too fast! I'm so thankful for them and their support!!!! I am such a lucky girl! Also my in-laws made sure I had a pasta dinner the night before and came out to cheer me on too! Definitely blessed!!! Thanks to everyone for their support!!!


  1. Love the pics. You will get that 2 hour half, BELIEVE!! Love that top where did you get it?

  2. That is awesome!!! Great pictures :)

  3. A seven minute mile at the end??? Great job!!

  4. i think you can have your cake and eat it too. i mean sure you might be working it during the race - but sometimes that's fun to feel the effort and know how hard you are working. and then especially fun when it all pays off with a new pr!