Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Beautiful...Knowing You're Limitless!

This post is sponsored by Under Armour through FitFluential.
What limits have you put on yourself?  What limits have others put on you?  What would you really LOVE to be able to do but allow these limits to keep a dream?
Wanna break through those limits?  Now is your time!!

Growing up as a female athlete, I was always pushing limits...pushing stereotypes of female athletes...pushing where a girl from a small town in the smallest state in the country could go!  There was no one or anything that was going to stand in my way!

Then came children....my first child and I lost that drive...that ability to push my body and allowed limits to come up all around me.  There was a day when I barely recognized who I was and that was when I knew I had to start breaking down those limits all around me!  I did it for me...the one tucked deep inside this heavy, new mom...the one I knew so well and missed so much!  When those days came when I wasn't enough to push for, then I did it for the beautiful girl growing up in front of me...watching me...looking up to me.  Those limits I was breaking down were for her too.  To show her that moms can be and ARE strong!  That she one day could reach her goals too!
Now I have two sets of girls watching and looking to see how I will once again break down those limits!  Looking to see What is Beautiful!  I'm honored to join Under Armour and their What's Beautiful campaign to challenge and celebrate amazing women everywhere...and right here on this blog!  That's right!  I'm talking to YOU!  What EPIC goals do you have in the back of that mind of yours?  Now is YOUR time to throw off the limits around you and prove to yourself and everyone around you that YOU ROCK!  Join the What's Beautiful competition...set epic goals...push your limits...and be AWESOME!
I've also created a team called...very aptly Team Limitless!  A team designed for all you out there that are done accepting the limits and are ready to do something really epic!  Now I'm not just talking marathons or body building competitions....I'm talking to you out there that would always love to but never thought you could run a half marathon...10k...5k!  Those of you out there carrying the last 10lbs that you would love to be done with once and for all!  I'm talking to the ladies that dream of one day crossing the finish line and seeing a certain time on the clock.  You out there that long for guns but somehow were convinced that you never could.  What's stopping you?

My goal....to run a sub 1:50 half marathon and be one fast mother runner!!!
You know What's Beautiful?  Reaching your limit and walking right on over it!  Being the strong, epic woman you always wanted to be!  

Will you join me?  Because let's be honest...


  1. I love pushing past the limits we put on ourselves and believing in ourselves. Such an important lesson. Great group to motivate people to do just that.

  2. You are going to rock that goal, girl! Love the team name!

  3. I think being a mom makes you realize how much stronger you are than you thought you were before don't you? I know I have learned not to accept limits like I did before, great goal!

  4. YES!!!!!
    Im so much more motivated now that im a mom, too.

  5. You are going to rock it! Woooooo hoooo!

  6. What an amazing team! I know you're going to rock your goals!!

  7. Girl, you've GOT this!!!! (And I hear you on being SO much more motivated as a mom...especially since I have two girls! What's more important than setting a strong example for them!?)

  8. Awesome!! Love this! good luck you and the team will rock!!

  9. yeahhh for big goals and knowing that we can achieve amazing things!

  10. Love this! I just set up my profile today. Going to go follow you:)

  11. Great goal Nancy! This is going to be so much fun with everyone having their own goals that they are working toward.

  12. how do I join your team? I searched your name and limitless...let me know!
    thanks for joining my team...together we will all be AWESOME...or should I say, AWESOMER??!

    1. So I am thinking it would be under my name, Nancy C. If you can't find it I'll send you an invite today! Thanks for joining!!! Yes Awesomer!!

  13. Love this, Nancy- and love the UA campaign! I can't wait to see you crush your goal!!

  14. I'm loving this challenge! The women and posts are so motivating and inspiring.

    Want to join my team :)


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