Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Social

Yesterday Muscle Milk and ZOOMA crashed the Monday night community run with Social Boston Sports.  We met outside The Publick House and did a 5 mile loop around the city.  Major blogger fail on my part is that I only got a few pictures while in town...stuck in traffic...trying to make Miss Em smile!
Jill and I met the group in Brookline right on time to smiling faces and lots of Muscle Milk (Thanks Laurie!).  They listened to me gush about all things ZOOMA and why they needed to storm Falmouth this September and run with us.  Then we were off....like quickly!  The groups leader Lauren stayed with Jill and I while the boys took off....mind you Lauren and another guy had run a trail marathon just days earlier!  I forgot while we were cruising along how much I LOVE running in the city!  Boston has so much to see and it took my mind off of the fact that I was sucking wind and pouring sweat!  Plus the lightening bolts and thunder coupled with a GIANT cloud didn't hurt to move my pace along!  All I could think of was that my hubs would kill me if I got struck by lightening!  Lol!!  A quick pass through Kenmore Square and back to our meeting place and 5 miles were done!  We had a blast chatting with Lauren and Brandy...both amazing runners!

If you live in Boston or close to it, check out Social Boston Sports community runs.  They meet Monday and Wednesday nights.  It was a great and very welcoming group...if only I didn't have to work today or I would have met them for some drinks!  And as always....don't forget to join us in Falmouth (or I suppose a location closer to you :-) ) for ZOOMA Half Marathon and 10k on September 28th...discount code and link on sidebar!


  1. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I really want do a training run in Boston sometime this fall. I love Boston but it seems I'm only ever racing there. I'd love to just aimlessly roam around on foot like I have on bike. :)

  2. Fun! Sounds like a great group to run with. Boo for having to work and skipping out on the drink! I don't think there are any ZOOMA runs anywhere close to me :(

  3. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it work, but glad you had a wonderful time! I have actually only run a handful of times in the city, I think it would be super relaxing.

  4. Those sound like great runs...and who doesn't love going past the Citgo sign?