Friday, January 27, 2012

Fitness Friday-Are Runners Stubborn?

This question has been brewing in my mind ever since I was told that runners are stubborn.  It was not said in a bad way at all just a matter of fact way.  I wanted to think honestly about whether or not I thought it was true.  So I began like any good teacher would and I looked up the definition.  

stub·born  [stuhb-ern] adjective

1.unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving: a stubborn child.
2.fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute: a stubborn opponent of foreign aid.
3.obstinately maintained, as a course of action: a stubborn resistance.
4.difficult to manage or suppress: a stubborn horse; a stubborn pain.
5.hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood; difficult to shape or work.
I would like to go with the nicer of choices and say #2 could apply but I still wasn't convinced so I looked at my behavior.....If you answer yes to 2 or more of these statements, you MAY be a stubborn runner:
  • You go out for your long run at the same time every week and God help the person who throws that off kilter
  • A trainer suggests that you cut down your mileage to fit in more cross training and stretching and you think to yourself, "Ummm not a chance buddy" while smiling and saying, "Sure I'll look at that tonight!"
  • You have perfected your pre race meal and get sweats if something is missing
  • A friend/spouse wants to go for an easy 3 when you have speed work on your training schedule so you sneak it in before they get there so you don't miss what you are supposed to be doing
  • You go to a running shoe store for another pair of the sneakers you have been wearing religiously for the past 8 years
  • This said running store suggests a different pair of sneakers could work better for you.  You take them home knowing full well that you are going to be returning.
  • A nutritionists suggests a different diet of foods.  You take the suggestion and begin to compare it with every other training diet you own as well as Runner's World and Racing Weight
  • You go to the doctor with (XYZ) pain and their prescription is for rest.  You say ok but know that a big race is coming so you think, "Can't you just tape it up and I'll rest after the race?"
  • You wake up feeling under the weather and think, "I'll just sweat it out...can't miss my run!"
Have anything to add to the list?  These are all things I have realized about me....My name is Fancy Nancy and I am a stubborn runner!  
To our credit, as runners, we are constantly striving to find what works for us....what will make us faster, what will keep out GI issues at bay, what will bring us success.  I for one am recognizing my stubborn side and embracing it!  And every now and then get a good laugh at it!!  Enjoy these cartoons!  


  1. LOL Thanks for the cartoons!

    and, yes, guilty as charged - I'm even packing my own breakfast for the race on Sunday.

  2. I agree I'm a stubborn runner but really, I'm kind of just stubborn all around. I get something in my mind and that's the way I want it!

  3. Oh yes, I definitely fall in this category! Especially with sticking to my long runs, and wanting to ignore advice to rest or cutting back mileage! You nailed us. :)

  4. Um yes, set in our ways for sure. Stubborn is good sometimes, no?

  5. Great list! Being your own trainer, doctor, and running solo to avoid any possibilities of having your schedule thrown off. :)

    1. Guilty as charged! I loved this one.

  6. I have done almost every one of the above. That's hilarious! We have to be stubborn, that's the only way we can run as far as we do.

  7. I cried once at a doctors office when I was told I might not be able to do a race and the poor guy in the waiting room next to me thought I had just recieved news that I had some uncurable disease...

  8. Yeah I am a stubborn everthing! I don't think it's always bad! I think being "stubborn" keeps you focused and on track!

  9. Yes, I guess I am stubborn but I like to say determined. :)

  10. Oh man... I am definitely stubborn when it comes to running. I tell my husband all the time that I am not talented, I am just stubborn. (Determined sounds better but I think it's the same thing!)

    And I LOVE those "little miss" books!!!

  11. stubborn, crazy...a little dumb :)

    currently i am practicing this by trying to find way to workout rather than resting my foot

  12. i had to laugh at so many of these because i have totally done a lot of those. just today i was determined to get in a workout despite my crazy knee problems right now. so i walked literally all over town. then i got home and was like...i better not tell anyone i did that...they will think i am crazy or get on me about staying off my knee ;) oh well. it was fun while it lasted :)

  13. haha the weather is outrageous out, but you have 5 miles on your schedule and you are going to get them in!!

    My Chiropractor said the same thing to me before he asked me to take a week off - and when I told him I cheated and played field hockey, he just chuckled and said "I still don't understand why you runners are so stubborn!"

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  15. Stubborn is good in running! My husband may not agree ;)

  16. Those were funny! And yet so very true :)

    I don't even ask any trainer/physical therapist/doctor about my running anymore - why waste their time when I don't listen anyway?

  17. hahaha, SO TRUE! I think we all have to be a little stubborn to discipline ourselves and commit to the sport of running, right? LOL! Great post!

    Have a great weekend :)

  18. I just started running, so I am hoping in time I too will become stubborn... in a good way!!LOL

  19. SOO true!!! :) And yes, I'm a stubborn runner as well

  20. I think most of the things on that list are silly, but I do think most runners are stubborn. Until they've had a major injury because of said stubbornness. Then hopefully, they become smarter :)

  21. never thought of it that way, but I confess...I'm a stubborn runner! Thanks for the laugh.

  22. I am a stubborn runner too. I'd probably be a much better triathlete if I could let go one of my days of running and do more biking. I am promising myself that I will "try" that after Boston. ha ha. We'll see. Part of it is that I can run with my kids and I can't bike with them. I am just not willing to get creative to bike like I am to run.

  23. How about determined, goal driven or persistent :) I'm definitely a stubborn a good way!

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