Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Win it Wednesday

Gather round for your chance to win your very own ProNutrients product of choice!!!

Perhaps you remember my review of the ProNutrients line from yesterday.  If not scoot your bootie over here now!  By now you must be saying...where can I get some of my own?....or maybe your thinking what am I lacking in my own diet?  Well today is your lucky day because Centrum is giving away a product from the ProNutrients line to one of YOU lucky folks! 

Here is the skinny of how to enter:
Mandatory: Head on over to Nutrition Possible and take the assessment there.  Come on back and comment about what you are lacking that you didn't know you were.
Extra Points: Leave a comment for each
Be a follower of Living the Dream blog, Facebook, or Twitter (@lilfancynancy)
Like Centrum on Facebook (don't forget that coupon!)
Share this giveaway to every and any person you know!  Spread the love through your blog, Facebook, or Twitter

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, January 11th!  
Here are the official giveaway rules and regulations.


  1. Great giveaway! I am lacking in whole grains, beans and veggies. I better get busy eating more servings of those three things.

  2. Interesting!! I'm lacking in Veggies&Fruit and beans.

  3. I'm lacking fruits & vegetables and beans! The Fruit surprised me.

  4. that's pretty neat. It says I need a multivitamin and to consider Vitamin D.

  5. Liked Centrum on FB and received a cool coupon. ;)

  6. this was super interesting! i need to eat more beans and seafood apparently :) and curb caffeinated drinks ;)

  7. It pretty much told me what I already knew....get more fruits (I prefer veggies) and cut down on caffeine. Jitter bug!

  8. Looks like a great giveaway! Hope you are having a fantastic wednesday!.

    I guess I get too much caffeine...hmm...

  9. I could cut back on caffeine and add more seafood. Fun survey!

  10. I blogged about your giveaway today as part of my Tuesday's Tip post!