Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Race Report (Long version)....long overdue!

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to post about the race or anything else for that matter! I have been so busy lately that the only way I can really describe it is that I feel like my life is swallowing me whole! The end of March is promising free time and time to relax and get back to the things I love!

So here is the down and dirty on the half-marathon. This picture was taken at the expo...there a wicked cute one we took at the starting line but Emma must have deleated it...she loves to look at the pictures on my phone.
We got to Hyannis in plenty of time and I even got to buy a new hat that I have been stalking...I mean checking out online forever. It is from Bondiband and I have to say that I LOVE it! You should check it out! It is a warm wicking hat that has a hole for your pony tail. Key for someone who has crazy thick hair like me! I have borrowed a bunch of my friend's clothes including this white jacket in hopes that it would make me as fast as her...above all else at least I would look fast! The expo was just a few stands but some fun stuff. The only drawback was that there were so many people and definitely not enough room to walk. There was a marathon, half-marathon, marathon relay, and 10K. Lots of people!

The weather was great running weather here in New England...mid 30s and slightly overcast. I'll take it considering it was slated to rain/snow. We headed to the starting line and got ourselves in our pacing area. BIG MISTAKE! After being set and ready for about 15 minutes in our place the rest of the runners began to line up making things....well lets just say I'm very thankful not to be claustrophobic because if I was then having a giant man practically on top of me would have sent me over the edge. Then they decided to line up the elite runners literally pushing everyone back...several times! This made for not only a dangerous atmosphere but a sketchy start since many people were tripping.

Mile 1-2 Jill and I kept a 9:30 pace. Jill had a plan to start slow so that we would have more for the end which has always been my problem.
Mile 3....I just couldn't do it...I kept hearing that phrase from Top Gun, " I have a need for speed!" I started picking up my pace...I just can't hold back for some reason! I need a leash!
Miles 3-11...I am feeling like a million bucks! I've got my music pumping...taking in the scenery of beaches and huge is great but I'm not positive where I am exactly because the mile markers are for the marathon course and not the half...annoying not to really know my pace but am thinking I could finish in about 1 hour 55 minutes if I can keep it up. Starting to think about picking up the pace when I hit mile 12 to really make sure I reach my goal. Visualizing like you all told me crossing the line and throwing up my arms in victory.
Mile 11.5....holy hell who put that brick wall smack dab in front of me? My legs went went blurry...stomach ready to empty! I decided to slow down reluctantly and walk for a second to let it pass. My friend Jill caught up with me and just seeing her I almost cried. Why is this happening? I was feeling awesome!
Miles 12-13...If I make it under 2 hours 30 minutes I will be happy...crushed...
Mile 13-13.1...I see the finish line ahead and see 5 women that I must pass...sprint ahead and beat them but burst into tears when I see my time...2 hours 3 minutes...No goal today. By the way the finish line pictures are interesting...definitely not going to purchase those babies!

I know I will have another chance but I really had a good feeling about this one! It was a great course and nice race but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I have about 7 more pounds to go and maybe that too will make me faster. That would equal my wedding weight. Considering my stress level lately and lack of sleep I am not surprised I didn't have enough in the tank but UGH...I was visualizing and I looked great crossing that finish line in under 2 hours!

Sorry for being such a loser blogger...will work on that!