Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday...

Good morning!  Ok so I decided to join in on the WIAW posts this week.  Please know that I am in no way an expert on eating...just getting geared up again on clean eating in conjunction with the Holiday Shred.  I know that I need more protein....suggestions please!  Ok so here it is:
A Green Monster (Spinach, Whey powder, banana, almond milk)

Clementines and almonds

Veggie roast on flax wrap with spinach and hummus

Apply with wedge of Laughing Cow

Grilled chicken and brown rice (was too hungry and forgot to take a pic!)

There you have it!  My days usually follow the same thing repeatedly except for dinner.  I try to put different things in my smoothies in the morning to add a little spice....I know how exciting!  Have a great Wednesday....go charge over that hump!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Shred

It sounds like from yesterday's comments that you all had a plan of attack for getting back on track after Thanksgiving....or maybe even just the weekend!  Having a plan helps me so I can just dial in to whatever I need to do! 

Yesterday, in addition to my run, I started the Holiday Shred with Bobbi at Nhershoes.  I first heard about the Shred from a post by Skinny Runner and I headed over to check it out.  For just $30 you get a 20 minute workout and Bobbi's support for 23 days!  In addition you eat clean for the 23 days, even though Bobbi says you can have one treat one day a week!  I thought....SCORE!  I have been struggling lately with being bored by my weight workouts and I would love to have a trainer just tell me what to do.  This was a win win for me!  Here are a few of my thoughts about the Holiday Shred so far...
  • I'm going to go for the totally clean for the 23 days!!! (I am toying with posting a WIAW with what I ate)
  • Bobbi is absolutely adorable!  She makes me giggle the whole time! (The workouts are sent in a video form)
  • After the first day I thought, this is not too bad maybe I need to add more weight.  Now that I am done with the second day I'm thinking....this was the butt kick I needed!  She does interval training which I have done in the past....but there is nothing like someone else calling out the orders!
  • I love this!!!  I seriously am looking forward to tomorrow's workout!
  • Score....I can workout in my pjs if I want....and no one has to know!!!
Did you sign up for the Shred?  What are your thoughts so far?  If not, what are your go to intervals for weight training?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Motivation

The turkey is long gone, the Black Friday deals have been had....and now it's Monday again.  Now is the time to get back on the train to FitTown!  What are you going to do today to get back?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Set-Up

Reality is knocking at our front door this morning as the turkey and shopping fog begins to lift....back to work tomorrow!  Oh and time for Sunday set-up!  Before I get to play Santa's little elf and decorate the house, I need to get my lunches and snacks set up so that the week will go smoothly and I'm able to spend my time doing the things I love instead of cooking!  My lunches are packed, snacks measured and bagged, and later today clothes for the week will be laid out.  Type A....yes thank you!  If I want to go to the gym for my runs in the am before work, it is a MUST to get all of this laid out...unless I want to be speeding down Rte 6 late for work!!

As I said last week, I am trying to make my lunches vegetarian so that I can get in my 7 veggies for the HBBC.  The reality is I just feel much better eating this way!  With IBS though a huge salad (which would be my first choice) is just not a good idea for me and those I love!  Last week I made a vegetarian chili.  I had found the recipe on Food Network here.  It was so yummylicious (yes that is a technical term!)  This week I am using an oldie but goodie!  I roast a bunch of veggies and then put them in a flax wrap with hummus.  It is my favorite!!!  Here is the recipe:

You need:
zucchini, red peppers, asparagus, onion, mushrooms, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and red pepper flakes
Basically throw in a bunch of veggies you like.  I've also used summer squash with this too.  The amount you put in depends on how much you want to make.  This was what I used for today.
Cut all the veggies up and throw them into a roasting pan.  Give them a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a dash of olive oil, and red pepper flakes.  Toss them all up so it looks like this:
Then roast them at 400 for 1 hour.  I stir every so often.  Then do what you will with them.  I love them on a wrap and also mixed with quinoa!  

!!!Super Exciting News!!!!
After reading on Run Faster Mommy and Blonde Ponytail that Fitfluential was looking to expand and include more bloggers, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.  I was FLOORED when I got an email back that I had been chosen!  What an honor to be amongst such fit people!  It seriously means so much to be a part of this!!!
I also started a Facebook page for my blog...I just started it so bear with me but head on over and become a fan here.  Anyone with techie skills that could help me link my blog and page????  Yeah just can't figure it out! 
Have an amazing Sunday...get out the door and do something active!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 5k Real and Virtual Race Report

Happy Thanksgiving!  Just stopping in quickly to give my race report and then I'm racing back to the fam to enjoy a day together!!!   I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Today I ran two races in one and snagged myself a sweet PR!!!!  I just kept pushing until the end!!! 
Race #1: We Gather Together 5k
                Sandwich, MA
                23:32- 7:35 pace
                My mother-in-laws first race (she did great!)

Race #2:  Thanksgiving Virtual 5k
                 Daily Vitamin F

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Word for Wednesday


What are you thankful for this year?
The Lord has constantly been faithful to my family and I through good times and bad!  I am so thankful for my family and friends that I don't even know where to begin.  I'm thankful also for this blog and all of you out there who give me motivation, inspiration, and support each day! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Motivation

This weekend I realized something about myself....I need to push harder.  Sundays used to be a sore day for me...long run on Saturday usually meant Sunday was going to be a sore day.  Well....I wasn't sore....or tired.  11.5 miles and I wasn't sore.  This means two things to me.....I need to go longer and faster!  I want to see what I'm made of!  The only person limiting me is myself!!  

What are you made of?  Go out there this week and find out!!!

Thankfulness Day 21:  I'm thankful for my Dad's health, even though he isn't feeling super...he's home!  I have written many times about my Dad and his struggle with Chrone's Disease.  One Thanksgiving my hubby and I got to my parent's house and no one was home.  Dad had to be rushed to the hospital with a blood infection.  Well this year, even though I won't be there, he is.  Chrone's is a daily struggle for him but each day I am thankful for one more day with my Dad!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Virgin Vegetarian

Well as part of my goals for the HBBC I decided to make one day completely vegetarian.  Well last night I realized that the only vegetarian thing I know how to make is....pasta oh and grilled cheese!  Yeah not going to cut it.  I am not doing this because I don't like meat, even though there was a period of time in high school that I swore off all red meat (sorry about that Mom!).  Rather I wanted to incorporate more veggies into my diet and what better way than through a veggie day!  I also have been feeling and thought more veggies in my diet would help a bit.

So here is where you all come in.  I've read your blogs and seen the amazing things you eat every day!  What can I say....I have veggie envy!  Do you have any recipes that you just love?  Ones I could make and bring for lunch each day?  Any recipes that your whole family loves?  I would love to include the hubby but I would need a recipe that would leave him not missing meat.  We don't want this to happen!
 Thankfulness Day 19:  I'm thankful today for my long run.  I have been stressing lately about small stuff and the hubby had to all but throw me out the door but it was just what I needed!!!  Love that!

HBBC points today: 12.8

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fitness Friday-HBBC

Tomorrow begins the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and I couldn't be more ready for it!  I look forward to this challenge every year!  Not only do I love challenges but it just puts me in the right frame of mind during this hectic time of year!  The last two years I have just gone into it without a plan other than to try to rack up any and all points I could.  This year I am trying to follow somewhat of a plan....however as we all know with this time of year.....One thing that I am going to continue this year from my years past is definitely sneaking in fitness whenever I have spare time!  Ok so here are some goals/plans for the challenge this year:
  • 3 days of weight training each week
  • 40 mile weeks (also helps me to hit my 1500 mile goal)
  • Make at least one day a vegetarian day....maybe even more
  • Make 1 meal a day all vegetarian....probably lunch since I don't have to convince the hubs to eat it!
  • Make fitness a family fun time!  I have found yoga and dancing for kids online and on demand.  I want to make Em a part of this!  She loves shaking her bootie and stretching out with me!
  • Put health first!  I want to get my day started with healthy choices so that nothing can get in the way 
Are you part of the challenge?  If not head over to sign up here!  How so you put fitness first during this hectic time of year???

Thankfulness Day 18:  Today I am thankful for my hubby....he works so hard each and every day at a job that most people would shutter to do.  He is an amazing Dad and husband and I am thankful to have him!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Thursdays have meant many things to me through the years....thirsty Thursday...payday...personal training day....and Three Things Thursday!!!  Here are your random three things....enjoy!

1.  Get your race on!....Heather over at Run Faster Mommy is co-hosting a virtual race to raise money for TNT!  It is a virtual 5k that you need to run on December 17th....head on over by clicking here.  Donate and be part of this fun virtual even win a medal....woo hoo bling bling!!

2.  Long one.....One of the races I am tossing around on my schedule is a 20 miler in Martha's Vineyard.  A few things are keeping me from hitting the register now button....ummmm yes Martha's Vineyard is a beautiful place but have you ever been on the island in  February (yeah completely different place!).  That's the easiest excuse...that and I need to make sure I'm not teaching that weekend.  The real excuse....I'm scared!  I feel like I have half marys in the bag and they don't intimidate me quite like they used to but a 20 miler is.....well just 6.2 miles short of a full marathon!  Yes my last marathon experience was many years ago and I am a much different runner today....but it is one of those things that leaves me weak in the knees. do I train for such an odd distance?  I want to do it.....HELP!!

3.  Missing runs....Yesterday running group moved to a different venue and will be on the road from now until Spring.  I however missed it since it was pouring and freezing and well....staying inside and playing cook with Em was more appealing.  I planned on going to the gym after Em went to bed but when the time came I was wiped!  The thing that surprised me was I spent the next 30 minutes rationalizing with myself on how I could make up the mileage....shooting for 1500 miles has me running numbers in my head all day!  Anyone else?

I hope you enjoy your Thursday!!!  This time next week I'll be elbow deep in turkey and what not!  Yum-o!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Date with The Biggest Loser

While it would be very nice to have a workout date with.....
This post is about a habit I was thinking about today.....a date with.....
After I had Emma, I had 50lbs to lose.  A friend of ours gave us his old treadmill that was collecting dust in his basement.  While it was older than my high school diploma, it did the trick.  During this journey, a high school friend of mine was a contestant on The Biggest Loser.  Maybe you remember him....Rudy...
Yeah he rocked it!  Well I began spending my Tuesday nights watching his journey while ticking off the miles on the mill.  Rudy and the show inspired me to go longer....go faster...push harder.  Watching the contestants push themselves to their limit gave me the push to do the same.  Well it has been a tradition I look forward to.  While we left our old mill behind, I still have a weekly date with the mill and Biggest Loser only this time it is at the gym!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Motivation

After this weekend, I need motivation on two fronts today!!  I'm working on setting goals for 2012 and getting exciting to do what I can to reach them!  Once I get it settled, I'll post about it but it may have a 20 miler thrown into the mix!!

Now on the second dose of motivation I desperately need is hanging in there as a mom!  I know....terrible twos or whatever it is but this motherhood thing is kicking my butt lately!!  I love Em more than words can say don't get me wrong....and I cherish the fact that I am her mother but some days I feel so extremely defeated between getting her to eat more than snacks and getting her not to poop her pants daily....or maybe wear sleeves when it's 40 degrees out.  Any suggestions?  You know considering the fact that yesterday I was so down that I turned to my old friends.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anniversary Day!

Today I am blessed to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary with my hubby!  Here are a few pictures from the day!  I love you honey!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fitness Friday-Your Turn...My Turn

I'm a runner....a distance runner...but I wear many more hats than that.  I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, mentor, professor, and a blogger.  Sometimes those other hats stay on longer than my runner hat. 

I have written many times asking advice to all of you about how you fit it all in and things as such.  As a matter of fact I'm sure you wouldn't have to look too far back to get a post asking just that.  Well this week as I have been looking toward goals for 2012, I have been needing to sacrifice races and dream-like opportunities in order to make room for the other hats in my life.  As I have said in earlier posts, my hubby is going to be competing in a body building competition in April so the first 4 months of the year are his turn....his turn to shine....his turn to train...his turn to get priority.  I have no problem doing this since he has always supported me and my running. 

The road block we have met is our differing opinions about running....remember Queen Cardio and King Weight Training!  My distance running is fairly new for me.  I have always run a lot of 5 and 10ks where training was minimal but in the past 4 years distance has been my love!  Enter the questions of the day......
How do you convince a non running spouse that running a lot of distance races is normal?  How do you juggle your wife and mom hat while also wanting to wear your runner hat?

Thankfulness day 11: I'm thankful for the men and women who have and still risk their lives so that I can run free!!  Today I ran 11 miles in honor of the day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday is for Thankfulness...Three Things

Yesterday was the last day of running group at the track.  I am so glad that I finally put aside my fears and joined this group.  It has been years that I have wanted to join a running group but had always let my fear of not being good enough or not fitting in keep me from joining.  This group was nothing I thought and everything I needed and I am planning to join them through the winter for group 5 milers each Wednesday night....bring out the head lamps and reflective gear!  There are many reasons I am thankful for this group but here are three....

1.  "You're ready to run with the other group next session"....There are three groups that meet at the same time at the track, a run-walk group, our group, and the racing group.  The racing group are mostly training for marathons, etc and do longer pick-ups like 2 and 3 minute pick-ups.  The major difference between their group and ours is that......they're fast.  One of the leaders of our group told me yesterday that I was ready to run with them.  I had to hold myself back from jumping to give her a hug and cry!  This means so much to me!!  

2.  Pushing the limits....As an overweight child, running was always something skinny people did.  As I grew up and lost weight it was still something skinny people did.  This has led to me never really thinking I fit the bill as a runner.  It was something for many years that I did to get ready for sports teams, etc.  During preseason when running with others, I would hold my breathe so that people wouldn't hear me breathe heavy!  This group has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has pushed my limits with running.  It is another step in seeing myself as a real runner!!

3.  Amazing moments to remember....Since it gets dark so early, we run the track under the lights.  Yesterday we were doing our thing and the leader decided it would be cool to do some sprints on the football field.  As we were doing that, the lights clicked off (silly daylight savings).  My first reaction was, well I guess we're done.  Nope!  The light of the full moon was enough to bath the track in a dim light....just enough to get in another set of pick-ups.  It was one of those amazing running moments for me as cheesy as that may sound.  After one round I looked around and thanked God for this moment....warm November evening bathed in moonlight running!!  

I urge you....push through your fears with running!!!  Whether it is joining a race you never thought you could do or joining a group to run with.....DO IT!  You will be thankful you did!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Almosot Wordless Wednesday.....yeah not even close!

Yesterday's run did not disappoint!  We rushed home and made a plan in the car for what we were going to do to get out the door.  Of course Em was planning her snacks and who she was going to bring while I was planning clothing!  Within minutes we were heading back out the door and to the park!

 The leaves were not as bright this year.  I guess it's called salt burn and it happened because of the hurricane that we had in September....lots of the bright trees have turned just brown.  We did catch some good ones though!

Em decided to test my confidence in her potty abilities (which is very low) and insisted on wearing undies on the trip.  Yeah nothing makes you run faster like a 2 year-old in undies....I sprinted to the park knowing a bathroom was just next door!  Well....she made it!
 We then had a great time of sliding and swinging and pirates running from crocodiles and Captain Hook (me) chasing the princess (Em of course!)!  Before we knew it it the sun was slipping behind the cue to high tail it home before dark!  Commence another sprint home!  No fun running with no street lights!
But we made it back before the sky was completely dark!
As I was sprinting home (and Emma was yelling "Run faster Mommy the moon is out!") it struck me that this was probably going to be one of our last runs of the season.  It is getting dark much earlier and soon the cold will win over.  This realization made me really sad....I love running with Em and who knows what next season will bring....I don't want these days with her to end.  The past 3 years have been our bonding over the miles....I cherish this time with her.  I'm not ready to fold up the jogger just yet....I'm holding out for a few more days!

Then maybe we'll get our fireplace back!!!

Thankfulness Day 9: Today I'm thankful for a healthy child!  I know that is a HUGE blessing and it is not one I take lightly!  I thank God for Em's health!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two for Tuesday.....Ahhhhh!

Today is one of those rare New England days where God sends us an ever so brief reminder of why we love it here.  It's also a distraction from the impending winter biting at our heals!!  The weather today is beautiful....Fall reds and oranges are soaked in sunshine and the temps are in the high 60s!  Definitely a gift considering it was snowing not too long ago!  So what is a running mom to do on a day like today????


I'm almost giddy watching the clock so I can go get Em, load her into the jogger full of snacks, and run to the park!!  We haven't done it in a few weeks now and it really is one of my favorite things to do!!  We have the best conversations about the craziest of things....birds, colors, how to be a princess, songs, you name it!  So today I am blessed to be able to run twice...good thing since this morning's run wasn't the best since I lifted legs yesterday!  I hope your Tuesday is soaked in sunshine!!!

Thankful Day 8:  Today I'm thankful that my Mom is having a great recovery!  She had a complete knee replacement and is on the mend.  Watch out Mom....soon you'll be toeing the line with me at a race!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivation

Nothing can replace how good it feels to reach that goal......what are you going to do this week to get there?  Go out and ROCK your week!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shutterfly Winners!!!

I know you all are itching to get your cards done and out so that you are the first card everyone receives....hint hint get them in the mail by the day before Thanksgiving!  

Here are the winners of the 25 free cards:

Send me your emails ladies and I will send you the code for your free prints!!

Have a great Sunday....and GO RACERS!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fitness Friday-Running Buddy

Good morning all!  Well for many of you, you are packed and on your way to NYC to run in this weekend's NYC marathon.  As you head there be on the look out for my AWESOME running buddy and friend Jill

 She not only is an amazing runner but she is an amazing friend!  Today's thankfulness is for Jill!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better running buddy!!!  Ok enough gushing about her is the sign I would be holding on the side of the road if I were there this weekend....

 She is running for Team Hole in the Wall.....ha get it!? 

Go out there and ROCK NYC Jill.....and all those of you who are racing or running this weekend.  Push won't be sorry!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good-bye October, Hello November!

Well I am going to post my Halloween 5k pics and such but alas my camera is not cooperating by uploading like it should.....stay tuned for that and giveaway winners!  The only pic I have from Halloween is this one....

The princess and the pirate!

Well off with October and onto November.....a month of great things (6 year anniversary, Thanksgiving, and racing)!  I was able to run 125 miles in October which I am excited with.  I hope to make November my highest mileage this year as I only have 2 more months to hit 1500 miles!  Good thing Pile on the Miles starts today to give me a kick in the rear! 

And with that I am off to the gym to get my miles in!  Good night and wish me luck with uploading my pictures!!

Thankfulness month Day 1:  I'm thankful for lights and heat....300,000 people in New England are still in the cold from this weekend's storm!