Friday, May 31, 2013

Fitness Friday...Arooo It's In You! Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway

Well yesterday I promised you a very badass giveaway....and here it is complete with fire, mud, and barbed wire!!
An free entry to the Reebok Spartan Race of your choice for one Fancy Nancy reader!!  Don't know the Spartan Race?  Well take a look!
They have races for all levels:
Beginner races called Spartan Sprint...Super Spartan for those intermediate folks...for the extremist there is Spartan Beast...and for those of you overly badass folks there is Death Race!...Yeah I'm going to go ahead and say that I would probably be a Spartan Sprinter!

There are Reebok Spartan Races all over the country...

Where would you Spartan?  Leave a comment below to tell me which race is closest to you and why you want some Spartan bling!  I will be announcing the winner on Tuesday!!

Tweet it up for an extra entry: I want a @SpartanRace medal to bite for free with @lilfancynancy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

TTT...Talking GOTR, Bumps, and Jokesters

Good the week clicks by at rapid speeds grab an iced coffee (temps are forecast to be in the 90s) and enjoy your weekly dose of randomness!

GOTR...This Saturday I am going to be running in the Girls on the Run 10k in Providence.
I'm excited for this race since the only 10k races that I have run recently have been up and over a huge bridge, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do when I'm not climbing for 1.2 miles of the 6!  I've never done a GOTR event but I have heard really great things about it and I really like the organization and what they are all about.  My sister is also running (5k) and she has been really training hard so I am excited to see how she does too!  Have you ever done a GOTR event?  Are you running Saturday?

Bumps...It is always interesting to me to look back on some of my posts and laugh at the irony!  A few weeks back I posted about bumps in the road and not letting them stop you from reaching your goals.  Well almost a day after that post, my hubby tore his knee.  We are still waiting to hear what the doctors are going to do with it but for me this all but took away my ability to go to the gym or run in the morning unless I wake up at 3:30ish.  I need to get up and work out and shower all before Aub wakes up since it is very hard for hubs to walk and hold her at the same time.  My inlaws have been super helpful coming over each morning so that I can go to work.  This is a bump but I am not letting it stop me!  I have been missing runs this week and it is DRIVING ME BONKERS (no fault to anyone except myself)!!  Today I am going to fit in a run when I pick up the girls...our babysitter is just a 1/2 mile away so I am going to run to her house and then around the neighborhood before Em's swimming.  Tomorrow it's an early wake up to get me starting off the day right!  I know June is knocking on the door and so is the bathing suit I need to get so this chickie needs to get serious and jump over these bumps!!

Jokesters...I'm pretty serious about running...ok I'm wicked serious about it but that doesn't mean that I can't have a sense of humor about running either....I enjoy a good tutu or costume run from time to time and I have been known to run with friends and try to get them to laugh to pass the time.  This past weekend, as Jill and I took a foot tour of Boston, there were times when we joked.  We cheered as the T lumbered by...whooped it up in the tunnel...laughed at funny signs...and sang songs where I changed the lyrics and danced.  There were times where I think our humor or good time was not appreciated!  Yes running is serious stuff but we are out doing what we love to do...what could be better than that?!  When I ran Boston in 07 the two girls I ran with and I had shirts made that said "Serious runners with a sense of humor"...perfect!  Do you have a sense of humor with your sport?  Tutu or no tutu?

Don't miss out tomorrow on an AWESOME giveaway.....I'm not saying what but let me just say it is very badass!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boston's Run to Remember Half Recap

Well as I was writing this post in my head during the race on Sunday, I thought of possible titles like "The Race of Technical Difficulties" or "The Race Least Prepared For" but as the race unfolded....I'm now thinking of titles like "Nancy Got Her Groove Back" or "Movin Momma"!

I got to Jill's house the night before and quickly realized that I in no way brought enough to wear for the race the next day!  It was not only friggin freezing but it was rainy and windy too!  Here was what I had brought for race day...
AMR Boston shirt, Under Armour capris and headband, and running skirt (Austin Powers is Jill's touch!)
Yeah I immediately started digging for more clothes and a hat!!!  I ended up with this...
Under Armour hat, Saucony jacket, Under Armour capris, running skirt, and Kinvara 4
The jacket was just a bit too tight (and it proceeded to ride up the whole race) and the water bottle that I had bought the night before (I couldn't find my Nathan water bottle at home) leaked the entire race and into my phone thus killing my music at about mile 8!  Either way I was warm enough and ready to run!

The race was dedicated to Officer Sean Collier, the MIT police officer who was killed by the marathon bombers, and everyone wore his badge number on their backs.
It was one of the many things that gave me goosebumps during the race!!!  A powerful reminder when I was ready to quit, to run for those who no longer could!  Pre-race there was a ceremony where many spoke on behalf of the Boston Police Department, Officer Ed Davis, and a man on behalf of the Collier family...about Sean and what an impressive person he was.
And then we were off!  The first three miles there were A LOT of people so finding a pace was hard.  There was stopping and starting...weaving...and keeping up with the crowd.  After three miles and consistent 9:10 min mile pace I motioned to Jill that I would probably need to slow down....and then I didn't!  There was so much going on all around us as we ran through the city that I was focused on everything around me...cheering as the T went by...finding friends and Jill's brother amongst other runners...whooping it up in the tunnels.  I was having a great race and no matter how much my mind continued to tell my legs to slow down knowing I would hit the wall and the wheels would fall off....they were choosing not to listen!  One of the most amazing sights was around MIT where there were about 25 police officers who had lined up their cars in the road and were standing and high fiving all the runners....It was a scene that caused not only goose bumps but tears...for what they have seen...for who they have lost!
Around mile 8 my phone stopped playing my playlist...ugh!  I expected the wheels to fall off...for the wall to come...but it didn't.  Mile 8 beeped and it showed 9:02...umm ok!  The next 4 miles I took one at a time.  Each time my Garmin chirped and I saw 8:45 or 8:32 or 8:27 I thought, "Well...let's try to do that again!"  It got hard but I was so close so I kept on pushing!  There was a woman in front of me cheering "Let's go Boston!" and getting the crowd excited!  I kept pushing and pushing and as 13 chirped in my pace was showing 7:46!!!  Huh???  I was elated with what I thought was a 10 minute faster race than March but after looking up my time on the website I realized I had a 12 minute faster finish!!!
Oh yeah!!!  Maybe it was the rain...the poorly prepped day...the atmosphere...whatever I feel proud of how far I have come and excited for what's to come!!!  Just closer to my goal!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Motivation

When I saw this pic a few weeks ago I was first struck by how perfectly it fit how I feel at times...pulled in so many different directions.  This past week has been crazy and often the end of the school year has me pulled in a million directions by all who need something, but this week my runs and workouts are just for me.  The week after a big race is all about reconnecting...finding the joy again once the carrot has been caught!  While this week is probably going to bring a lot of the same pulling, I heard something really perfect on the radio the other day..."A storm always runs out of rain."  I'm making a point to do this for me this week...and holding on to the storm running out of rain!
How do you reconnect with you when you're feeling pulled?  What will you do this week just for you?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

TTT...Goals, Guts, and Gripes

Most weeks I feel like Monday and Tuesday bumble along at slow speeds...Wednesday travels at a normal pace and then Thursday hits and hold on to your hat folks because there goes the week!!!  Am I alone with this?  With that said....race day is quickly approaching and so here are my three randoms for you all to enjoy!

Goals...Yes race day is almost here!  Boston's Run to Remember will be my 3rd half marathon since Miss Aub was born 7 months ago and while I would love to add another sub 2-hour half to the book Sunday, I am trying to be realistic with my body at the moment.  I have been running much faster paces lately but not sub 2-hour paces.  My goal for this race is to finish under 2:10....I can do this!  The weather is forecast to be rainy and around 50 degrees so I won't have the sun or heat to contend with.  There may be some humidity hanging around and the crowd is over 9000 so there are a few factors like those to deal with.  It should be a good race and I'm psyched to be running in Boston again! 

Guts...One thing that I am noticing is that my cranky belly has been making an appearance lately in the later miles of my races/long runs.  I'm good through mile 9-10 and then come the burps and just a yucky belly feeling.  My goal for Sunday is to not drink my usual Sugar Free Red much as that is my crutch...and just have some coffee.  I am hoping this little change will keep me from burping up the glow in the dark drink miles 10-13!!  What is your go to pre-race fuel?

Gripes...This weekend is Memorial Day...the unofficial start to Summer!  This is also the start of the whole world descending on Cape Cod....the nice island that I call home!  While I am certain that the revenue to the area is invaluable there really is NOT ENOUGH ROOM for everyone!!!  I grew up in a vacation town (Newport, RI) and dealt with traffic but the Cape just gets FLOODED!  Why am I griping about this?  Well school is still in session which puts me on the road for 30 min in the afternoon trying to race to get my girls...leaving me behind people that are on vacation and thus have all the time in the world to get to where they are going.  See the problem here!!  Once I get out of school in June come on down folks....until then kindly drive faster!  :-) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tunes for Tuesday

This weekend I am heading to the big city and running in the Run to Remember Half Marathon.
This will be the first race run in the city since the marathon and it has sold out so it will be a big crowd and full of emotion!  I'm looking forward to running in Boston again and to run with my BRF Jill and her brother Stu.  I'm still throwing goals around in my head but today I need your help.  One of the big pieces lately with my runs has been less the physical side and more the mental...just keeping putting one foot in front of the other...don't you dare stop!  One of the ways to do this for me is with a great playlist...this is where you come in!
What is your go to...booty shaking...feel like you can do anything...pick you up song? 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Motivation

We all have bumps in our road...injury, life changes, kids get sick, jobs, etc...but don't let them become a stop sign!!  Instead keep pushing on toward your dream!  One day that bump in the road will be a distant memory and you will be that much closer to where you want to be!
How will you get over your bump this week?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday...Grab Your Girls and Run!

 I am so excited again this year to be an ambassador for ZOOMA Women's Race Series for their Cape Cod race!  If you don't know about this race series get researching because this is the real deal!!  Not only are Brooke and Brae (founders) amazing running mamas but they are so amazing to work with!  It has honestly been like gaining friends along the way!

Last year I wasn't able to run since I looked like this...
Oh yeah that is THE SBS!!!
but I had a great time at the mocktail party the night before at the beautiful Sea Crest Hotel right on the beach!  Then the day of the race I cheered my preggo heart out at the surprise ambassador station and was so moved by all the ladies running their hearts out!!  This year I'm hitting the road and shooting for a half marathon PR(a distance or time PR earns you an extra shiny medal!)!

So my question is...
Who's coming with me?!

Grab your girl friends and head to the Cape at one of the best times to be on the Cape!  The weather is beautiful but all the summer people have gone home (no offense if you are one of those!) This year they are stepping the swag up even more!  The post-race party is going to rock and this year they have added yoga on the beach!  So come, run, and then enjoy a glass of wine, massage, and yoga on the beach!!!  Sounds just about perfect to me!!!  Head on over and join in on the fun!  If you register before July 1st you get some extra swag...can't you tell by now that this race is swagaliscious?!

An added bonus for all of you and your friends....
enter the code CCAMB4 at checkout and score yourself 10% off!!!

If you live in the South Shore or Cape Cod, Bayside Runner in Plymouth and Yarmouth is hosting a training program for those running ZOOMA Cape Cod!
Head on over for more details but they are doing training session starting early July twice a week with of course a kick-off party!!!

So ok ladies....Are you in? 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Some randomness to make your week complete!  Sit back...grab a coffee...and enjoy!

Coffee Talk...Before having Em I was not a coffee drinker unless you count coffee milk (RI specialty)!  Then after she was born and I was back to work (working 3 jobs and getting my CAGS degree) a fabulous friend and coworker of mine asked me if I wanted her to get me a coffee on her way to work...and the rest was history!  Each time I got pregnant after that I quit coffee cold turkey the day I found out I was pregnant.  The nausea and headache that followed had me making a deal with God if He would just make it go away I would cut down on the coffee after!  Well...yeah that didn't work out so well! 
I've noticed lately though that I am consuming far too much and the time between coffee wearing off and the next coffee results in me being VERY tired...thus sparking consumption of the next coffee.  I'm not sure what to do about this.  With two small children, a full-time job outside the home, more than enough weight to drop, and numerous races to train for, I need the energy.  I have been finding lately that if I work out in the morning then come 4pm I could go to bed, but if I reverse it I am dragging come workout time.  Any suggestions?  Have any of you tried to cut down on your consumption of caffeine and DIDN'T find themselves dragging?

Didn't your mother teach you...If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!  Well the other day at a conference I was attending, a person there proceeded to pat my stomach and ask me when I was due......crickets!  Once I got my composure I politely said, "Oh I have a 7 month old!" instead of...
which is really what I wanted to say.  I know that I have a way to go and I'm working hard but boy did this kick me in the shins! 

Making it work...As mentioned in my goofy post yesterday, I was away for a conference/committee for work for a few days.  I packed my gym clothes and headed down to the hotel gym ready to get my sweat on before having to sit all day (not something teachers are used to!).  Well let me just say that I think there are bathrooms larger than this gym!  I was determined to make it work though and fortunately there was no one else up at that time so I just too over the whole place!  I actually got a lot of intervals in which was awesome!  That evening I grabbed my Virratas and was able to get in a good run around the hotel complex.  Sometimes you just have to make it work to be LIMITLESS!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

What does this momma do when she has to spend a few days away from home for work.....
send goofy pics to her daughter to let her know she loves her!....Sorry it's sideways!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Motivation

Last week I threw down the challenge flag....put it all out there...set a goal that strikes fear in me but reaching that goal will prove that I have what it takes to be one fast mother runner!  I WILL be limitless....I WILL go beyond my dreams.  It starts with a step to hard...because I am capable of far more than my body is convinced of and this week I'm going to start changing that! 
You have what it takes to be limitless!  How will you prove it?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday...It's OK!

This week I have been feeling....worn as if life has caught up with me and I can't get out of my own way!  I've been beating myself up over not feeling super motivated and falling into the ever-dangerous comparison she has 9 kids, works 2 jobs, and still runs 50 miles a week so what is my deal kind of trap!  Not OK!  I've been keeping up with my Summer Shred '13 workouts but my running has been less than stellar to say the least!  This morning I finally said to myself.....
IT'S OK.....
  • to wake up in the morning and NOT want to run
  • to rewash the same load of laundry 3 times because you keep forgetting about it (right?)
  • to get an AMAZING opportunity through Fitfluential to work with the Under Armour What's Beautiful competition and then totally bomb the first week!
  • to miss runs because you can't manage to stay awake more than 5 minutes (for a few days at least)
  • to give yourself grace for a time...not too long let your mind catch up with the new plan!  
  • to be less than perfect (that's hard to say)
  • to get to the end of your day and accept that tomorrow will be better.
Not every week is going to be one for the record books.  Life isn't always laid out in nice neat rows for is what we do with that messiness that shows who we really are.  This week was not's been coming so I should have recognized it when it showed up at my doorstep but this time I'm saying "It's OK".  Tomorrow is a new day!  Just as long as I don't do this...

How do you face a hard week?  What do you do when your mind is fighting back?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So You Wanna Feel Like a Rockstar....

So you wanna feel like a rockstar?  Run a race while pushing a double stroller!! 
This weekend I ran a small, local 5k in West Yarmouth which is just about 15 minutes from us.  A coworker friend of mine had organized the race and I wanted to show my it was a great day and I was able to convince my mother-in-law to run with me!  She was super nervous before the race...but she rocked it and placed 2nd in her age group!  I was going back and forth about pushing the ladies...mostly because it was really windy...but I'm glad I did!  Not only did we have a few laughs over Emma's race commentary (which included..."Mom are we going to win this one?" and "Mom you better run faster if you want to win!"...such a mama's girl!) but I seriously felt like a rockstar!  People kept asking things like, "Did you just run pushing BOTH of those kids?" and "You ran the whole way!", and my favorite, "HEY! You passed me!  I'm trying not to be pissed that I got passed by you because you're awesome!"  Nothing like a confidence boost!

I had 13 miles on the schedule so I woke up bright and early to get 10 miles in...I actually ran to my friends house to do our weekly weigh-in (always helps a weigh-in when you run 10 miles before!) and then she drove me home!  I was happy with my pace and the fact that it was a much easier run than it had been for me just 6 weeks before...nothing like shedding some lbs to make things easier!  I have never run 10 miles before a race (why would you?) so my expectations for the 5k were low.  I basically just wanted to have a good time and not be in pain....I guess when you keep your standards that low its a win win!!  I was VERY happy with how I felt (note to self...a BOB Dualie tends to be more like a kite when it's windy!) and happy with my time of 29:01
How kind of Saucony and BOB to work together to help me coordinate!
Don't forget to head on over and check out Under Armour What's Beautiful competition!  More details were on yesterday's post!   I'm part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I'd love for you to join my Team Limitless!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's Beautiful...Knowing You're Limitless!

This post is sponsored by Under Armour through FitFluential.
What limits have you put on yourself?  What limits have others put on you?  What would you really LOVE to be able to do but allow these limits to keep a dream?
Wanna break through those limits?  Now is your time!!

Growing up as a female athlete, I was always pushing limits...pushing stereotypes of female athletes...pushing where a girl from a small town in the smallest state in the country could go!  There was no one or anything that was going to stand in my way!

Then came first child and I lost that drive...that ability to push my body and allowed limits to come up all around me.  There was a day when I barely recognized who I was and that was when I knew I had to start breaking down those limits all around me!  I did it for me...the one tucked deep inside this heavy, new mom...the one I knew so well and missed so much!  When those days came when I wasn't enough to push for, then I did it for the beautiful girl growing up in front of me...watching me...looking up to me.  Those limits I was breaking down were for her too.  To show her that moms can be and ARE strong!  That she one day could reach her goals too!
Now I have two sets of girls watching and looking to see how I will once again break down those limits!  Looking to see What is Beautiful!  I'm honored to join Under Armour and their What's Beautiful campaign to challenge and celebrate amazing women everywhere...and right here on this blog!  That's right!  I'm talking to YOU!  What EPIC goals do you have in the back of that mind of yours?  Now is YOUR time to throw off the limits around you and prove to yourself and everyone around you that YOU ROCK!  Join the What's Beautiful competition...set epic goals...push your limits...and be AWESOME!
I've also created a team called...very aptly Team Limitless!  A team designed for all you out there that are done accepting the limits and are ready to do something really epic!  Now I'm not just talking marathons or body building competitions....I'm talking to you out there that would always love to but never thought you could run a half marathon...10k...5k!  Those of you out there carrying the last 10lbs that you would love to be done with once and for all!  I'm talking to the ladies that dream of one day crossing the finish line and seeing a certain time on the clock.  You out there that long for guns but somehow were convinced that you never could.  What's stopping you?

My run a sub 1:50 half marathon and be one fast mother runner!!!
You know What's Beautiful?  Reaching your limit and walking right on over it!  Being the strong, epic woman you always wanted to be!  

Will you join me?  Because let's be honest...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Motivation

This weekend a registration came in the mail....a registration for the summer session of my running was as if it was calling my bluff trying to see if I was serious about getting my speed back and serious about getting back to the runner I was!  The choice in front of me is to attend the group...attend the easier group I feel oh so comfortable in or challenge myself and go to the race group that scares the ever loving crud out of me!  They're ultramathoners!   
How do you constantly challenge yourself?  How will you challenge yourself this week?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Newport 10 Miler Race Review

Last weekend I packed up the car with the ladies and I headed to my hometown to run
I found out about this race from Amy from Running Escapades and I am so glad that I decided to sign up!  The race was to benefit the Fort which is rich in history.  I have to admit that before this race I had never actually been inside (local hangs head in shame)!  To my defense, I used to go there a lot growing up but the inside of the fort has only been open recently.

We headed down the day before and my BRF Jill ventured down to stay at my parents house!  We went into town to grab our numbers and do a little Alex and Ani shopping (the store in Newport is HUGE)....and we may have just stopped for a drink with my sister Amy!  The weather was gorgeous and it was so great to be in town just having fun!
 The day of the race my awesome parents watched the ladies while I took off early since the start was at 8 (well 8:15 we found out later while standing in the starting corral).  I was laughing with Jill on the way there about how times have changed.  Before babies, I would have everything all laid out and would have my pre-race routine down to a science.  Before this race, I tiptoed around the room looking for things and grabbed breakfast to nibble in the car there!  We got to the Fort around 7 and made the mile walk to the starting area to meet up with some of my Fitfluential girls!
Amy, me, Jill, Michelle (missing Samantha)
These ladies are amazing!
After the National Anthem and a moment of silence for those effected by the Boston Marathon, we were off!  Down the drive of the Fort and headed out for a spin around the Ocean Drive.  I tried to take pictures of the scenery while I was running but after looking over them I realized that I did not do it justice.  Just picture miles and miles of shoreline and MASSIVE houses!

It has been a while since I have been able to say that miles just flew by but honestly they did with this race!  I'm not sure if it was the scenery...being "home"....being a running tour guide for Jill...or that I was just relaxed and having fun but I would honestly say the first 6 miles flew by!  Jill was keeping our pace and we settled quickly around 9:20.  By mile 6 we turned the corner onto Bellevue Ave and the sea breeze calmed which made this runner mother HOT!  I was so thankful to see my sister and Em so I could dump my jacket!  Em came equipped with a whistle which I'm sure all the people living in their mansions on Bellevue were psyched to hear at 8am!

We turned off Bellevue and headed back to the Fort for the last 3 miles...of which Jill promptly left me in the dust (after 4 years of running together I knew this was coming!) and I promptly struggled through the rolling hills.  I made a vow to myself that I was going to either move to Kansas so I can run on flat land or I was going to get over this "I hate hills" mindset!  I made it back to the Fort and the finish line took us back into the Fort to where we finished there.  It was a little frustrating because I couldn't see the finish line so it was hard for me to know when to kick but it was definitely cool to go through the big gates and into the middle!  Finish time was 1:37:XX and I am happy with that.  I know I need to work on the later miles of my runs and pushing through mentally...I get tired!

The date is already set for April 27th for next year's Newport 10 Miler and I am telling all of you....DO IT!!!  It's a gorgeous race!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

TTT...Tan Lines, Fueling, and Shreds

Hello and happy Thursday!!!  Can I just tell you how excited I am that it is May?!  I can smell summer around the corner....all coconutty and great!

Tan Lines...One of the benefits of being a runner, I feel, is that you are able to be outside in the fresh air for long periods of time...granted you are putting in the miles so it isn't as if you are just lounging in the backyard but you are still out enjoying the weather.  One of the drawbacks for me is....TAN LINES!  As a runner in New England where the sun can be shining and the temp is low, that means a wicked tan face (yes in Massachusetts wicked is a perfectly acceptable adjective...even more descriptive than very) and white body.
Notice the minefield of freckles (or pickles as Em calls them) and the not so bronze arms!
Coming back from April vacation, a coworker asked me if I had gone to Florida...nope just ran outside a lot.  Allow me to take my jacket off and show you what I really look like.  Mind you I'm not complaining...I'm a girl who likes being tan but I'm beginning to think I need to jump to action to help my body catch up with my face!

Fueling...A few weeks back I was contacted by the owner of Huma Gel to see if I wanted to try out their all natural chia energy gel.  I am always looking for more natural ways to fuel so I was excited to try them out!  Normally...and it's becoming worse as I push my speed belly is not my friend on long runs.  This has me very cautious of eating anything while out on the road.  I have to admit that I was nervous to try Huma since it was a big packet but it went down like nothing!  They are made from fruit puree and chia seeds...and it tasted just like that!  I actually thought at one point that this could make a good snack! (Yes I like to snack/dessert with Gu or gels!)  The best belly rebelling or burping it up for the miles that followed!  Head on over to check them out and try out a few packets!  My favorite flavor was Apples and Cinnamon.  They are super yummy and easy on the stomach!

Shred...Yesterday marked the beginning of the Summer Shred 2013 with Bobbi at Nhershoes.  

If you've never done one of these do yourself a favor and start following Bobbi so you can get on the next one!  This is my third (?) shred so far.  Bobbi is super sweet but her workouts pack a punch!  She'll have you sweating in no time!  I love that her workouts are adaptable.  Usually they take about 20 minutes of HIIT but there is always ways to extend them for an extra challenge.  I am able to fit in a workout and run if my schedule calls for it!  She also gives you a meal plan and even a shopping list so that you can be eating clean for the month and not undoing your hard work each time you eat!  I'm excited to spend the next month with Bobbi and see some results.  I set my goals pretty high but with bathing suit season staring me in the face there is no time to waste!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Wordless" Wednesday

I think I'm going to need a bigger desk soon!!  Good thing I haven't put them all on there!