Thursday, May 2, 2013

TTT...Tan Lines, Fueling, and Shreds

Hello and happy Thursday!!!  Can I just tell you how excited I am that it is May?!  I can smell summer around the corner....all coconutty and great!

Tan Lines...One of the benefits of being a runner, I feel, is that you are able to be outside in the fresh air for long periods of time...granted you are putting in the miles so it isn't as if you are just lounging in the backyard but you are still out enjoying the weather.  One of the drawbacks for me is....TAN LINES!  As a runner in New England where the sun can be shining and the temp is low, that means a wicked tan face (yes in Massachusetts wicked is a perfectly acceptable adjective...even more descriptive than very) and white body.
Notice the minefield of freckles (or pickles as Em calls them) and the not so bronze arms!
Coming back from April vacation, a coworker asked me if I had gone to Florida...nope just ran outside a lot.  Allow me to take my jacket off and show you what I really look like.  Mind you I'm not complaining...I'm a girl who likes being tan but I'm beginning to think I need to jump to action to help my body catch up with my face!

Fueling...A few weeks back I was contacted by the owner of Huma Gel to see if I wanted to try out their all natural chia energy gel.  I am always looking for more natural ways to fuel so I was excited to try them out!  Normally...and it's becoming worse as I push my speed belly is not my friend on long runs.  This has me very cautious of eating anything while out on the road.  I have to admit that I was nervous to try Huma since it was a big packet but it went down like nothing!  They are made from fruit puree and chia seeds...and it tasted just like that!  I actually thought at one point that this could make a good snack! (Yes I like to snack/dessert with Gu or gels!)  The best belly rebelling or burping it up for the miles that followed!  Head on over to check them out and try out a few packets!  My favorite flavor was Apples and Cinnamon.  They are super yummy and easy on the stomach!

Shred...Yesterday marked the beginning of the Summer Shred 2013 with Bobbi at Nhershoes.  

If you've never done one of these do yourself a favor and start following Bobbi so you can get on the next one!  This is my third (?) shred so far.  Bobbi is super sweet but her workouts pack a punch!  She'll have you sweating in no time!  I love that her workouts are adaptable.  Usually they take about 20 minutes of HIIT but there is always ways to extend them for an extra challenge.  I am able to fit in a workout and run if my schedule calls for it!  She also gives you a meal plan and even a shopping list so that you can be eating clean for the month and not undoing your hard work each time you eat!  I'm excited to spend the next month with Bobbi and see some results.  I set my goals pretty high but with bathing suit season staring me in the face there is no time to waste!


  1. I will have to check out that shred, sounds just like my kind of workout. Those Huma gels sound pretty awesome too.

  2. My face is the same way even with layering on sunblock! I'm so happy summer is almost here!

  3. I know just what you're talking about with the tan lines...I am perpetually tan from all this sun exposure. Good doses of D, though, right?

  4. I've decided after running in shorts the past couple days that I need to get out the self-tanner. Holy crap, I could double as Casper!

    I really want to try that huma gel. I need to order some - no retailers within 200 miles of me :(

  5. Good grief, I need to dig out those Huma gels, try them and blog about them too. Thanks for the reminder.

    And, I have finally bookmarked Bobbi and will look into this...thanks for sharing, again, I think.

  6. Love good tan lines!!

    Wish I would've signed up...guess it's closed?
    Good luck, it sounds awesome & motivating!!!