Who is Fancy Nancy?

Fancy Nancy here!! 

I hope this page will give you a little more insight to who this silly lady is blogging each day!!  Since I am the very proud, and time crunched mom of a toddler with another on the way, bullets are the best way to explain who I am and where I came from!  Enjoy! 
  • I feel like I've been an athlete all my life.  I started gymnastics from the age of 3 and played softball and soccer through college.  I found my obsession love in running when I graduated from college and needed to find a competitive outlet now that my collegiate career was over.  In came racing!!
  • I married my best friend in 2005.  We went to college together but didn't start dating until one day when I ran into him at the gym....yes you can find love at the gym! 
The "Fancy" Fam!
  • I ran my first marathon as the Boston Marathon in 2007...during a HUGE rain storm!  It has been sunny and 70 every year since!  I crossed the finish line and just knew I would be back there again one day!
  • I took almost a year off from running that year...I started spinning again like crazy and had a beautiful baby girl!  
  • My running obsession came back with a vengeance after that year off...and 70lbs lost later I was hitting prs that I never thought possible....I had become the running mother I had dreamed I could be!
  • I ran my way through my second pregnancy with a half marathon to celebrate 20 weeks and over 1200 miles logged!  She is now 1 and keeping me on my toes each and every day!
  • I was born and raised in a coastal town....moved and went to college in a coastal town....and now am raising a family in a coastal town.  Yeah I love the beach!!
  • My family is my biggest fan base!!  My parents have been following me with sports my whole life!!  It has taken me to many places and it is always great to see a loving face in the crowd!  
  • My hubby thinks I'm nuts but I know he is proud of me!!  After all he does let me run at crazy hours for crazy amounts of time with other crazy people!!
  • I'm a Saucony girl...through and through!  For the past 10 years I have bought Saucony Rides every 3 months!  Yeah that's a lot of shoes!!
  • I LOVE my running buddies and love inspiring those I love to head out on the road and get bit by the running bug!!  I feel running can help you prove to yourself that you are strong enough to do ANYTHING! 
  • I'm a Fitfluential Ambassador....a group I am honestly honored to be a part of.  So many amazing people doing what they can to be fit!
  • I LOVE virtual races....don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of face-to-face races but I find myself signing up for every virtual race I can find!
  • I am a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador....an amazing race for women!  Empowering women to challenge themselves to reach their goals!! 
Now for some pictures!!
Running Buddies!
Running with my girl!

Favorite pic from 2007 Boston Marathon

Mom and Dad...always game for a race with my mini cheerleader nieces!!