Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Around Here...

If you are wondering where in the heck I have been, let's start with trying to keep up with these 3...

Our little man has taken a deviation from the family in that he is not like his champion sleeping sisters.  He is still waking up at least once in the night!!!  You mamas that deal with this for all your children my heart goes out to you!!!  Sleep deprivation is a torture all in itself!!  I was missing my morning workouts something fierce!!!  He would wake up just as I was about to start or would be up at 2....and then sleep won out!  This past week or so though I have been just pushing through and rededicating to getting those morning workouts in.  I just feel so much better throughout the day instead of having my workout hanging over my head until everyone has gone to bed. 

Speaking of working out, I have started the 80 Day Obsession program by Beachbody.  I was seeing so many people have amazing results, coupled with the fact that I was STRUGGLING to get to the gym because of said sleeping issues.  I toyed with the idea for a while and then BOOM my gym closed...pretty much made the decision for me!! 
I just started week 4 and I am really loving it!  I have done other Beachbody programs in the past but didn't find the workouts super challenging.  These are different!  Plus each workout is different....80 different workouts!  The added bonus is that I got a year subscription to Beachbody OnDemand so I can try out other workouts too.  I am starting to feel good and am thinking I even need to invest in some heavier dumbbells.  I was feeling discouraged by the scale because I really need to lose A LOT but after taking measurements I am down 11 inches overall!!!  BOOM!!!! 
I also registered for Newport 10 Miler coming up in June.  I have to be real with you all....I am SUPER nervous!!!  Running is SUPER hard for me right now.  Between not sleeping and trying to climb my way back, I am nervous what this race will be like. 
I have been putting in my long runs and have about 2 more left before I taper (fun fact...I have only tapered once in the 17 years I have been running races).  I am running with my BRF Jill (she has been with me for all my first post-baby races) so if anything we will have fun!!

So that about sums up what's going on in this corner of my world.  We are reaching the end of the school year and I think we all are really looking forward to Summer!!!  I know I am looking forward to warmer temps and being about to relax around a fire with the hubs...and of course the beach! 

Tell me....what have you been up to???

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