Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Motivation

All over my Facebook news feed yesterday were proclamations of prs and flashy medals...people who had put in the training...pushed their limits...and made themselves proud.  For me yesterday it was a beautiful awesome BRF...and my limits pushed.  There were miles that made me start to remember the runner I was before having she's still in I shouldn't lose hope!  Pushing my limits like that and seeing what I'm made of made me proud.  Yes I still have a ways to go but it felt AWESOME!!  This week it's back to pushing those limits again!  This week it's back to making myself proud! 
What are you going to do this week to make yourself proud?  What did you do last week?  Brag away!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Yes folks it's Thursday....the day I allow myself to dump whatever randomness is on my mind and allow you to play along!  Enjoy!

Rising from Ashes...One thing that I don't talk much about on this blog is what I do for work...and even more so WHY I do it.  Long story short, I feel like I was one of those people who were born knowing what they wanted to do.  I am a teacher...but added to that, I am an ESL teacher.  For the first 11 years of my career I was my students' first American school experience.  Many had just arrived to the country a week before entering my class.  I have been so blessed by my students and learning so much about their cultures ranging from numerous Central and South American countries to Africa and Asia.  There certainly was never a dull moment!  The last 6 years before we moved, I was able to have a class comprised of about 80% refugee from Somalia, Sudan, and Burundi.  These children had struggled through so much and yet had such a light in their eyes that was infectious!  Yesterday a man came to our high school who had worked in Rwanda during the 90s.  He shared with us a movie clip about the Rwandan cycling team and I just needed to share!

Rising From Ashes from T.C. Johnstone on Vimeo.

Cue Happy Dance...Today I am proud to say that I have slipped on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants that are ALMOST the size I was before stretching my body out to a crazy size!!!  And....wearing them isn't offensive to anyone who sees me.  You know like the pants can button without me laying flat on the bed and I can sit down and breathe at the same time!  Now this isn't where I want to be and yes I still have a long way to go but I most certainly took a minute and did the happy dance in my bathroom this morning!!
Newport 10 Miler...This weekend I am headed to my hometown with my BRF Jill to run the inaugural
The race is to benefit the fort which I have a lot of great memories of!  We used to go there swimming and jumping off the cliffs (sorry mom) as well as enjoyed many years of festivals watching Indigo Girls and James Taylor!  Its a historic and sentimental site!  Plus the scenery of the route is not too shabby!
I'm excited to see Jill and give her a big hug since I haven't seen her since the bombings!  She was there at the finish and it took me several hours to hear from her that she was ok!  It should be a great day for a great run!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words for Wednesday

Today's verse for me this morning was very fitting...
"Be still, and know that I am God" Proverbs 46:10
This was fitting for today because yesterday we got some not so great news about our little nugget...
That we may be making the trek back to Boston for another surgery.  News that immediately sent me into planning if planning everything out perfectly would keep reality from scaring the pants off me.  I was promptly reminded that in the scheme of things yes we are blessed to have this be small, but she is my baby and of course I have fear.  Today I am going to try to be cease the planning and just know that it is under control.  Easier said than done but I am going to try my best!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Motivation

It is hard to wrap my head around that just a short week ago today, we saw evil show its ugly face on the streets of Boston.  What has been motivating for me is the love and support that has flowed out of this situation.  From runners running united across the world to athletic teams holding ceremonies to honor those who have been affected by this event, we have shown that two brothers will NOT tear us down!  After the stress of the week culminating with the search for the last brother, I am determined this week to not only return to life, but to celebrate embrace my lovies, spend more time just being, and to cherish the feel of the pavement under my feet. 
We are Boston and We are STRONG!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Running United...Running Boston Strong

I'm still struggling to find words during this time.  Fortunately I have been on school vacation and thus have been able to spend my days away from the TV and computer.  Away from the images and buzz and focusing on my lovies!  Their innocence and ignorance of the events that have gone on is a comfort and blessing.

Yesterday the local fire and police department organized a running event to honor the families and victims in Boston.  The crowd was a mix of military veterans and marathon runners, families and friends, those who have run Boston in the past and those who had either finished Monday or were stopped short.  The man who organized it spoke about those who had the courage to rush in when help was needed and how one day the men who did this horrific act would meet justice.  In his words, "Southie Justice".  If you know Boston at all...this is the kind of justice you don't want to meet!  We ran down the beach as the sun was rising and the tide was coming in...running and healing with each step. 

Running is what we do and running is what we will continue to do.  We are runners and we will run Boston Strong!
If you live in the South Shore or on the Cape and want to be part of a memorial run, Bayside Runner is holding two runs.  The first is today at 6:15 out of their Plymouth store and the second is next Friday at 6:15 out of their new Yarmouth store. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Try It Tuesday...BAMR Bands Review

This post was scheduled for Tuesday but due to the events of Marathon Monday I pushed it back.

With crazy, curly hair I am always looking for something to tame the tresses when I'm running, working out, or just out and about.  I was excited to hear when a fellow mother runner started her business
Katie Heddleston is an awesome Mother Runner and she is now owner of an incredible band companyBAMR bands are 7/8 inch bands that are completely stay put..meaning there isn't an inch of slip with these bad boys!  Even better....$1 of each band sold goes to the charity Every Mother Counts!
They come in the cutest patterns and colors!  You can order these bands right off Katie's website and they are a flat rate of $10 including shipping unless noted!  Do yourself a favor and treat your self to a BAMR band!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Triumph Over Evil

I sit trying to write this post, trying to put together my thoughts on how this day unfolded....and it is difficult to do just that. The day began with cheering for the wheelchair division runners....
We sat perched at mile 7 waiting and cheering for all of those making their dreams come true.  Having put in the months of work, they were finally running Boston...THE Boston Marathon!  It is difficult to think that these people...

were just 19 miles from a horrific scene...I really am without words and do not want to write just to write.  So for that reason I am signing off for the day.  Thankful that my friends who were at the site are all OK and that my family and I made a decision Monday morning to head to mile 7 instead of spend a sunny day in Boston.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.

Today I am wearing a race shirt...a sign of camaraderie to say that evil will NOT be victorious.  Joining hands with brothers and sisters far and wide so show that good WILL triumph!
"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivation Monday

Oh come on!  You think I would let a Marathon Monday that Kara Goucher was running go by and not use some of her wise words for motivation?!  While talking with Sarah and Dimity in their AMR Podcast, Kara revealed that Nike had put the words
Courage to Believe
in her shoes for Boston.  I just thought this was perfect!  Not just because it was from Kara but because it could fit everyone's lives!  I have the courage to believe that this post baby journey is going to lead me to a place where I am stronger and fitter than I was before!  I hit some paces on my long run Saturday that were really encouraging!  I know I can put in the work and I have the courage to believe I can do it!
What do you have the courage to believe?  Where will your journey take you?!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Friday....Boston Marathon Yearbook 2013

In just a few short days, thousands of runners will be taking the best right and left ever!!!  Thinking about that left onto Boylston still gives me goosebumps!  While there will be many IRL friends and bloggy friends that I will be on the sidelines cheering for, there are many within the crowd of 26,000+ that I'll be on the lookout for as well!  Here are some of the hidden and not so hidden famous faces that will be making their way from Hopkington to Boston!
Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan
While Shalane is a local girl (she's from Marblehead, MA) and it would rock to see a local win, Kara is my total running hero!  Seriously this girl rocks!  I was listening to her interview by Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner the other day on their podcast.  She is not only a completely amazing runner, she is also an awesome mom!  We could totally be BFFs...however not BRF since I'm pretty sure she could lap me several times during a run!  These two ladies rock and I'll certainly have the camera ready when their pack passes me!
Joey McIntyre
Shall I break into the chorus from "Hangin Tough" as he jogs by?  Joey has grown up and no I no longer have my over sized Joey button to wear.  He is running for the Alzheimer Association...a disease which his mother suffers from. 
I'm sure the Boston native will be right at home!! 
Summer Sanders
Best known for her Olympic swimming days, Summer will be toeing the line in Hopkington for her very first marathon.  Summer and I spent many days together...well actually I was doing her prenatal workout DVD which was really great!  She runs a great half so I'm excited to see how Boston treats her!
Kris and Kayla Biagiotti
The BAA is honoring Team Hoyt for the many, many years they have been running the race and I am always moved each time I see them.  However, there will be another team that is running Boston for the first time.  They are the first mother-daughter wheelchair team to run Boston.  Kayla was diagnosed at three with a mitochondrial disease and Kris has battled her own health but she is not shying away from this challenge.  Good luck K-Girls!
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Celebrating 30 years since her win in Boston in 1983, this amazing lady will be there yet again!  She is still an amazing runner and has run the last two years.  She even scored herself an awesome finish last year even though it was about a bazillion degrees!

Are you going to be part of the Class of 13 at the Boston Marathon?  Who are you excited to see?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TTT...Race Recap Style

This week's randoms all center around the Jamestown Bridge 10k that I ran on Sunday in Jamestown, RI.  

Fun in Numbers...I have run this race all three years it has been held and every year I have run it with my BRF Jill and her brother Stu.
Stu is running Boston this Monday for Team Eye and Ear!
Sporting my BAMR band and LOVING it (review coming soon!)
I ran the first mile with Jill which is always deceiving since it is 90% downhill leading to the bridge.  We ran it in 8:33....normal for my prebaby days but not so much for lately!  Stu was off with the crowd and soon Jill took off to chase/pass her baby bro!  It is so much more fun running with friends!  We laughed, joked (why is it that there is always one know that person...who needs to be the center of attention?  This race it was an overzealous CrossFitter who decided to spread eagle in the middle of the crowd to stretch and do push ups!), made up funny nicknames for people, set goals, and cheered on each other's successes!

Saucony with the Win...A few days before this race I was sent a pair of Kinvara 4.  I was instantly in love but I wasn't certain whether or not I should break the golden rule of running and race in new kicks....How could I resist though?
I mean just slipping them on I instantly felt bad ass!  These bad boys rock!  I had a pair of the Kinvara 3 that I bought last year and loved them for my shorter runs so I was really excited to try out the new model.
Yeah like Em said, "Mom those are going to make you SUPER FAST!"...well I could at least look super fast!  These go on sale starting May 1st....check them out.  You will not be sorry!  They also came out with a Boston Marathon edition that will be available at the expo....

Enjoy the view...The first mile of this race is, as I said, downhill...then starts the climb for 6/10 of a mile.  I got to the peak of the bridge and looked to my right and caught a glimpse of my beautiful home state!  The past two years either the weather has been cruddy or I was too focused on speed that I had never really appreciated the view.  I mean if I'm going to climb this...

I might as well enjoy this!
It was hard to really capture the view!
There were others taking pictures too...actually this one woman in front of me kept stopping and taking pictures.  She would then proceed to break into a sprint every time I trotted past her.  Yeah that's frustration you hear in my words....this irritated the CRAP out of me!  I'm happy to say though that I did in fact beat her in the end!  Hey I'm still pretty slow so I need to take the victories where they come!  I hit my goal of under 1 hour by crossing in 59:12...not my fastest by a long shot but not my slowest either!  This race is the only 10k I've raced in many years.  I have another on tap for June and am excited to see if I can score a pr you know since I won't need to climb a bridge twice!!!

I also today made the jump to Bloglovin...not a fan of change but it seems as if Google Reader is really forcing my hand at this!  Darn them!  Don't they know?!  So with that said...Follow me!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And Just Like That...

In the blink of an eye...between sleepless nights and sleeping through the night our itty bitty baby girl.....
has been with us for 6 months already!
Just like that!!!  Life with 2 children...heck life in general has been whizzing by at breakneck speeds.  From working, to play dates, from cleaning to running life the days just blow right by!  There are days when I can't wait for bedtime to arrive and days like today that I find myself pumping the breaks just begging time to slow down!  And as if God knew exactly what I needed, we were blessed with a beautiful Spring day.  Driving home from school on the way to get the girls I knew exactly how we were going to spend my favorite our special place...the only place that I know of that is able to stop the hands of time...the beach!

 The perk of living on Cape Cod is that one is never more than a few minutes away.  With a packed bag of toys we were off.!
This about sums up how we all felt about being there!
We laughed...we danced...Aubrey ate sand...and touched it for the first time...Em explained the "beach rules" to her...we dared the waves...we collected scallop shells and mermaid's fingernails...and I took an obscene amount of pictures....
It was a day breathed by God...filling our love buckets until they were overflowing!  There was no phone, no distractions...just us and the beach and it was perfect!!!  Just what I needed to keep me from getting chocked up about how quickly time is flying by...the brakes worked this time and I am forever grateful!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Motivation...#BestRun

I'm linking up today with Miss Zippy and Pavement Runner to reminisce my know that one that sticks with you that has you chasing it for runs to follow....that run where it all just clicks and you even forget your running!  I do have to say that since having Aub 5 months ago that these runs are few and far between but I then thought about this quote from Kara Goucher (who I CAN'T WAIT to see running past me in Boston next week). 
Before having Aub I can remember runs when my sleepy Cape had started to show signs of Spring...the lilacs were in bloom and the ocean was fresh!  I remember thinking that this was all I needed....I was truly blessed! (little did I know what was still in store!)  Post baby runs for me are hard...getting my mind and body to work together has proved a challenge but I can remember vividly on a run back in February when it just clicked with me...running through my neighborhood I just knew that life was wonderful.  It isn't always the easiest but it's mine and I love it!

What about you?  Can you put your finger on your best run? workout?
Get out there and chase it down and grab hold!  
Life is waiting and it's great!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


That's right!  It's Thursday already!!  You know what that means....grab a huge coffee and buckle up for this week's dose of randomness!

Allergies?...Before moving to Cape Cod, I had never ever considered myself as someone with allergies.  Then I moved here and well....thought that I had some disease which just happen to coincide with allergy season.
It was like a light bulb going off this morning as I have been thinking over going back to the doctor because clearly my strep/bronchitis had not in fact gone away.  Then there was the nice weatherman reporting on the pollen counts...yeah they were in the severe category!!  Guess I need to get myself some Claritin!

Run the Bridge...This Sunday, My BRF Jill, her brother Stu and I are going to be running the Jamestown Bridge 10k for the third year in a row! 
This race is always a challenge since it starts as a downhill and then proceeds to climb up the bridge for 6/10 of a mile....through a neighborhood of hills...back up the 6/10 of a mile bridge and then finish.  Yeah it's a lot of climbing for this girl right here....the one who really is not a fan of hills!  But boy do I love this race!!!

Six Pack Abs?...After having two children via two C-sections, my midsection is well....not so toned!  Also, as I have said before, my core needs major attention.  Today I was cruising the Internet and found a killer ab/core workout from The Petite Athlete.  I follow this girl on Instagram and damn this girl has AMAZING abs!!!  I would eat cardboard and hang upside down if it meant abs like that!  Seriously though she works out super hard and eats clean...thus the abs!  Well I am going to tackle her "300" workout.  So keep a lookout...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Here are some scenes from this Easter weekend....enjoy!