Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Motivation

I've learned about myself over the years that I function much better when I have goals that have timelines attached to for a race on a certain date keeps me focused on getting my workouts in each day.  I don't know why I haven't thought of the same when looking at losing this baby weight.  I need a goal with a date attached!  Well I set my first goal...and put my money where my mouth is!  I joined a Diet Bet that starts today...and I have 4 weeks to lose 4%.  I know training/running will be much easier with less weight to carry around so I am excited to hit my goal.  Here we go!!

Do you work better with set goals or can you stay focused on the long term?

Friday, October 20, 2017

GRIT...Innate or Learned?

The definition of grit is as follows...
Alone each of these words speak volumes...together they paint a picture for me of a person who shows mental grit...those people who no matter what will finish a task even if injury comes.  My husband and I were watching a series last year about a group of people that they put through training to be part of special forces.  The things they had to endure both mentally and physically challenged each person until there were only 5 men remaining.  The last challenge was a trek that they had to complete through a mountain range.  Along the way there were tasks that they had to complete and check points.  It was hot...they were exhausted...and they had no idea how long they had to complete the challenge, where the end was, or that if they reached the end they had won.  What we saw in those men was true mental grit....they wanted to quit so badly but there was nothing that was going to keep them from continuing on.  It was so engaging that when they reached the end and you saw the elation on their face, I cried! 

This got me that just something that is in them or did they learn it from somewhere?  I look at my two girls (the baby hasn't had to show his grit yet!) and they are two opposite ends of the spectrum.  One really pulls away from a challenge especially a physical one and tends to stop before she can really show herself that she is capable.  The other speeds through a challenge no matter what is in front of her.  Will they always be this way?  Can my daughter learn how to challenge herself and feel the elation at the finish?
I then looked at myself as a runner...and throughout my life.  My husband joked with me the other day when we were debating whether or not our oldest should go to soccer practice with a cold.  I thought running around in the cold air would be good for her, and he pointed out that I'm the same person who will run those last three miles of a race with open blisters because a finish line is a finish line!  Mental grit was what made me a successful softball player (I mean being a catcher is all about the grit).  Mental grit was what made me a strong soccer player (I used to do group runs and just about hold my breathe because I didn't want my teammates to know I was winded).  Mental grit has carried me over thousands of finish lines through the years including a Boston Marathon finish in 30 degree weather after enduring a Nor'Easter.   When I look at myself through my years, I would say I was always more like my middle child....always ready to take down a challenge.

My hope is that I can show my oldest that she too has that grit...she can challenge her body to do amazing things...she can push her limits and show herself what she can really do.  And as I climb back to my first race back after this third baby, my hope it that my mental grit will just come oozing out and she'll want in!  We can all have that's just digging deep enough for it to come out!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Motivation

I'm going to drop a few truth bombs....this post baby recovery has SUCKED (I'm sorry Mom I know you hate that word) weight hasn't changed since I got home from the hospital 4 months ago...I've wanted to quit a thousand times over...I have been embarrassed to even post here thinking I am such a poser!  All of this is true and then some.  At 2 years shy of 40 I have had my third child and my body is fighting me every step of this postpartum journey.  I am making a promise to myself and a post to all of you that I will NOT quit...I will not my daughter says I'm still deflating (she follows it up with "no offense Mom"...yeah we are in that phase) and I WILL reach my goal!  There will come a time where I will be able to run again effortlessly!  There will come a time where my clothes fit again!  There will come a time where I catch my reflection in a mirror and not cringe!!!  I will get there!!!

What goal are you shooting for these days?  Any postpartum mamas out there?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Motivation

I have been sitting pretty in this postpartum nest...nice and cozy with very low expectations.  I have been doing kettlebells and walking/running a bit but with no goal other than to lose this dang baby weight.  This weekend...with a visit from my BRF Jill...I am putting my money where my mouth is and I'm registering for my first race post baby #3!  My favorite...Newport 10 Miler! It is my goal race and while it is not until June I know that I need to start pushing more.  Time to kick this bird out of the nest!  I am so nervous that I am just going to be I'll never be able to run double digits again...but then again what if I am better than before!  So that is my goal....better my best!!!  Taking risks is scary...but what if we fly?!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to School...Training...and Me

This week marks the first full week back to school for the chickies and I.  On this part of the Cape with all the tourism and such, we start school after Labor Day.  I like it because it's a good way to transition from summer to fall...and back to reality!

I love me my Summer hard, but the Fall and back-to-school time provides a good transition for me to start focusing in on some goals for myself.  It's like New Years for teachers!!  This summer for me in regards to training and all that fun was all about healing and getting my body in a place where I can start to push it again.  I've said it before, my mind is ready WAY before my body is so I didn't want to push too much too soon.  However, mentally I was going NUTS!!!  Mama needs to sweat and feel like herself again!  My mind was saying "Let's Go!!!" but this post 3rd C-section body was saying, "Slow your roll girl!" 
Now that I am 3 months down, I have started to make some semblance of a schedule and a plan for working out and all honesty the running has been the hardest to fit in.  I think that this is happening because I am so much slower than before pregnancy so it takes me a lot longer to cover distances!  Also we are starting school an hour earlier so I have a lot less time in the morning than last year.  I'm determined though to fit it in and increase my speed so that I can get to where I was...and even better!! 
Right now here is what my schedule is looking like:
Monday: morning kettlebells and afternoon run
Tuesday: Family fitness....we have been going on walks and runs(since mini chickie rides her bike and we basically need to chase her!)
Wednesday: morning kettlebells and afternoon run
Thursday: morning run (Starting to make friends again with my basement treadmill)
Friday: morning kettlebells and afternoon run
We haven't figured out how we are going to divide and conquer Saturdays with the girls soccer and both of us going to the gym yet.
Last week was sort of a "soft opening" to the school year and it went well.  I definitely need to get myself into the shower earlier because I was flying out the door.  More than anything though was the feeling I had at the gym....I felt like myself again!!!  I was so nervous to go back to the gym.  I wasn't nervous about the exercising....I was nervous about how I looked.  I know, I know but seriously!  Bellies are cute when you're pregnant...not 3 months later!  I know it isn't going to come off instantly but I will say that I am very self conscious....and avoid the giant mirrors at the gym!  I was glad I pushed myself to go felt great to sweat!!!
Not quite the schedule I had before...but I didn't have 3 kids before!!!  I know it will take some moving and tweaking in order for both my husband and I to get our workouts in...but like I said...I'm willing to keep trying until it works!! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Motivation...Coming Out of the Dark

Hello?  Anyone out there?  I feel like it has been a lifetime since the last time I posted.  I'm not sure if it is the whole back-to-school time or the fact that the little man is about 3 1/2 months old now, but I am starting to feel like I'm coming out of that new mom tunnel!  This past week I started back at the gym and I'm still trying to find time to get in some miles, but I am honestly feeling more and more like myself again!  Now to just get my outsides to match my insides!!  It doesn't matter if you are a mom or just plain busy, getting out and exercising whatever it may be is so necessary!!!  It is so easy to just continually push yourself to the side in order to meet everyone's needs...but you need to fill your own tank first!  I feel like the more I am moving and fueling right, the better mom/wife I can be!  Make that choice this it for you!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Motivation

I have been doing a lot of comparing other new the me from last other runners...and it has stolen joy each time.  I've never been one to "bounce right back" and this pregnancy is no different.  However I know I WILL get there!  I need to make the choice every day to try my best and one day I WILL be there!  Everyone's journey looks different...and so does mine!  It will be a challenge this week but I am putting my foot down on the caparison game...will you?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Motivation

Last week I was cleared to start exercising.  If I've learned anything from my last two pregnancies it's that I can't start back at the intensity that I was at before pregnancy.  Some people can but my body has made it clear that after 3 C-Sections I need to take my time and be patient...something I have a hard time with.  So I have a plan.  Before I start pile on all the miles, my plan is to keep my mileage low and work more on building muscle building a house.  You need to have a strong foundation first...this is evidenced by the fact that I hurt my back yesterday in church literally just coughing!!  I am so ready....ready to feel like myself again...ready to have my clothes fit again...ready to not feel like me walking around in a fat suit!  I'm ready and I have my plan!!  What goals are you working toward this week?  Make a plan and go get them!!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our Man

It's been a little over a month now and I am just now feeling like I am coming out of the haze that a new baby brings....well I'm almost out of the haze!!  I thought I would share the little man's birth story.

For me, this was a scheduled C-section due to the fact that I had had two previous C-sections and an abdominal surgery beforehand, so unfortunately there is no rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night here!  I did however a few days before think that I was in labor (cramping, back pains, etc) but no chance!  The good thing about a scheduled delivery is that we were able to solidify people to watch the girls and bring them to the hospital, and I was able to shower...and do my hair which is always a concern for us curly haired girls!!  As a side note we did have a little craziness on the way to the hospital when I realized that I had lost my wallet (with my ID and insurance card) at the movie theater the day before!!  Thankfully they held it and I was able to check in without all of it!

My biggest stress about the whole thing was actually having the C-section.  For some reason this time I was nervous.  I had a lot of family and friends praying for me which I can honestly say helped in a major way as evidenced by my steady and low heart rate during the procedure!  My husband commented that he thought his heart rate was higher than mine!  They prepped me...he came in...and then within a short amount of time we heard our little man's first cry!  Tears streamed down my face!!!  There is something magical about that moment to me...the baby who I had been talking to for the past 10 months was now talking to me!!  They brought him over and let me hold him!!!

From there they took my husband and the baby out of the room to finish up with me.  This was honestly the only time where I was nervous and honestly super uncomfortable.  This actually took over an hour!!  Because I had extensive scar tissue my doctor had to really pull and tug all over the place!  This ending up causing more pain for me than the actual C-section!  By the time I got back to my room my upper abs (from my belly button to my chest) KILLED and really was the source of all my pain in healing!

Due to the procedure I was in the hospital 4 days while my poor husband had to juggle the family at, softball, field trips, you name it!  By the time we hit 4 days I was READY to go home!

I want to be completely honest about the days that followed.  I don't do this to complain but instead to paint a realistic picture.  I feel like it can be so isolating living the "Facebook age" where everything looks perfect.  You often feel like you are the only one not holding it all together!  I had originally had the plan to breastfeed.  I had tried with my other two but was never successful long-term.  I was determined this time to make it work.  I managed fine in the hospital...when it was just little man and I.

When I got was mom of 3 time and for me that was a HUGE game changer!  I had support from my loving husband and also my awesome mom who came down for a week to help us with driving the kids and giving me support...I also had my awesome father-in-law who brought the girls home each day from school so I didn't have to make the 40 min drive every day!  However the thought that I was it...the only person who could feed the baby...the thought that the following week I was going to have my 4 very very active 4 year-old home with me...and the thought that I would never be able to leave the house again without having to have a plan became so overwhelming for me.  For two days I had panic attacks and chest pains over this and in the end I decided to stop and use formula.  I know so many rockstar moms who breastfeed and my hat goes off to them honestly but for me and my mental health I just couldn't.  He is fine...growing awesome...and I'm able to feed him and love on him and not feel so much anxiety!

Life with our little man is's crazy...and there are moments when I wonder if our life will ever not be a circus again, but we love him so much and can't imagine our circus without him!

The growing pains of growing our family will one day be behind us and we will have an amazing man added to our life!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Motivation

I am still waiting to get the green light to work out...but that's not keeping me from making goals!  A little fun fact is that I have worn the same dress on the first day of school for the past 7 years....the same black sleeveless dress with a ruffle down the front.  Well I tried it on yesterday and let's just say I wouldn't be caught dead in it right the zipper was not too happy with me!  So there it is...I have 2 months to keep the tradition going!  I figured I could spend the next two months wishing I fit into it, or I could do something about it.
Don't quit on a dream just because of can and will get there!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Motivation

Today marks just 1 day shy of 3 weeks since our little man came into this world!  For this mama it is time to start on my journey back.  However, the more I think about it....the climb back to where I was...I am switching my focus.  I don't want to just get back to where I was...I want to be stronger!!!  I have done this twice before...lost the my speed back...but this time I want speed AND strength!  Third times a charm right?!  I have another 3 weeks until I can really get moving again so for that time I am going to focus on my food.  Low carb/low sugar has always worked for my body and so that is where I am going to start.  Once I get running again I am going to add back some healthy carbs, but until then low carb it is!  I am going to be kind and mindful of the healing process...of my lack of sleep...but I WILL make it back and then some!!!
How will you make this week STRONG for you?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Motivation

Baby boy is scheduled to be here next baby yet but I can certainly feel my body slowing down as the day gets closer!  Yesterday a very timely Timehop picture came up from last year...before baby...before my midsection resembled more a globe than anything else.  It got me motivated...planning...thinking about what I want this "bounce back" to be about.  Yes I want to get back to running....the kind of running where I feel like I could do it forever.  Yes I want to fit back into my jeans again.  Yes I want to see those muscles again.  However it struck me yesterday that this is my last "bounce back".  This is the last time I will grow a tiny human inside me and watch my waistline grow to make room.  This is the last time doctors will perform surgery to take that tiny human out and snuggle him next to my face.  This time is will usher in a different phase of my life and my fitness.  So with that in mind I want to focus on the not only a smaller me but the healthiest me I can be for myself and my family.  Yes there will be finish lines...and scale and non-scale victories...but there will be balance.  More savoring...more soaking it in...more health...more believing in myself!  Believe in yourself this week...that you are capable of finding that balance...that health!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Motivation

Yesterday brought me lots of love from my family but it also brought me a bright reminder that I need to use my life as an example for my girls...on how to be to ENJOY to make choices that are going to help my body work the best it can.  I can talk to them until I am blue in the face, but if my choices don't match my actions they mean nothing!  What are you going to do today that matches what you say?  Are you going to choose the foods that are fuel over what you are craving?  Are you going to sweat because you love the way it makes you feel?  Remember there is always someone watching!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Motivation

This morning started with me rolling over (as well as I can roll these days), looking at my phone, and muttering, "Oh crap!".  I had failed to turn my alarm on and instead of waking up at 4am to get to the gym on time it was 5am!  I laid there for a few minutes weighing my options...I could go back to sleep and let my children wake me up in an hour....I could get up but skip the workout giving the whole I'm wicked pregnant excuse...or I could get dressed and go downstairs and use our basement "gym".  I picked the last option...and considering I have a full afternoon conducting an interview and just life, I'm so glad I picked it!  Each day brings the possibility to do something great for yourself...for your health!  Choose wisely!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


The beginning of this week felt like it was dragging but here we are again at Thursday!!  Here's your weekly dose of randomness!!

Softball Girl...Yesterday our oldest started playing softball.  It was her first practice of the year!
We have been practicing with her in the yard but of course this is much different.  It was very hard for me at the practice not to jump in and start helping out/coaching, but I promised my husband that I wouldn't get out on the know 9 months pregnant and all...details!  I have mentioned it on here before but I played softball for over 15 years through college.  My springs, summers, and even winters were all about teams, scouting, indoor teams...and I LOVED it!  It has been hard to not play!  I was excited when our daughter said she would like to play!  I thought she did great for her first time out there!  I did find myself making mental notes about drills we could do at home with her hitting and throwing...I couldn't help myself!  Rome wasn't built in a year and neither was Jennie Finch so I am trying to be a patient softball mom!!

I feel like if I show that I'm too excited then she may lose interest!  Maybe I'll just have her watch the College World Series with me coming up!!

Strength Training...Earlier this week I was listening to an AMR Podcast about the benefits of strength training for runners. It was an interview with Michelle Olsen and it was really interesting!
She gave a lot of tips on how to work in essential moves to help with stabalizing your body and to get the most benefit for your running.  I know that it is common for people to be either or...either they just run or they just lift.  I came into runner, especially distance running from a different angle.  As a teenager I ran to get in shape for the sports that I played.  Even soccer I played because it was fun but also to stay in shape for softball!  Running just to run was very foreign to me.  Additionally I lifted weights...especially help keep any injuries that I could possibly get away since all they say to catchers is how bad their knees are!  Thankfully my knees are good and my quads are too!  You can see then that when I started running just to run, that strength training was always present as well.  Even when I was training for Boston I still logged 3-4 days of strength training along with my miles.  As I get older and time is a premium, it obviously has become harder to ensure I get in strength training but I know I feel so much better when I do.  What do you do for strength training? 

Tired...Now that the weather is getting warmer and there are days when it isn't raining, we have been going out straight!  The girls come home and head directly out the door.  We've been at birthday parties and play dates.  We've been trying to do as much as we can as a family of 4 before we are a family of 5!  It has us feeling a little like this these days...
Last week mini-chickie passed out in the car multiple times which is rare for her....Miss I won't stop because I might miss something!  It has also led to some cranky ladies but I'm sure in a bit they will adjust to the increase in's at least making bedtime a lot easier!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Motivation

I love waking up on a Monday morning looking at a brand new month!  It just gives you that new slate to write your goals and own them!  This month around these parts hold a special significance because it is the month that we meet our little man!!  It's hard to believe that I will start this month as a mom of 2 and will end this month as a mom of 3!!!  It will be the end of my pregnancy and the beginning of my postpartum journey!  The mindset for this month...just keep moving!  Sound familiar?
 What is your focus this month?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

TTT...Around Here

Seeing as how I spent last week's vacation in radio silence on here (I do post most often on Instagram so head on over and follow along with the fun!), I thought I'd center my randomness for the week around our vacation from school.  This vacation week held particular sentimentality to me because it is the last one with just the chickies and I.  The next time that we have a school vacation, there will be a little man with us.  So the name of the game last week was to suck all the life out of vacation...and I think we successfully did!

Easter fun...I love when our April vacation nicely flows from Good Friday into the week, and this year it did just that.  It makes you feel like you have more options.  Easter started EARLY with our oldest waking up every hour starting around 3am! 

Once we agreed on an acceptable time (i.e. when we were convinced that our neighbors wouldn't mind hearing squealing and running girls), they were up and out looking for their eggs from the big bunny!  Then we headed to church....the girls picked their own dresses this year (eeeeek I don't like not having control!)
We then headed over to my in-laws house for lunch and playing fun!  It was a full day!

Marathon Monday...The next day we woke up bright and early to head to the marathon!!!  We watch in Framingham around mile 7 every year and I just LOVE it!!!  This year was HOT and super sunny!  I felt badly for the runners!  You never know what you're going to get from Mother Nature on race day in Boston...some years are wicked hot and sunny (there is ZERO shade along the course) while others are rainy and cold! 
I wouldn't say the girls love waiting for the runners to get to us but they like it once it has started!  Maybe one day I'll have a huge sign and be cheering for them!!  I was able to see a few friends (Michelle and Bethany) fly by but unfortunately I did not get to see everyone.  Next year I won't be so massively pregnant and I'll be able to stay longer!!!

The elite men flying by!
Homespun....Thankfully we were able to head down to my hometown to visit my family!  I love how much these girls love each other!!!
We filled our time with strolls (cold) around Newport, hiking out to a place called Hanging Rock (which I don't remember the hike out being quite as treacherous as it was the last time I did it), and visiting the baby goats and chicks!  The farm that my grandmother grew up on is still a functioning farm (and still in the family) and they have days when you can go snuggle the babies (they are also doing a night when you can go do yoga with the goats....sounds hilarious).  Usually the baby day is Sunday but they had a special vacation day.  I mean seriously how can you not smile at 30 baby goats and a dozen baby chicks just hanging out?! 
You could pick them up and hold them or park yourself on a hay stack and let them come to you!  They were super soft and cuddly!!!
Aubs was all about it but Em kept her distance...she had more fun feeding the older goats and horses!

We also hit up an aquarium in Mystic to round out our "go until you drop" vacation week!  The weekend left us tired (and mama was sore) but our memory buckets were certainly filled to the brim!  How do you like to spend vacations?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our Week With Blue Apron

Two weeks ago we were gifted a free week (thanks to my fabulous mama) of meals from Blue Apron.  The concept of meal kit delivery has always intrigued me and I honestly have always wanted to see what it was all about.  The problem for me always came down to picking one to try!!  Free always sounds good to me so Blue Apron it was! 

For those of you who aren't familiar, Blue Apron is a service that delivers a meal kit to you complete with just about everything possible you would need to make a meal and a step-by-step recipe to follow.  There was zero grocery shopping involved and you can choose from various meals on their site, along with the option for a family sized meal or one for 2.  I chose the meal-for-2 option knowing full well my children (one of which is SUPER picky) would not have eaten the meals listed for a family.  I chose three different meals and the whole kit was delivered on Saturday to our doorstep!  As I said before, this was a free kit for us but regularly it is $59.94 (or $69.92 for family). 
For me it was like a dream come true...meal shopping-DONE...Sunday afternoon food prep-DONE!  Bad blogger move though is that I posted most of my pictures on my Instagram Story so I don't have most of them!  Blogger fail!  Our meals were chicken under a brick with roasted veggies and potatoes, fontina stuffed pork chops, and a spinach and ricotta flatbread.  Day 1 I did the chicken....and quickly realized some things about myself one of which is that new recipes during the week STRESS ME OUT!  I didn't realize this about myself before!  Quickly my house was filled with smoke!  The meal tasted great (their sauces all week were awesome!) but boy did I look like a mess by the time I got everything onto the table! 
Day 2 were pork chops....this went much better!  Minimal smoke and a slightly easier recipe skill-wise to follow.  Again the sauce was delicious and they couldn't be easier since there is ZERO measuring because everything comes in tiny serving just dump it in!  Day 3 I have to admit I went off script!  I looked at the recipe for a flatbread pizza with spinach and ricotta cheese and knew that my very patient husband had had about his fill of this experiment!  So I made the sauce that came along with the kit (which again was fabulous) and made the pizza as a traditional one using the ingredients that came with the kit (minus the spinach-that was saved for our morning smoothies).  It turned out great and was really actually the easiest recipe of the kit. 

My thoughts....
  • The food really tasted amazing from start to finish...My mom made a different recipe when we were down visiting and it was amazing too!  The quality of the food that I got was great (with the exception of one pepper that was getting squishy) and having all the ingredients included and measured out was awesome.
  • The convenience of not having to meal plan, shop, and prep was awesome especially considering I scheduled it to come after we had had a busy weekend.  It was great knowing that I had everything I needed right there.  
  • I thought the price was right for us....we normally spend about that much for three meals anyway.  The added advantage was that I didn't have to buy whole bottles of spices and other things to just use a teaspoon so that saved in the budget department!
  • Ok now there are a few negatives....the biggest one for us was the portion sizes.  The plan was for 2 people but the portion sizes, especially the meats were very small.  I think that if this was improved upon we definitely would get it again, but once the meat cooked down there really wasn't much there.  
  • Skills....I am ok at chopping and what-not but the amount of chopping or other things took me much with two hungry chickies coming into the kitchen every 2 minutes while I make dinner to ask for a snack (please tell me my children are not the only ones who ask for a snack while I'm LITERALLY cooking dinner!!!) it made for a stressful situation.  Here I am trying to make sure I press down my chicken like a brick and they're rummaging through the cabinets!
  • Because of my children, I was making two meals every for them and then one from the kit.  Now this isn't all that much different from the norm (I know I need Super Nanny) but it did add to the craziness of the time!  
 Have you ever tried Blue Apron or another food kit delivery service before?  What were your thoughts?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Motivation

5 weeks out until baby boy is here....and this is really my mantra lately!  I have not hid the fact that this pregnancy has challenged me physically making it hard to move at the pace I really want to be moving, but I'm in the stage where it is all about continuing to move!  Really that is all we need to do...find what gets us moving and keep doing it!  Get creative...find what excites you...and just MOVE!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Motivation

I've always been a goal setter....a race time, a nutrition goal, organization goal...but lately I have gotten away from my usual goal setting focus and I've been missing it honestly!  Setting a goal doesn't always have to be hardcore...however I would love some hardcore goals right about now...but it is something that keeps you focused/motivated day after day!  With 6 weeks left, I decided to keep my goals week by week.  This week's goal is to get to the gym 4 days this week.  I have my workouts planned already and the first day is already done and conquered!  3 to go!

What goal do you have for this week?  How are you going to kick it in the face?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and I've been proctoring standardized tests all times here in Massachusetts...and so I thought some dishing about some of my favs lately would be about the right speed! 

THE FRIGGIN SUN!  Spring in New England...especially on Cape Cod...can be described in three words, gray, raw, and rainy!  Seriously it is crazy!  We go from Summer!  That is why I was so excited to step out my door this morning and to see the SUN!  It's's's warm....and it will be gone this afternoon so I am trying to get as much quality time with the big ball of gas before it hides behind a cloud again!!  Everyone has a little pep in their step this morning!  Amazing what a little sunshine will do!  What's Spring like in your neck of the woods?

Boston in Massachusetts and Patriots Day is more commonly known as Marathon Monday!!! 

I LOVE going to the race and cheering everyone on...looking for my friends each year...and cheering on the elites with my family!  This year is no different!  There are going to be so many amazing elites running it this year and so many of my friends towing the line that I am just giddy!  Next week expect lots of flashback posts to Boston!!!  Are you running Boston this year?  Let me know so I can keep an eye out!  I'll be the super pregnant lady cheering her head off!!

SmartyPants...So many women struggle to find just the right prenatal vitamin that is going to give them all the nutrients they need but doesn't upset their stomach or isn't giant sized.  I was so excited to find SmartyPants gummy vitamins!!
I had tried SmartyPants a while back before I was pregnant and honestly had to fight my children off since they thought I was eating candy every morning.  I thought of them when I needed to find a prenatal vitamin since they were so easy to take and tasted great.  The prenatals did not disappoint!  I can order them easily on Amazon and they are at my door in a day!  They aren't expensive and are so easy to take...even in the first trimester when my belly was not happy!  They have vitamins for everyone in the family!

Boy Shirts...Please don't get me wrong I love me all things glitter and pink, but I have been having so much fun finding boy shirts!  Seriously whoever said dressing a boy is not as fun didn't know about etsy or anything like that!  Here's the latest that I got the man on esty....
The biggest debate in our house is what style to put him in...on my side I love me some madras and preppy all the way while my husband loves superheroes and trucks!  We've been meeting in the middle...or rather just buying our own thing so he'll be styling no matter the day! 

Shop For Me...The latest trend in cooking is food meal kit services that send you everything you will need to make a meal from scratch.  You can really get anything that you could want from vegan to gluten free.  Even our favorite guy Tom Brady is in on it with his new meal kit on Purple can dress like TB12...sleep like him...and now eat like him!  This week my Mom, because she loves me and know the love/hate relationship I have with meal planning, gifted us a free box from Blue Apron.  I went online to order and it couldn't be easier! 
Saturday a box will be delivered to our door!  I am so wicked excited to not have to plan 3 meals next week!  I order meals for 2 since we have some picky little eaters in our house.  I will let you know how it is!  Have you done a meal kit delivery service before?

What are you loving lately??  Anything fun planned for this weekend?  I am so excited to head to RI tomorrow for a sprinkle for our little man!!!  My sister and mom are hosting and I am so excited!!!  It means so much!!!