Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Reality!

Last week was school vacation and while I am so thankful for having the week off I can't help but whine a little about having to come back. I think I was really meant to be a stay-at-home Mom but my reality is that I have to work...wah! I guess it's good I like my job and the perks are vacations!

I took a respite from bloggyland mostly because I was off my routine but also because I wanted to soak up all the time I could with Em! Her potty training started off strong but part of the way into the week she got sick of my game and so we veered off course. I'll try again soon! I had a GREAT week with her and I am sad it is over. The other day she gave me a big hug and said, "Happy Best Friends Day Mommy! You're my best friend!" Melt my heart!

Another perk of not working was that I was able to run....a lot! My goal was to hit 40 miles this week but I fell short but 1 measly mile....ugh! It was such a great feeling to be able to run without a time rushing! It was great and I was also able to register for my next half...New Bedford in March. Nothing like last minute but I have been training for it all along. Just haven't gotten permission from the hubs and paid the money! I am looking forward to seeing how I do with this race. I ran it many years ago when I was training for Boston. My time was well over 2 hours. I hope to keep it under 2 hours again to prove to myself that the race in October wasn't a fluke!

My last random point for the day is a little rant of sorts. Yesterday I went to the Hyannis Marathon to pick up my jacket that I earned running 3 half marathons in a series. Well I got there to pick up Jill and I's PREORDERED jackets to find that they didn't have our sizes! WHAT?!!! I put on my best "you're kidding right" face and said that I would email the director. Why ask my size when you aren't going to have it? This made me very annoyed! To lighten the blow Bondi Band was there and I was able to get a band for me and one for Jill (you're going to love it Jill!). I hope to find the jacket in my mailbox soon......grrrrr! Has this ever happened to you?

Well happy Monday all and I hope your weekend was well!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Vacation Style

This week is vacation week and you know what that means....complete randomness for Fancy Nancy! So here is my Three Things Thursday randomness!

1. Vacation week = more time outside = one happy Momma! Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment for a physical and so Em was more than happy to go to daycare. She could visit with her friends and get away from her crazy Mom who kept asking her every five minutes if she needed to use the potty! That meant a Tuesday 10 miler for moi! It was a wild a good way! The sun was shining really brightly and it was snowing! It made it look like glitter floating around! Very cool!! It was great to get in those miles...and outside to boot!

2. Cardio obsessed??? My hubby and I have been having this great debate over weights and running and we couldn't be on more opposite ends. If we were gym royalty he would be King Free Weights and I would be Queen Cardio. I used to love weights and I still do but I just can't stop thinking about I obsessed? Is that good?

3. The potty training is....well going. I have spent many hours sitting on our bathrooms floors and reading books as Em hangs out on the potty. She's gone twice which you would think would spur her on since she loves the M&Ms she gets....but well yesterday she started running away from me when I mentioned the potty. We are headed to RI for a few days so I can get my hair done and we can visit with the fam. I am hoping a little encouragement (pressure) from her super cool 7 year-old cousins will help her out.

Have a great Thursday!!! This weekend I get to go pick up my jacket for the half-marathon trilogy I did this past to come!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quote Day!

Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way. Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.

Julie Isphording, Marathon winner

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday meets Three Things Thursday!

Well I had all intention of putting up some super cute Valentine's Day pictures but after the girl went to bed I was so tired you could have blown me over with a faint wind! Ugh...and this morning was no better. I skipped my morning weights so my lazy butt could stay in bed! One thing I need to work on is the end of the week. I lose steam by Thursday! Ok so enough we go!

Yesterday was the first of three warmer days around here. By warmer I mean it was 39 degrees....PARTY TIME! Em and I quickly raced home, changed my clothes, and out the door we went! Em wanted to "play soccer" but really she wanted to run. I think she ran up and down our driveway 30 times! She would run down and go to the end of our dead end then back again yelling "Come on Mom!" I guess she likes to run....and had a lot of pent up energy! Today we are heading to the park because....wait for is going to be 45 degrees!!! Heat Wave!!!

While running is taking up a large part of my brain and overall life, another big contender for brain space is potty training. This week I have been gathering goods to start this coming week while I'm on vacation. Yes folks while my coworkers and sister are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere relaxing I will be watching my daughter sit on a potty for hours on end! Love!!! So for my 3 things I am going to show you what tricks I have gathered in hopes that she will catch on!

Exhibit A:
The potty seat! Yes we have for upstairs and one for downstairs....they are squishy for your tushy! Em picked them out at the store and has spent the last week walking around the house with them!!!

Exhibit B:
The bribes....I fully plan to add more to this pile but she loves her paper crown, her sunglasses, and what girl doesn't love chocolate! We have renamed this the potty crown!

Exhibit C:Getting help from Dora....and family! My Mom and sister sent this package of Dora loot for bribing...I mean rewarding Emma! Dora plates, napkins, band-aids, and undies!

We are so ready!!! Any pointers???

On a side note....did you know that they make Splenda with added fiber? I didn't realize that I needed that extra boost in my coffee if you know what I mean! Too bad I'm too cheep..rather frugal to buy a new box.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Get What You Need

I fully plan to do a "wordless Wednesday" post later today once I get home....we had so much fun with Em on Valentine's Day! Today two things have happened so far that have just made me think of that song...."You can't always get what you want....but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need!" Now I remember my college days piled into a very small bar belting out this song while a college band played on stage!!!.....anyway I digress!

The first thing was this morning at the gym. One of the women there were walking in behind me (there are only a few of us that open the gym) and asked me what marathon I ran (sticker on the car). I told her Boston and she shared with me that she ran it 3 years in a row with VERY small children! I shared with her that time right now is a rarity so I have been sticking to halfs. What really stuck with me was when we were going to our machines to begin she said to me, "Well whatever you do just keep running!" I go back and forth about the time running takes....back and forth with guilt for taking that much time for me....being selfish....this was what I needed to hear....thank you lady in the purple tank!

The second thing was here at work. Yesterday the custodian came by to congratulate me for being nominated for "Person of the Year". There is a big bulletin board with a write up and my pic on it! Well today I ventured down, our school is 1/4 mile long and my office is on the opposite side of the bulletin board, to see what it said. The student described me as smart and athletic. They went on to talk about my running and the amount of miles and races I have done. This and they said that I have achieved so much as such a young age (well thank you very much I will take that!). The biggest compliment they gave me though was they wrote, "Of all the teachers in our school I know I can go to her to talk about anything that is happening in my life and she will listen and care." I have been struggling lately with my decision to come work here this year. I have been missing my very needy refugee students. This statement was what I needed today to remind me that God's plan to have me here is perfect and I just need to trust!

I hope you get what you need today!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Yourself Challenge

Zoe over at Run Zoe Run started a challenge a few weeks ago where you had to put this cute little tatoo on your favorite body part and take a pic of it in a place that demonstrated where you were from. Well I chose my not for the creepy Rex Ryan reason but more in the "thanks for all you do" reason. I feel like my feet are really the unsung heroes of my body! You'll have to head over to Zoe's blog to check out my full write up but in essence my feet have taken me place I never dreamed I would go! All that and I'm not very nice to them. I stick them in heels, cleats, flip flops, and lots of running shoes with rarely a pedicure in sight! I just painted them for this pic but unless it's summer these babies are not painted! I took the picture at this beach that I found one day while getting my Dora the Explorer on during a run. It is a small slice of public beach nestled between mansions and the private beaches and docks that go with them. I love it there and can't wait to plop my beach chair down and make endless sand castles with Emma there this summer!! As I said to Zoe, it is essential for this 3rd-generation born and raised Newport, Rhode Island girl now living on Cape Cod to have a beach within walking distance from her house! This one is exactly 3 miles....I used the Garmin!

In other news....Happy Valentine's Day! I have a great time this morning leaving cheesy notes around the house for my hubby! I love being up early! Last night I got my Martha Stewart on and made these hair clips for Em and the girls at daycare....its just girls on Monday!

I found the idea on the blog Do They Have Salsa in China. It was super easy and so cute!!

I hope cupid treats you kindly today!!!

Sunday Snapshot

Yesterday I headed out for a glorious 10 miles....wait for it....OUTSIDE!!! The sun felt great and I was very happy to get in the 10 miles under 1:30!!! My last mile was in 8:12!! I felt great! I also ran by my favorite beach which I am convinced is there just for me...and the mansions that surround it! I can't wait for the summer so Em and I can be beach bums there!! I went back to the beach later to do a mini photo shoot for a challenge that Zoe over at Run, Zoe, Run is doing for V-day. I will post that tomorrow but here are some of the shots!

Can't wait for the day when I don't have to wear a down coat to the beach!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

That Crazy Groundhog May Be Right!

Well as any good elementary school teacher knows....Mr. Puxawhater Phil did not see his shadow. This means Spring will be here in less than 6 weeks. Looking at the thermometer today you would say....BOLOGNA! However, listening to the weather this morning it sounds like warm weather is on the way.....YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not sure about the rest of New England but this Fancy Nancy needs some good thawing out weather!!!

You know it's Friday when it feels as though your schedule is caving in on you! It all hit the fan today when I went running out the door so that I wouldn't be late for work. This is starting to be more of a common occurrence for me and I hate it! I spend my day rushing....until 8 when I crash. This weekend I am going to look at my schedule and what I need to do to see how I can streamline shouldn't be going by at break neck speeds!

Leaving you this Friday with a funny story about little Em. My hubby is a big golf fan and is itching to get out on a course. Well yesterday, while I was at Babies R Us buying every potty training tool they sold, he was buying Em a toy set of golf clubs with hopes of making her the next golf phenom. No sooner did I take it out of the packaging than she picked up an iron and ball and cheered, "It's baseball time!!!!" That's my girl! I played softball for 14 years and secretly hope Em will too!!! Maybe it's genetic!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday meets Three Things Thursday!

Yesterday I had a training all day which equaled a restless and a little grouchy Fancy Nancy. All that said I was unable to post my wordless Wednesday pic....

Here is my desk at the high school (I have 3 at each school...gets confusing!) These are my race bibs since I have started running with my very favorite girl Jill!!!! I hope to fill up my desk this year! It is a great conversation piece with my high schoolers!

For my three things I was reflecting today on my past with running. I was talking with Emma's daycare person and her husband (it is out of her house) about running a race and really encouraging them to do it. I love to get people into running and see them accomplishing things they never thought they could! This made me think of those in the past that I have gotten across finish lines that they never thought they could cross! (as a side note I am going to add pics to these when I get home from work so you'll have to visit back to see them!)

1. My first was a friend I had a long time ago. We used to do a lot at the gym together but she was not a runner. I got her to run a 6K with me...many laughs and swears later she crossed the finish line! We had a lot of fun training and less than a year later we completed the Boston Marathon!

2. Many years and a baby later my good friend Carrie had decided to run her first 5K. She lost over 100lbs and was ready to cross this off her list too and become a runner. I told her just trust me and I would get her across! I took her heart rate monitor (which by the way didn't work but I lied to her that it did) and let her know she was doing great! I was so proud of her as she crossed that finish line!!! Since then she has crossed MANY finish lines of 5k, 10k, halfs, as well as many triathlons!!!

3. The most recent person was my sister Amy! I posted about this earlier in November. My sister and I have a history of crossing finish lines of things with one of us pulling the other! We did the Breast Cancer 3 day many years ago and my poor sister finished with a stress fracture in her foot. I just kept telling her to stretch it out and there was no way she was going to take the van to the finish!!! Well this November she ran her first 5k and I couldn't be more proud of her!

I love getting people into running and I can't wait to see who I can help cross those finish lines this year....maybe my hubby I hope!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up (just a little late!)

I usually do my Monday post as I am settling into work in the morning but yesterday was a crazy one since I was being observed and evaluated. I was emailed on Friday that I was going to be observed on Monday morning so to say I was a little under the gun would be an understatement. To add to it I was with my high schoolers and they don't always show up when they should. I bribed...I mean asked them nicely to come and bring their A game. It worked...observation #3 more to go. I have been teaching for 10 years but when you move to a new district like I did this year, you start off from square one again and have to be evaluated 4 times a year for 3 years! I am certainly not as nervous as I used to be 10 years ago but it is always a little panic inducing!

The weekend was relaxing...although I did not get in the running that I wanted to...ugh! The big guy went to play indoor golf with his dad and brothers so Em and I had a girl's day complete with a trip to the craft store for V-day presents (something special for Daddy and supplies for super cute hair clips for her friends at daycare-I'll show pics if they don't come out like a 1st grader made them!), quality time with the playdoh, and racing in the living room (she always yells go after she is in full stride!) I only got in short miles this weekend on Saturday. Sunday I was going to run but I wanted to start strong Monday and knew this would be hard if I did a long run on Sunday.

I did pretty well last week getting in my 2 days of weights. I felt great after...lifting is always a good hurt I feel, like I can feel myself getting stronger. This week I want to work in lower body too. I have been reluctant because I am nervous it will make it harder to run but if I push through it I know it will work! Here is what this week looks like:

Monday: 5 miles am ladder workout
Tuesday: P90X am, 6miles pm
Wednesday: 6-7 miles am 3x1600 @ 8
Thursday: P90X am, 5 miles pm
Friday: 5 miles am
Saturday: 10-11 miles

If I follow this I will get at least 37 miles in which will be my most miles in a week ever. I am really pushing for it! I know if I just keep pushing my body it will adjust to it and hopefully transform!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


These crazy weeks with snow days and all that jazz for some reason makes me even more excited for Fridays. You would think that having short weeks like I have had would make the week fly by but this Type A scheduled girl craves a normal week! Here are some things I'm looking forward to now that it's Friday.....
  • Running outside....with time and daylight restraints my runs are usually done on the mill during the week. I LOVE running outside and can't wait to crank out many many miles this weekend OUTSIDE!!!
  • Getting Em out of bed...this is another weekend only event since I am out of the house before she wakes up during the week. I love going to get her out of bed....she has the craziest bed head!
  • Birthday dinner...not for me but for my father-in-law but I love a night out!
  • Time.....just time to do whatever and not have to worry about running out of it!
  • Putting this week behind has been a stressful week and one that hasn't ended so great running wise so I am very glad to hit the do over button!!!
What are happy for this weekend? TGIF!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday Thankful Style

I need to remind myself each day to enjoy and savor the good things in my life...the blessings that color every day! This Thursday is going thankful style!

1. There is just something like old friends that are like putting on an old worn-in a long needed hug! You know those people that you can call after months of being out of touch and it is like you never stopped! I am so thankful for friends like I know they are thinking of me even though we don't always talk.

2. Running....yeah I am well aware that this is a running blog so it goes without saying but I feel so blessed that I can run. I am reminded to be thankful on days when I am not feeling well and can't or when I read blogs about those of you who are injured. It is something that can go in an instant and so each day I can run I know is a blessing! Last night, thank you for your well wishes, I had a great speed run! I finished pouring with sweat and it was worth every drop!

3. Puxawhatever know Mr. Groundhog! Well what a great guy he is...he must have felt our pain because that little guy didn't see his shadow. Bring it on Spring!!!

Oh and tomorrow is Friday.....BRING IT!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you need?

Well today we were missed by the second part of a major storm...I guess it is the benefit of being hanging out over the ocean. Many times it is too warm to snow so instead it just rains...listening to the rain now I am so thankful that it is rain and not snow!

Yesterday I was home with Miss Em since she has been running a mystery fever. She was feeling much better but rules are rules so I stayed home. My Mom must have been doing the payback dance because Little Miss is a bear when she is sick...just like Mommy! Sorry Mom! Needless to say I was ready to dash out the door and go for a run!

Well I needed a run in the worst way. I needed to sweat out my life for at least an hour on the treadmill. Just run until my skin wasn't crawling! Well my body had other plans. My stomach began cramping around mile 1 and only got worse. I had to stop twice to keep the nausea down and ended up only getting in a shotty 4 miles and leaving me more discouraged than before. I knew what was causing the stomach malfunction and should have known that it was going to rear its ugly head when I didn't want it to! My body is like a stress thermometer...the more stress the more pissed it gets with me! What it doesn't understand is that if it would just cooperate and let me run a lot of the stress would melt away! Hopefully today will provide me with lots of melting miles!

What do you need to wash the stress away?