Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up (just a little late!)

I usually do my Monday post as I am settling into work in the morning but yesterday was a crazy one since I was being observed and evaluated. I was emailed on Friday that I was going to be observed on Monday morning so to say I was a little under the gun would be an understatement. To add to it I was with my high schoolers and they don't always show up when they should. I bribed...I mean asked them nicely to come and bring their A game. It worked...observation #3 done...one more to go. I have been teaching for 10 years but when you move to a new district like I did this year, you start off from square one again and have to be evaluated 4 times a year for 3 years! I am certainly not as nervous as I used to be 10 years ago but it is always a little panic inducing!

The weekend was relaxing...although I did not get in the running that I wanted to...ugh! The big guy went to play indoor golf with his dad and brothers so Em and I had a girl's day complete with a trip to the craft store for V-day presents (something special for Daddy and supplies for super cute hair clips for her friends at daycare-I'll show pics if they don't come out like a 1st grader made them!), quality time with the playdoh, and racing in the living room (she always yells go after she is in full stride!) I only got in short miles this weekend on Saturday. Sunday I was going to run but I wanted to start strong Monday and knew this would be hard if I did a long run on Sunday.

I did pretty well last week getting in my 2 days of weights. I felt great after...lifting is always a good hurt I feel, like I can feel myself getting stronger. This week I want to work in lower body too. I have been reluctant because I am nervous it will make it harder to run but if I push through it I know it will work! Here is what this week looks like:

Monday: 5 miles am ladder workout
Tuesday: P90X am, 6miles pm
Wednesday: 6-7 miles am 3x1600 @ 8
Thursday: P90X am, 5 miles pm
Friday: 5 miles am
Saturday: 10-11 miles
Sunday: sleep....rest....regroup!

If I follow this I will get at least 37 miles in which will be my most miles in a week ever. I am really pushing for it! I know if I just keep pushing my body it will adjust to it and hopefully transform!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!!!

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  1. this week looks great! what are the vday ideas.. I need to come up with one.