Thursday, March 31, 2016


It's Thursday my friends and you know what that means....a dose of randomness just for you!!

Germs be gone...As a teacher I am not one to fear germs.  I mean honestly my classroom is like one giant germ factory, but when it is my own children then that is another story.  Our girls have been sick for almost 2 weeks straight.  Nothing serious thankfully but enough to have us juggling days off and replenishing tissues multiple times.  I have reached the point today where I am ALL DONE...finished with germs!  Winter can go away and take all it's nasty germs with it!  See ya!  Every year I say it but do any of you have a go to to keep your kids healthy during this time of year?

Hat Trick anyone?...I had such a blast this past Fall going to Pennsylvania with Runner's World and Altra to run the Grand Slam at their Half and Festival.
I was super excited to see that they are having hosting a Hat Trick in Massachusetts this July!!!  The Runner's World Classic is going to be held in North Andover, MA from July 15th-17th and will be three races (5k, 10k, and half).  I tend to be a fragile flower in the summer and have trouble running in the heat but I may just have to suck it up for this one!  What about you?  Care to Hat Trick this summer?

A shirt....Over the weekend I got the most fabulous gift from my BRF Jill....
We had seen this shirt on the Sarah Marie Design Studio site and LOVED it!  They even let Jill put a sweet note on the receipt for me!  Take a look around their site.  They have some fabulous things!  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can sport this bad boy!  Maybe it'll work for Marathon Monday!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIAW...Feast Day!

I am on week 5 of the Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling program I have been doing with Amanda.  I honestly love this program and what I am learning about food and nutrition!  Now that I have several weeks under my belt I thought I would share what a typical feast day looks like for me. Just for background information, feast day comes before a 24 hour fast day (actually one of my favorite days) and you aim for about 25% more calories and at least 250 carbs.  One thing that this day is NOT is a cheat day.  I know that there are programs that have a cheat day built in, but for me it is like letting an alcoholic have one day a week to drink....I don't have the self control to stop.  For feast day we are eating a lot more (it was most difficult for me to eat all the carbs since I have spent many years being afraid of carbs!), but they are still whole foods and are also dairy and gluten free.

Feast day from breakfast until dinner looks pretty much the same every week....I look forward to some of the treats like oatmeal and sweet potatoes!

Breakfast...Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day because it comes after our full body workout.
I mean really all this food....and I'm losing inches!!  I always have gluten free oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas, Ezekial toast, and two eggs.  I also have coffee with coconut milk but I am thinking of phasing the coffee out of my life.  UGH!

Snack...If I get a little hungry before lunch since my breakfast is at 6am and my lunch is at 1:30pm, I snack on a handful of almonds, or if I'm home during feast day I'll blend up a green smoothie with protein and spinach!

Lunch....Bring on the sweet potato!  I have broccoli, ground turkey, and sweet potato!  I usually add in some fruit for a sweet!
Dinner...Dinner usually shifts around depending on when feast day falls.  On the menu today is meatballs with brown rice spaghetti...always a winner in our house!

The fast starts after I finish my dinner!  I usually feel like a bear getting ready for hibernation after feast day if I hit my macros but I have fast day to look forward to!

Do you do feasting and fasting?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Motivation

What a week it has been!  With germs that the chickies can't seem to shake we juggled sick days and holiday time all week....Amidst all the craziness of the week I stayed the course...head down plugging forward!  Today it was up and sprinting before the sun came up!!  I love starting the day with a workout...sets the tone of the week and gets my mind right!  Let's own this Monday...and this week!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Motivation

This past weekend this quote came to mind for me.  I was increasingly becoming short tempered with them as the day went on for one reason to another.  I decided what we all needed was some time outside walking in the woods.  Even packing ourselves into the car to drive to the end of our neighborhood was an effort of wills during which I'm sure I said things that I didn't mean.  We made our way through the woods to the pond in the center and as we stood there, I felt awful.  I quickly apologized to them and told them that wasn't the way to act towards others.  I have to remember they're always watching.  I also connected this to an upcoming group I am "coaching" at school.  I will have 3rd and 4th grade girls in a running group.  I want to make sure that I am reflecting for them  how strong women behave and carry themselves so that they will have that example.  It is encouraging to me....there are eyes all around but if we can be good examples just think of the people we are raising!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2 Words

Last week AMR posted the question on their Facebook page,
I fully understand that I am not that old...even though there are days when the creaky joints and lines around my eyes tell me differently...but I feel like I have really learned a lot over the years (whether or not I actually listen to what I've learned is something very different).

I thought a lot about this question and about my high school self.  On the outside I looked like I really had my shit together...I was vice president of my class, National Honor Society, two sport captain, involved in just about everything...however on the inside I was always afraid.  I was afraid that someone would think I wasn't enough...if I gained weight...if my clothes weren't just right...if I wasn't the best...then it would all crumble.  Now there were a few people (some I only saw once in a while and one was my best friend) who really knew me faults and all...and loved me just the same, but most people did not.  Now looking back and after seeing so much of the same behaviors in my high school students now, I'm sure we all felt that way to some degree.  It reminds me of the new Cinderella movie (I mean really I have two girls...everything I need to know about life has come from a princess movie) when she goes before the prince at the end of the movie and asks if he would love her just as she is.  We all at the heart of us want to be loved for just as we are....wrinkles and mistakes...but my younger self (and honestly my older self at times) are too afraid to take that step.  So after much thinking about my younger self and the question we had, I chose these two words...
You're enough
I would tell myself that I was enough.  No need to put up the perfection veil...I was enough.

What would you say to your younger self?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Motivation

The past two weekends I was able to see and run with my BRF Jill thanks to a class that I teach my alma mater!  Seriously I have said it before, there is just something about the road in front of you and your friend beside you that often times is just what you need!  Take time to reconnect with your friends...either running or just going for a walk this week!  There is just something about it that the soul needs at times!  Normally my Monday motivations are all about pushing limits and reaching new goals...but today I'm encouraging you to slow things down a bit and connect with those around you.  Then after go OWN that goal!

I wanted to also announce the winner of my BeFit giveaway!!  Congrats to Amy Evans!!  I sent you an email this morning!! Thank you all who entered!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday!

So there are weeks that crawl along at a snail's pace and others that fly by....this week was the latter.  I think that teaching all weekend and then Monday night as well makes for a short week.  No complaints here just suddenly realizing holy moly it's Friday!  Here are some things I have been loving on lately!!

BeFit....In case you missed it, I'm giving away a BeFit prize pack that you seriously don't want to miss out on!  I never pitch products that I don't honestly like myself, and these are no exception.  Just this morning I whipped up a great smoothie for my girls and I (once they hear the blender they come running) that was awesome!  They aren't huge breakfast eaters so if I can get some protein in them in the morning then I'm psyched!  Seriously don't miss out!!
SmartyPants...I will be honest and say that since I had our youngest, I have been bad about taking vitamins....Let's be really honest and say that I haven't taken them AT ALL since I had her!  Ooops!  I was excited to try out a new to me product, SmartyPants Vitamins.

They have vitamins for everyone in your house (the girls loved the samples of the kids vitamins).  I'm trying them out and so far so good!

Inspiration Station...So many of you each and every day inspire me to push my own limits and do amazing things.  I am seriously so blessed to have friends in real life and online that leave me in awe and fired up to do big things.  Someone I want to celebrate today is my friend Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders.  You may remember her from earlier this week as one of the crew I ran the Hyannis Half with.  Dani has been on this little run streak (I joke in saying little of course) and she reached day 500 this week!!!!

WHAT?!!!  That's right....she has run for 500+ days without one day off!!!!  I don't know if I could do that for that long but Dani has inspired the socks off me!!!

Need vs Want...I am almost 2 full weeks into the Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting program that I am doing with Amanda and I have to say that it is going really well!  I am really seeing some changes in my energy levels and the way that my clothes are fitting (we aren't allowed on the scale until the end).  I am working hard to trust the program and not try to "supplement" with my own workouts.  Yesterday was a challenge....mentally.  It had been a long day...starting off with the mini chickie going on a sleep strike all night...and I was gearing up to do the workout at 8pm.  I was half-way through and I started a mini-panic...when am I going to be able to run?  What if I lose all the fitness I had worked so hard for?  What about my miles?  It was a huge mental time for me and made me realize that there are times when I want to be out running and times when I need to run.  Running has certainly taken over me at certain times in my life...times when I need the release...times when I need the time...what I didn't realize was how much not running plays with my head.  I am trusting the process and no I did not hop on my treadmill....but it was a good time for me to learn about how to be me without all the miles.

The Boston Marathon....There's only 38 days until the Boston Marathon!!!!!  No I'm not running it but I LOVE this time of year in the city!!!  So many of my friends will be there running and I love going and cheering everyone on with my family!

It is such an amazing site to see everyone pushing their limits...realizing a dream...and having a blast!!  I never leave without tears in my eyes!!!  I can't wait!!!

What are you loving on today??

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are You Ready to #BeFitAllYear? *Giveaway*

I am always looking for great weight workouts to supplement my running as well as trying out different products out there to help improve my performance in the gym or on the road.  That's why I was so excited to partner up with BeFit for a campaign with Fit Approach this past month.

I have used fat burners and pre-workouts before but they left me jittery and at times with scary chest pains...not fun at all.  I was hesitant to try out the BeFit Pre Workout but the first day I did and sipped it on my way to the gym.  The results....fabulous!  I was not jittery at all and no other side effects!  I was excited to find something that I could drink for those early morning gym sessions when I'm lucky to get out of bed let alone make and drink some coffee!  I use it now every morning before I head to the gym or go out for a run and it is AWESOME!!  It doesn't even bother my stomach on long runs which has been something I have struggled with in the past!  The flavor is great and is so easy to take!  It is GMO and sugar free and really keeps me focus and energized throughout my workouts!
I take the BeFit Burn before my lunch each day.  I didn't want to take that in conjunction with the pre-workout so I decided to take it before lunch.  Again I was so excited that I didn't feel those awful side effects that can be common with fat burners!  I felt focused and energized but not so much that I was going at super speed.  I even was able to avoid the 3pm slump that sends me straight for the coffee pot!  It is GMO and Gluten free as well as Vegan, and also includes a probiotic which I always need!

What's a muscle without some great protein?  Nothing!  Which is why it was great to try out the third product I received from BeFit, Vanilla BeFit Whey.  It comes in vanilla and chocolate but I liked the vanilla so that I could have an option to mix in many different flavors.  It tasted delicious and it was even chickie approved!
I found myself having to make double batches so that the girls could have some too.  Bonus is that they got the added protein for breakfast without any of the side effects that sometimes protein powders have.  
I was also given a workout calendar that went along with the BeFit YouTube channel for a full month of workouts.

I love having the option to have an awesome workout at home if my schedule gets crazy or the kids are up early.  I also love getting different workout ideas!  These videos were great!  Each one was about 15-20 minutes long depending and often times I doubled up the workout doing the video twice through.  Boy did they have me sore the next day!  They are easy to follow videos and require very little equipment.  A perfect fit if you are looking to get in a great workout at home...or write it down and take it with you to the gym!  The channel is free so even better!!!

Because I learned all I need to know in life in elementary school, I know that sharing is caring!  You have a chance to win a fabulous prize package from BeFit all for yourself that includes the three new BeFit products BeFit Whey, BeFit Burn, and BeFit Pre workout.  Just enter below!  The giveaway is open until Friday March 11th!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I was given three new products from BeFit as part of a campaign with FitApproach but all of the opinions expressed are 100% mine!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Motivation

If you're anything like me, you have a full arsenal of excuses ready to go at any time, but as we all know those excuses will never get us closer to our goals!  This morning I woke up....hit the snooze...and blissfully went back to sleep waking up 30 minutes after I needed to leave for the gym.  I had sprints on my schedule and knew I didn't have time tonight to get them done....the excuses started flowing but I tore myself out of bed and downstairs to our treadmill.  About 5 minutes in I felt awesome....thankful I didn't let the excuses win!!!  Get up and get it done today!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hyannis Half Marathon Race Report

This weekend I was excited to run the Hyannis Half Marathon in Hyannis, MA with Dani and friends!  This is a huge event on the Cape and was excited to join many of my friends from running group around town!  The last time I ran this race was 6 years ago with Jill when we were starting the trilogy.
We lucked out that year with the weather (February on Cape can be dicey) and the weather was kind again on Sunday.  Honestly speaking the hardest decision was deciding what to wear!  If the race was inland, I would have worn less but I knew that it hugged the ocean a lot of the time so I added another layer just in case that ocean breeze was cold.  Speaking of layers, this year the director FINALLY had nice shirts (these have been not super in the past)...we're talking long-sleeved tech shirts!!
The benefit of a local race is that I left my house and got to the starting line in 10 minutes.  I met up with Dani and co and we waited a while chatting in the car at the start line.  Soon enough it was time to start and we simply walked out the car and onto the road....gotta love local races!

The starting line filled up quickly since the marathon, half marathon, relay and 10k all start at the same time but people seeded themselves well since there was only minimal bobbing and weaving throughout.  The plan was to have fun...stop when someone needed a break and selfie the daylights out of the race!  Dani is a pro at the selfie and it was so much fun being a part.  I however quickly learned that this crew (while they SAID oh I'm so slow) are in fact quite speedy!  Like their slow was my pace!  I was thankful for breaks here and there since I definitely didn't train to pr the course.  The race was going really with minions...seeing lots and lots of friends out on the course...laughing at people that shall remain anonymous....having a good time!
All of a sudden for me I started to struggle around mile 12.5....I admittedly SUCK at finishing strong! I pushed as much as I could but had to stop for a quick walk before pushing to the end.  I was so thankful that Dani stayed with me and pushed me along.  We were both headed for our 36th half marathon finish line and it was special to do it together!
Official finish time was longer since I stopped my watch for the bathroom break, but even with all our selfies and walking breaks we did great!  I was thankful to be out there on such an awesome day having fun!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Motivation...a Day Late

Hi there!!  Sorry for the delay....a storm of a busy schedule and cranky internet (how is it that in 2016 we are still dealing with cranky internet?) kept me from posting yesterday!  Have no fear!  Here is your motivation for this week!!!  Stay tuned for a great week packed with a race report and a giveaway!

So yesterday I started on at least a 6 week journey in carb cycling and fasting.  I would say everything about this scares me a little and makes me really excited!!!  After years and years of running ALL the miles and cutting all the calories, I feel like I've pissed my body off really good!  It's way to get back at me is to hold on to ALL the fat especially around my times!  I've taken the leap under the care of Amanda and I'm sticking to the plan she has laid out for us....even though it makes me scared!  I dabbled a bit in this with Laura in January and now I'm taking it even further!  I will be running less....even writing that gives me hives....but leaning out!  I am excited to see where I can go with this!  After I'm hoping to find a better balance for me and my body!  So yes this scares me....but isn't that first leap the scary one that keeps you coming back for more?  Let's embrace the butterflies in the stomach and do things that add life to our years!!