Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hyannis Half Marathon Race Report

This weekend I was excited to run the Hyannis Half Marathon in Hyannis, MA with Dani and friends!  This is a huge event on the Cape and was excited to join many of my friends from running group around town!  The last time I ran this race was 6 years ago with Jill when we were starting the trilogy.
We lucked out that year with the weather (February on Cape can be dicey) and the weather was kind again on Sunday.  Honestly speaking the hardest decision was deciding what to wear!  If the race was inland, I would have worn less but I knew that it hugged the ocean a lot of the time so I added another layer just in case that ocean breeze was cold.  Speaking of layers, this year the director FINALLY had nice shirts (these have been not super in the past)...we're talking long-sleeved tech shirts!!
The benefit of a local race is that I left my house and got to the starting line in 10 minutes.  I met up with Dani and co and we waited a while chatting in the car at the start line.  Soon enough it was time to start and we simply walked out the car and onto the road....gotta love local races!

The starting line filled up quickly since the marathon, half marathon, relay and 10k all start at the same time but people seeded themselves well since there was only minimal bobbing and weaving throughout.  The plan was to have fun...stop when someone needed a break and selfie the daylights out of the race!  Dani is a pro at the selfie and it was so much fun being a part.  I however quickly learned that this crew (while they SAID oh I'm so slow) are in fact quite speedy!  Like their slow was my pace!  I was thankful for breaks here and there since I definitely didn't train to pr the course.  The race was going really with minions...seeing lots and lots of friends out on the course...laughing at people that shall remain anonymous....having a good time!
All of a sudden for me I started to struggle around mile 12.5....I admittedly SUCK at finishing strong! I pushed as much as I could but had to stop for a quick walk before pushing to the end.  I was so thankful that Dani stayed with me and pushed me along.  We were both headed for our 36th half marathon finish line and it was special to do it together!
Official finish time was longer since I stopped my watch for the bathroom break, but even with all our selfies and walking breaks we did great!  I was thankful to be out there on such an awesome day having fun!!


  1. Congratulations!!! And I love that you were able to run this with Dani which is basically like a 13 mile party :-) I'm so sad I couldn't run it this year but really hope to next year!! Great job my friend and just glad you had FUN!!

  2. I've tried to keep up with you ladies before. The struggle is real!! Looks like a beautiful day to run on the Cape. Hope to see you in August!!