Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday!

So there are weeks that crawl along at a snail's pace and others that fly by....this week was the latter.  I think that teaching all weekend and then Monday night as well makes for a short week.  No complaints here just suddenly realizing holy moly it's Friday!  Here are some things I have been loving on lately!!

BeFit....In case you missed it, I'm giving away a BeFit prize pack that you seriously don't want to miss out on!  I never pitch products that I don't honestly like myself, and these are no exception.  Just this morning I whipped up a great smoothie for my girls and I (once they hear the blender they come running) that was awesome!  They aren't huge breakfast eaters so if I can get some protein in them in the morning then I'm psyched!  Seriously don't miss out!!
SmartyPants...I will be honest and say that since I had our youngest, I have been bad about taking vitamins....Let's be really honest and say that I haven't taken them AT ALL since I had her!  Ooops!  I was excited to try out a new to me product, SmartyPants Vitamins.

They have vitamins for everyone in your house (the girls loved the samples of the kids vitamins).  I'm trying them out and so far so good!

Inspiration Station...So many of you each and every day inspire me to push my own limits and do amazing things.  I am seriously so blessed to have friends in real life and online that leave me in awe and fired up to do big things.  Someone I want to celebrate today is my friend Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders.  You may remember her from earlier this week as one of the crew I ran the Hyannis Half with.  Dani has been on this little run streak (I joke in saying little of course) and she reached day 500 this week!!!!

WHAT?!!!  That's right....she has run for 500+ days without one day off!!!!  I don't know if I could do that for that long but Dani has inspired the socks off me!!!

Need vs Want...I am almost 2 full weeks into the Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting program that I am doing with Amanda and I have to say that it is going really well!  I am really seeing some changes in my energy levels and the way that my clothes are fitting (we aren't allowed on the scale until the end).  I am working hard to trust the program and not try to "supplement" with my own workouts.  Yesterday was a challenge....mentally.  It had been a long day...starting off with the mini chickie going on a sleep strike all night...and I was gearing up to do the workout at 8pm.  I was half-way through and I started a mini-panic...when am I going to be able to run?  What if I lose all the fitness I had worked so hard for?  What about my miles?  It was a huge mental time for me and made me realize that there are times when I want to be out running and times when I need to run.  Running has certainly taken over me at certain times in my life...times when I need the release...times when I need the time...what I didn't realize was how much not running plays with my head.  I am trusting the process and no I did not hop on my treadmill....but it was a good time for me to learn about how to be me without all the miles.

The Boston Marathon....There's only 38 days until the Boston Marathon!!!!!  No I'm not running it but I LOVE this time of year in the city!!!  So many of my friends will be there running and I love going and cheering everyone on with my family!

It is such an amazing site to see everyone pushing their limits...realizing a dream...and having a blast!!  I never leave without tears in my eyes!!!  I can't wait!!!

What are you loving on today??


  1. That Dani is so inspiring! Awesome list. I am not running Boston either but I love this time of year too!

  2. I love watching the Boston Marathon on TV and cheering my friends on who are running in it. Such an honor to those who can! I would never qualify, I'm too slow, and that's ok.