Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2 Words

Last week AMR posted the question on their Facebook page,
I fully understand that I am not that old...even though there are days when the creaky joints and lines around my eyes tell me differently...but I feel like I have really learned a lot over the years (whether or not I actually listen to what I've learned is something very different).

I thought a lot about this question and about my high school self.  On the outside I looked like I really had my shit together...I was vice president of my class, National Honor Society, two sport captain, involved in just about everything...however on the inside I was always afraid.  I was afraid that someone would think I wasn't enough...if I gained weight...if my clothes weren't just right...if I wasn't the best...then it would all crumble.  Now there were a few people (some I only saw once in a while and one was my best friend) who really knew me faults and all...and loved me just the same, but most people did not.  Now looking back and after seeing so much of the same behaviors in my high school students now, I'm sure we all felt that way to some degree.  It reminds me of the new Cinderella movie (I mean really I have two girls...everything I need to know about life has come from a princess movie) when she goes before the prince at the end of the movie and asks if he would love her just as she is.  We all at the heart of us want to be loved for just as we are....wrinkles and mistakes...but my younger self (and honestly my older self at times) are too afraid to take that step.  So after much thinking about my younger self and the question we had, I chose these two words...
You're enough
I would tell myself that I was enough.  No need to put up the perfection veil...I was enough.

What would you say to your younger self?

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