Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Talk to me Tuesday...Putting your Gameface On!

 There are so many game time traditions that professional athletes out there adhere to...for example:
Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics eats a PB&J sandwich exactly 55 minutes before game time...
Football player Brian Urlacher gets his Cookie Monster on just before kick off by eating 2 chocolate chip cookies...
Tiger Woods (that's for you honey) gets down to business on Sundays by putting on a red shirt....
Stephane Lebeau for all you NHL fans chews 20-25 pieces of gum and proceeds to spit it out 2 minutes before the puck is dropped.

When I was growing up I had all sorts of pregame superstitions...I used to eat a roast beef sandwich when I was young before every travel softball game swearing it helped me hit the ball harder...I put my uniforms on the same way every. single. game...but the one tradition that stuck with me most of my softball days was my Pippi braids!
 They began as a way to keep my super thick hair from getting all knotted under my catcher's helmet as well as a way to keep my neck cool during those scorching summer games, however as I grew older (and started doing the braids myself) it became more of a time for me to dial in and prepare for game time!  It was my way of putting my game face on!

Well...the braids are making a comeback these days. It started as a way to keep me looking like an alien head with my thick hair tucked under a winter hat...and has now become my pre-run tradition...a way for me to focus and dial in to the task ahead of me.  Each day it is getting easier and I can walk a little bit better the next day but it is still a battle.  For now I'll braid my braids and put my game face on!
How do you put your game face on???

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Motivation

There are days...far too often to count lately...that my body is telling me to PUT ON THE BRAKES SISTAH!!  But no way!  I'm not listening!!!  I will keep pushing my body's limits until I reach that carrot...that half marathon is mine!
Tell your mind to SHUT IT and let your will take over!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Friday...belVita Breakfast Biscuits

I've written here before about the schedule that I keep between working full time, being a wife and mom, and whipping my bootie back into shape!  Normally I have my monstrous Green Monster smoothie waiting for me to gulp down between my workout and my shower, but as is with everything else in life...things usually don't go according to plan.  I was so excited to learn about belVita Breakfast Biscuits and add them to my grab and go options for a healthy breakfast! 
I was even more excited since they are not only a good quick option for me but my SUPER DUPER picky toddler loved them too!  Score!!  Not only are they great tasting but they are a great way to help you meet your daily whole grains with 18-20 grams in each package!  They are designed to give you energy all morning...something both my daughter and I need!  Here's the skinny on these babies....
  • They come in 6 flavors: Blueberry, Golden Oat, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Chocolate, and Apple Cinnamon.  My favorite was definitely the blueberry but Em of course favorited the Chocolate!
  • They are sold in the cookie/cracker isle of the grocery store and retail for $3.69 a box (each box has 5 packages containing 4 biscuits)
  • Combine with your favorite Greek yogurt and some fruit to make this a healthy and quick breakfast!  They were a blessing on those days when I was trying to squeak out just one more mile before  work!!  I even combined them once with my favorite smoothie!
belVita is hosting a All-Morning Challenge right now on their site where you can enter to win free belVita and/or even $100!  Check it out!!

Fitfluential LLC Compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday...Shame, Pats Nation, and Paying Respect

Yes I realize that the Pats are not going to the "Big Dance" but I wanted to dedicate two of this week's three things to all things Pats Nation before it goes to bed for a long winter's nap!

Miles of Shame...Last week, Pavement Runner and NYC Running Mama posed a wager for runners to put their miles where their mouth is.  Of course I joined in!  I mean really what are the odds of it happening twice that I would have to run?!  Perhaps you remember last year's shameful miles....
Saturday I headed out for my long run confident that Tom Terrific was going to lead us to the winner's circle,
and then preceded to watch the team go down in flames....15 miles of shame for me!!!  At least last year they only burned me for 4 miles!

Pats Nation...I would say of all the New England sports there is, we are probably the biggest Pats fans.  I say that and then my mind drifts to the fact that pitchers and catchers report in just 21 days!!  Either way, our daughter knows Tom Brady before many princesses....well most of the time...so it is no surprise that she is a big member of Pats Nation!

Paying Respect...This weekend's run was the final 10 miles of my Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this post on Saturday afternoon...
 My lungs burned..my legs were tired but I had my girls to come home to...This week's miles were for those who no longer do! #sandyhookmemorialhalf
Last week we practiced lock downs in all the schools...a chilling reminder of what could happen even in sleepy New England towns.  I am so thankful for my family and there are days when I am walking the halls of school that I am overcome by the pain that the families and teachers in Newtown must feel.  Babies becoming angels far too soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Some days I'm pretty cranky getting up so early and driving to school before what feels like the rest of the world is awake...but then again I would miss scenes like this....

I also wanted to send this information on to you about a virtual run of support on Friday, January 25th.  Children suffering with illnesses always breaks my heart and so on Friday I will be wearing orange and running for Colton...Head on over to Livin the Fit Life for more details.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

If I could just chop off my leg...

...and replace it with a new one I would be golden!!!

That was the thought running through my head yesterday during my run!  I have a funky thing going on from about right above my bum in the back and tightens up my hip and down to my knee.  Yesterday, during an easy 3 miler, it was actually preventing me from having a full stride!  This is no new problem for me...I had a massage on the docket...oh...well...a year ago...and then I found out I was pregnant!  Ooops!  Massage forgotten but apparently not my "injury".  No I'm refusing to call it an injury...it's purely a hiccup...if I ignore it then it'll go away right?
Webmd was a ton of help...based on my symptoms it could be anything from a muscle strain to kidney failure (yeah not so much!)  I'm trying not to be...
but my heart is telling me to run...run...run!  I was just starting to feel like I was getting back to it!  I rocked my 10 miler on Saturday (probably the cause of the pain) and I was feeling confident that the 1/2 marathon in March was mine!  I'm not counting myself out....I am going to schedule that massage and foam roll until we are friends again!  Tonight I will go easy on myself and not push it too hard!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Motivation

After receiving some of the messages that I did on my birthday, I began to realize even more that this journey is not one I am taking alone!  This journey...this forming of my body and life habits...has some spectators...and so does yours!  My rises and falls...triumphs and failures are out there as are my choices...I choose to be inspiring.....
what about you?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fitness Friday....Best Body Bootcamp Week 2

Well week 2 is just about coming to a close and Ms. Tina Reale has yet to not hand me my @ss with these workouts!  This week was similar to last but just bumped up a notch with intensity.  I've made some changes with my half marathon training and eating so that I am not so exhausted ALL. THE. TIME!  I was starting to feel like I was not only mentally worn but with all this flu going around, I was making myself a prime target for the flu's next victim!  It's one thing to work hard...it's another to be stupid and be laid up in bed for a week!  Here are some reflections from this past week:
  • No idea if there has been any pounds lost because my scale is being cranky and not working.  Could be that it Em thinks it's a trampoline or that the batteries are on the way out...it's really a toss-up.  I will work on that one though!
  • I am feeling stronger and getting closer (very important descriptor there....closer) to feeling like my old self.  I'm aiming high though...not just to feel like my old self but an even BETTER version!
  • I am still on the hunt for higher weights...I went to Target and they stopped at 12lbs.  This weekend I'll probably head over to Sports Authority for some. 
  • Some of the days' workouts are just cardio and so I am counting that as a run for my training as well.  Last week I was running twice a day...and apparently begging for an injury!  This has helped a lot physically and mentally!
  • I've hit my goals too of tracking my meals and drinking at least 100oz of water a day...Like I said yesterday, I am testing the Paleo Kool-Aid and I'm really liking it thus far.  I will be honest here and say though that I had cake on my birthday (I know...calories don't count on your birthday).  I am planning after this weekend to really take a chunk of time to test it out.  I'll keep you posted!
On tap for today is our last weight workout tonight(woke up to a blanket of white but no school delay so I had to get out the door much earlier).  Tomorrow is my long run (10 miler) and the longest run I've had since I was about 25 weeks pregnant so I am taking it slow.
What's on your fitness tap for this weekend?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Oh yeah it's Thursday once again!  Time for your dose of random thoughts from Fancy Nancy!  A huge thanks to you all for the birthday wishes!  I celebrated with my family and this weekend the hubby and I are going out!

Home Gym Benefits...There are many benefits to having a home gym...you can work out whenever you want...you can work out when your children are nestled snug in their beds...you can jam out to your favorite music and no one has to know it's Jock Jams!!  This week I have noticed some added benefits.  You can exercise in whatever get-up you choose...your home gym is truly a "Judgement Free Zone" especially when it is in the basement!  You don't have to worry about looking bad (i.e. makeup streaming down your face or bed head galore)!  You can roll out of bed and onto the treadmill in 2 minutes flat...don't do that though since it could make for an interesting warm-up!  Do you work out at home?  Any hidden benefits you notice?

Aubrey Update..We went to a specialist yesterday and it is looking like surgery for her eye is the best option.  We will be working with a team of doctors including a plastic surgeon and a vascular abnormality specialist at Children's.  While is scares the daylights out of me I know two things are true...we will be at the best hospital in the country and most importantly God is on His throne and is thankfully in control!  It's frustrating to be back at work when all I want to do is hold her and take care of her.  I'm thankful her dad rocks and he is so great at being a dad!!

Paleo Shmaleo...So I've been very intrigued by Paleo eating lately...probably because everyone and their mother is eating that way right now...but this week I have tried to loosely follow the principles of it.  The challenge really for me isn't cutting out the grains and such (although is carrot cake a grain because it was my birthday!).  Really the challenge has been dairy which is surprising to me.  To me though it is not much different, minus the dairy, than how I used to eat before...you know before I was pregnant and told myself to enjoy this time!  So I'm wondering...am I missing something?  Is this just the same diet that continues to circulate just with a different name?  Either way I am on track and am going to have to spend some quality time with Pinterest this weekend to get some dinner ideas.  Any suggestions...please pass them on!  Like anything else it is all about prep and having healthy choices ready. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday...Birthday Time

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday...yikes how did that happen?!!!  Since I turned 30, I have noticed a propensity to trying to ignore my birthday...on one hand I want my loved ones to have a huge celebration but this year I was just feeling....old.  I know pity party for one!!  Well getting home to my girls and husband the pity party ended!!  Em had decided to make me heart shaped cookies and a card.  My hubby had gone to get everything and even my favorite cake!  Facebook messages flooded in and it felt great to be so loved!!!  Some of the best comments were from unexpected places...places that reminded me that in the day to day grind of getting back into and staying in shape I need to remember to look up and see that I'm helping others...inspiring others.  So once all the family celebration was done and the girls were tucked into bed (well one at least) I headed down into my basement and had a celebration of life...of how far I've come in just 3 short months...and how far I've come in 34 years...to the place where I am meant to be (wrinkles and stretch marks included!!!)
3.4 miles for 34 years...complete with balloons

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Motivation

I figured this was fitting not only because so many are returning home after their WDW Marathon or Half Marathon or Goofy Challenge...home with their shiny new medals hanging around their necks...but also because we have just started the new year and with that dreams breathed out for all to hear.  My dream this year (aside from my family being amazing and healthy) is to cross the finish line of a marathon with confidence...not limping over knowing I could have given more (how I felt after running Boston).  This dream scares the ever loving daylights out of me but I'm digging up the courage and I'm going for it!!!
Do you have the courage to REALLY pursue your dreams?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday...Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

These next 8 weeks....
I joined Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp for the next 8 weeks and this past week was my first.  Like I explained yesterday, I am running myself a little ragged with 2-a-days but I figured it was the best way for me to get results quickly...plus I am able to fit in weights and cardio in one day without taking 2 hours at a clip away from my family.  I'm following the training plan from "Train Like a Mother" for my upcoming half marathon for my running but I was so excited to start in with Tina's Bootcamp this week!

To start the process and to give myself a way to measure my progress besides what it says on the scale, I took before pictures which I am not really comfortable showing just yet...I just keep telling myself they'll make amazing before pictures!!!  Tina also had us do a fit test with several different areas.  I was not surprised to find out that my core was my weakest part of my body...then again I have always bit the big one when it comes to planks!  I set two additional goals to track my food each day for the week and to drink at least 80oz of water. 

Week one is done (except my long run tomorrow which I'm hoping my BRF will want to join me in the wee hours of the morning so I can get it in before I teach my course all day...hint hint!) and here is my thoughts so far...
  • Boy do I need to work on my core!!!  I love that she incorporates core work in each workout! As much as I am so not friends with the plank I am looking forward to getting better.  Maybe one day I'll be able to do those crazy 4 minute planks like I see all over!
  • By the end of the workouts I am toast and I love it!!!  The days we do weights we are working it in intervals.  I have been trying to really push my pace on the cardio portions of these and I'm hoping it will pay off!
  • I need to bump up the weights.  I have my 10lb dumbbells but I definitely need to get at least 15lb ones.  Carrying around the baby and the carrier and 9000 bags is making my arms very strong (which is great knowing that once this body fat is gone I'm going to have jacked arms!!!
  • I'm loving the interval workouts!!  They kick my butt but they are awesome!!
  • I'm wondering if I can keep this intensity for the whole 8 weeks...2-a-days don't usually last 8 weeks so I am going to have to listen to my body on this one!  I'm icing a lot and making sure I am listening to my body
  • So far I am down 2lbs...so 6lbs since January 1st!!  Oh yeah I can see those gloves on my hands now!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday

It's been a while since I have done an edition of Three Things Thursday and I honest am having a hard time finding just three random things to talk about...but I will do my best!

Worn....This first full week back to work is honestly kicking my butt!!  I don't know how I did it before but wowzer I'm worn!  I get up at 4am (today I totally slept right through my alarm...ugh!) to run in the basement for as long as I can before I fly upstairs to take the world's fastest shower.  Then I throw my clothes on (not too much to choose from in the closet lately) and out the door I go!  At the tail end of the day, after the girls go to bed, I am back to my basement for my Best Body Bootcamp workouts (which I LOVE...tune in tomorrow for details) and then I crash into bed!  Seriously if that scale doesn't move this week you will see me dropping it off the top of the Bourne Bridge!
Perspective...Yesterday our sweet Aub went to a specialist about a lump in the corner of her eye.  We have been talking with our pediatrician about it for weeks but they thought it was a blocked duct....well it is now diagnosed as a hemangioma.  Don't google it...trust me those pictures are far worse than hers and if your like me it will freak you the F out!  Either way they are sending us to Boston for a course of action so that we can make sure it doesn't effect her eyesight.  I was so thankful to have my friend Cindy to talk to and breathe relief and details to me about it.  Her son had one as well when he was born.  At the end of the day, I know that I need to have perspective on this.  I have so many friends who's load to bear with their children's illnesses are far heavier than this.  It gave me a whole other level of respect for them and what they do each day.  This is so minor in comparison and they handle it so gracefully.

Race race baby...I'm closing in on a finalize schedule for this year for my 13 in 2013. 
I still have yet to solve the race pamphlet mystery!  All the people I work with that I thought would have put it there have said nothing.  I was already going to sign up for one of the races (I ran it last year to celebrate being 20 weeks pregnant!) and the other one I am working at the expo for ZOOMA (which can I tell you am SOOO excited for!).  I would love to run that one too but I just don't think I'll be in half mary shape in just 4 weeks even though I am well on my way!  I'll add a tab here on what my races I'm hoping to do this year and maybe I'll see one of you out there!!  There are so many awesome virtual runs out there too and keep your eyes pealed this Spring because yours truly may be hosting one of her own!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not be sure to head on over to lilfancynancy), you saw the little random present that was left on my windshield yesterday at work....
Perhaps someone is trying to send me a message since it I was the only car with them!  Like my BRF said, "Too bad they didn't leave the registration money with it!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chase the Carrot...Rewarding Success

As a teacher, I am always trying to instill in my students the idea of intrinsic motivation...motivation to try their best, do their homework, and study for simply the satisfaction of doing a good job.  However, I know reality is much different and a homework prize sitting in a decorated box is much more motivating. 

Then I began to look at myself and what motivates me.  Of course I love the feeling of being healthy and knowing I am living a fit life, but that "carrot" dangling gets me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning.
A faster mile...longer plank...pounds lost...skinny jeans...longer long runs...a new shiny pr...Is this wrong?  Why wouldn't the same strategy that I use with my students and my own daughter work for me and losing weight?  Yes being healthy is motivation enough but after it is all said and done I'd like a little something for the effort!  Saturday after getting home from my long run (I tend to do my best thinking on my long runs), I told my hubby my new plan.  I was going to reward myself for each 10lbs that I lose.  Now during the pregnancy I probably rewarded myself with treats (probably why I have so much to lose but hey I was pregnant), these rewards, however, are going to be more tangible.  I know you've all seen this saying...
So after my first 10lbs...I'm getting myself some fancy warm gloves that I saw in a local store the other day while shopping for my hubby!  I have really warm Under Armour gloves but have to take them off if I want to change songs on my iPhone (SUCKS in New England winter running).  So these babies are mine when the scale reads 10lbs lighter (only 3lbs away!)...
I have several more things in mind...like an arm band for my iPhone...or those awesome shirts with the thumb holes (Yes I do realize that these things have been out forever!)...or even some race entries. 
Any suggestions?  Do you reward yourself for catching the "carrot"?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Motivation

Last year I repeated a phrase to myself whenever things got challenging...when I wanted to throw in the towel as my belly grew and runs/workouts got hard.  I repeated it to myself after Aubrey came and my body just wanted to rest and be lazy.  I repeated it to myself as I dove back into long runs and half marathon training realizing it was going to be hard....I repeated...
"Finish what you've started!"
This year as I look at the long road ahead back to 8 min/mile paces and 21 minute 5ks...back to skinny jeans and being comfortable in my own skin, I decided to choose one word...a word to repeat over and over when quitting sounds not only reasonable but a fantastic idea...a word to let me know I am not yet there but I will be...to remind me that there will be more of those moments of clarity and joy during long runs...that I will get there....my word for 2013 is...
What's your word for 2013?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Foodie Friday with Diet-to-Go

This week, with what seemed like a large number of others in the world, I committed to lose weight in 2013.  Add to this the fact that I went back to work after 12 weeks home with Little Miss and this Momma was strapped for time!  It was perfect timing for me to try out some amazing meals from the diet delivery service Diet-to-Go!  I had healthy, delicious meals waiting for me each day!

Now I hear what you are saying out there...prepackaged meals...never as good as they sound....but hold your tongue because these meals are awesome!  For starters...just look at how delish these look!

Diet-to-Go meals not only look great but they have recently been rated as the #1 diet delivery service by a blind taste test conducted by Epicurious....and I would totally agree!  Each meal time it was like having my own personal chef hiding out in my fridge!  All the meals are fully cooked and prepared.  I only needed to warm it up and enjoy!

Need more info...check out these facts!
  • Diet-to-Go is the most inexpensive diet delivery service on the market...cha ching! Right now you can get a great deal with 25% off a plan until January 8th by entering the code "newyear2013"
  • There is no contract, commitment, or cancellation fees (read...NO reason to not try it!)
  • They come in 3 unique menus based on your needs (low-fat, vegetarian, and low-carb)
  • Diet-to-Go meals are a simple, healthy way to lose weight helping with portion control (I was never hungry!), balanced nutrition, and real WHOLE foods!
Check it out for yourself!  These healthy, great tasting meals did not make me feel like I was missing out on anything!  I think my family were a little jealous...since there was no way I was sharing!!
Diet-to-Go is doing a 1000 meal giveaway on Facebook you don't want to miss!  Enter for a chance to win 1 month or 1 week of free meals

Fitfluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Just a few pics from how I rang in 2013 running the Resolution Fun Run with Run to the Finish and the Virtual Race Series 5 by the 5th with Mommy Run Fast.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready to Rock 2013!

So this week I've been in thought about not only the many blessings of 2012 but the things yet to come in 2013.  I have decided instead of overwhelming myself with a million resolutions...like I usually do...I would stick to three categories....Body, Mind, and Spirit. 
After our blessing of a baby there is a lot of work here but I'm keeping it plain and simple....for me!!
  • lose 40lbs
  • eat clean
  • run 13 races...one of which being a full marathon (closing in on what one I am going to do!)
  • run 1500 miles
  • T-O-N-E it up!!  No more chicken wings!!
After spending most of 2009 and 2010 in school getting my CAGS, I have been taking a much needed school vacation.  This year it is time to start learning again and working out my mind!
  • Read more books!
  • Take a class on 21 Century Schools/Turnaround School leadership
  • Finally find a church and small group Bible study
  • Start the day in prayer...even before a run!
  • Accept my cup...
What are you committing to this year?