Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness Friday-Goal Setting

Ok so this Sunday is my half marathon!  I love running races in the Fall and if it were just me myself and I, I would run one every weekend!  However I have others' lives to consider so I have this one!  This will be my 9th half mary and the second year I have run this one.  Last case you weren't around....I had a sweet victory and broke the 2 hour mark. can read all about it here!  This year I am feeling the same nerves and doubt.  I know I need to go back to my post on Monday and tell doubt that it no longer can hold space in my head.  Truth be told, my shins have been cranky (probably due to the fact that I walk around in heels all day now) and my stomach has been a little bit of a mess.  These two things are making me nervous but I need to again just focus.  I usually go into a race with one goal in mind but this time I decided to have know just in case!

Goal A:  finish....I know this will happen but it's like applying to the college that you are certain you will get into!
Goal B:  under 2 hours...I have run my past 2 half marys in under 2 hours so I am striving to keep the streak alive!  I am going in planing to keep my pace below a 9 minute mile.  If I'm feeling awesome, like I was when I ran New Bedford, then I will strive for.....
Goal C: under 1:50.....This would have me seriously beside myself!  In New Bedford I cam close with a 1:52...that is including two MAJOR hills.  I maintained an 8:15 ish pace for most of the race.  I know I have it in me!

Well there you go!  Any races this weekend....long runs that are your personal longest coming up...let me know so I can cheer you on!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Boy did I need a kick to get out of bed this morning!!!  I did it though and grumbled my way through 3.5 miles!!  Here are my random 3 things for this week:


I signed up yesterday to "Run with Jess" to help her celebrate her 37th birthday!  This girls rocks....and just became a marathoner!  Head on over and sign up for her virtual race!!!  Oh and buy one of those adorable cupcake shirts while you're there!! Run with Jess

2.  I know I gush about what a blessing Em is and how adorable she is always but allow me a few more moments to be a proud Mommy.....We went to the track yesterday early before my running group.  We had the intention of playing soccer on the big field but the football team was practicing (which Em was not happy with), so instead we ran....and ran....and ran.  Each lap I asked her if she wanted to stop but nope...3 laps later (.75 mile) she decided to stop and say hi to her Dad.  Watch out Boston Marathon 2031....Emma is coming your way!  I was so proud of always!  The funny part was she kept yelling at the football team to get off the field and then turning to me to tell me they weren't listening to her!  She also said that Santa was playing football .....yeah the team colors are red and white!  I bragged gushed about her to anyone who would listen in my running group!

3.  Boys are stinky....there is no way to sugar coat this.  My office in the high school is just beyond the locker rooms.  Yesterday I was walking by to go to the office and WHAM I was hit with stank!  Axe body spray + sweat + equipment funk + any other cologne they can find = stinky stank!  I have always wanted a son but boy....don't know how I will deal with the stink....since us girls always smell like roses!!!

Have a great day all!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I mean what else do you wear to the park but shiny black party shoes?!?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tunes for Tuesday

Ok my music mavens....I am putting together a playlist for my half on Sunday and I need your help.  Part of my problem is that mentally I haven't been into running.  I have been VERY focused for a long time and am struggling a bit lately.  Not ok with a big race coming up.  One way that I find to keep myself going is some great new tunes.  So......I'm asking all of you....please:

What song is guaranteed to put a pep in your step?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Motivation

Tell doubt to shut it and go ROCK your week!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday-Weight Supersets

I am in no way at the caliber of Hanz and Franz but today I had a great weight workout that I was going to share with all of you!  You know the kind of workout where you leave the gym all gooey armed and all!!  First let me say thanks for the encouragement!  It got my butt out of bed this morning! 

This workout originally came from my trainer back when I was trying to shed all the baby weight.  If you remember from way back I had an amazing trainer named Di!  If you are anywhere near the Salem, MA area...go check out Dihard Fitness....She ROCKS!!!  Either way she helped me to make the most of my hour with her by having me do supersets.  I had to change it a little today to fit it in with the time that I had today.  Here is how it went:

Warm-up (Today was a mile run)
Set#1 - Side raises, walking lunges, bicep curls (12 reps of each one after the other for 3 sets)
            Chest press, tricep extension, bent over row (same as above)
            Roman chair (that hanging thing with the arms-3 sets of 15)

5 minute cardio (I did the bike)

Set #2-overhead press, one legged squats, hammer curls (again same as above)
            flies with the cable machine, lat pull down, tricep pull down (same as above)
            bicycles (3 sets of 20)

5 min cardio (got on the mill with a HUGE incline)

I stopped after two sets but normally I would have gone on for another set of the same.  Each set hits all parts of your body.  I normally (when I'm not a lazy girl) do this three times a week.  The supersets keep your heart rate up so you are burning tons of calories!  Today I burned almost 500!  Even though I have been a bit cardio obsessed, I do LOVE the way weights make me feel....strong and powerful!

Have a great Friday!!!!  This weekend we are having a big girl sleepover with our nieces!!!  Can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Confession Thursday

Good morning all!  I'm taking today as a purging of my nagging bad habits as of late.  So I am confessing them to you and starting anew with your support!!

1.  I have been skipping workouts/runs...It is my plan to wake up before work(4:30am) and go to the gym to get in my runs/workouts before the day starts.  Once I hit my 1000 miles, I planned on using my Mon, Wed, Fri as weight days and then run Tues, Thurs, and Sat.  Well this week I have been so dang tired that the thought of getting to the gym is quickly pushed aside as I reach over and hit my snooze button.  I say this week but really I have been inconsistent since going back to work and this needs to stop if I ever want to see any change in my body.  This means making better choices about when to go to bed and getting my week ready on Sunday.  I had the determination before....I just need to find it again.  Perhaps my upcoming 10 year reunion from college (where I was 20lbs lighter) will help!

2.  My eating has not been great....ok it has kinda sucked.  I have been eating candy corns like they are another food group and other snacky foods that really are not what I should be grabbing.  Yesterday's track workout was awesome but I felt those candy corns the whole time....rather I tasted them the whole time!  Again just like exercise I know what I need to do and just need to get myself organized.  Remember those 3lbs I lost the first week....yeah they must have missed me because they're back and brought some friends with them!!  Again a looming reunion should kick me into gear!

3.  I'm a bad blogger of late....bad exercise habits+yucky eating=bad blogging.  This should not happen!  I love blogging and connecting with all of you....good AND bad.  I know I need to be more consistent about posting and about commenting to all of you!  I love encouraging all of you and have honestly been reading all about your adventures.  

There I feel much better now....getting that out I'm now ready to start again!  Hiding the candy corns and getting myself out of bed tomorrow!!

Anything to confess???

Monday, September 19, 2011

"You can't always get what you want..."

".....but if you try sometimes you might get what you need!" 

Some days this song plays in my head.  I remember being in an over-crowded bar in college listening to a band from my college playing this song.  The same band used to play every Homecoming weekend and alum and current students would pack in to hear them.  They were pretty good but it was really more of being all there together as a tradition.  Well from time to time this song plays in my head at different moments.

This weekend it was during my long run.  What I wanted was to be able to meet up with Jill and run her 17 miler with her but instead I was by myself running my own 14 miler.  As the miles ticked along I began to realize it was what I needed that early morning.  It was a confidence booster and a mind clearer of a run.  Fall has decended on New England and therefore the temperature and humidity has gone down leaving a cool crisp morning to remind me that I can run distance.  I struggle to cover distances in the summer.  I get it done but the heat and humidity slows my pace and leaves me feeling sluggish and slow.  This weekend I felt quick and ready for my half in two weeks.  I was really doubting being about to run a sub 2 hour half this time around and while I am still not so certain, this long run was a confidence boost.  I ran 14 right on pace!!!  Just what I needed. 

Things have been crazy at home....the start of the school year and Emma's current unpredictable behavior leaves me feeling like I am not good at anything (silly I know) but this run reminded me that that competant girl is not so far away! 

Did you get what you wanted....or what you needed this weekend?  Or maybe even both!!!

I'm leaving you with a pic from Saturday's rare date night.  I was channeling my inner Rachel Zoe with this fur vest!!!  My brother-in-law said it looked like a dead dog but I thought it was fun!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

One thing that I have learned since Emma was born is that a funny little thing called Mother's Guilt makes you do things you never thought you would.  You know those things you used to see moms doing and thinking, "Oh I would never do that!"  Well some days I feel as though I should be on the next episode of Super Nanny not because Em misbehaves but more of what I do!  This past week and a half, Em has been having a hard time with me going back to work.  She is crying more clingly....not eating much....and waking up half asleep yelling out "Mommy!"  It KILLS me!  She was always really good about going to daycare and honestly once she is there she loves it.  However, this year she is older and not so psyched about me not being around.  I know this is good for her and she will be fine soon but the process to get there leaves me crying my way to work and cancelling plans so that I can be around as much as possible.  I feel resentful of my friends and family that are able to stay home with their kids because I really just don't have that option.  I love my job and working with kids and I know in a month this will all be settled but UGH I hate it!!  In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit here are three things I have done because of Mommy Guilt that could lead me straight to Super Nanny intervention time!

1.  Going in to rock....This morning (with 3 minutes to get in my car before I would be late) Em woke up and was crying.  I went in to just rub her back but it lead to rocking her....putting her in bed with Dad....and back into her own bed where I left her screaming, "Mommy don't leave me!"  Seriously....should have just walked out the door and she would have gone back to sleep!

2.  Welcome to the circus....Em and I (and the hubby too) play the craziest games and wear the craziest stuff because Em tells us to!  There are so many games going on at times that I feel like I'm at the circus!!  It is fun in the end and great to see her fabulous imagination!!!  I mean really we all wore blue tutus during a race because Emma wanted them....cousins, auntie, and all!!

3.  Pretty please with sugar on top!....I am in the throws of begging training Emma to use the potty and I will admit I try new sugary treats often!  I know this is not good and I plan on making a sticker chart soon so she can earn something bigger but until then.....I bribe her!  Ugh I have never bribed a student and swore I wouldn't with my daughter!!  This week's vice....candy corns!  I know I should just poor the sugar straight from the bowl!!!  The only flip side is if she does make that jump to no longer using diapers I can stop flushing my money down the toilet!!!

I know Mother's Guilt is something all moms grapple with (right?) and it probably never goes away even as they get older.  I just hope that this transition starts to smooth out and I can stop feeling like world's worst mom! 
What crazy thing have you done as a result of Mommy Guilt??? 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....almost

Second year in a row....1000 miles run!  I hit my 1000th while on a run with my mini running buddy!  She wasn't up for the photo op...silly girl!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I would love to say that my type A personality is a product of being a busy working mom....or maybe a product of trying to fit it all in but no....that is how I've always been.  I swear from the day I was born I was making goals and trying to reach them before all my peers.  I schedule, make lists, set goals, and plan....plan....plan.  All of this makes our house and my life run pretty smoothly....most days.  One goal that I have been working on this year and admit I still need to work on is what I do when the plan doesn't go the way I have planned.  When life gets in the way of my running plan.....well watch out.  I tend to either get really irritated and pout or get frustrated and just quit for the day.  I need to work on my flexibility for when life gets in the way....which it does often.  I would love to be the kind of runner that is flexible about when I do my runs, especially my long runs.  Right now I have a whole routine I follow before the run and if that is changed it throws me all off.  Some day I will be able to be flexible and be able to head out the door whenever the time is there.

What do you do when you reach bumps in the road?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Uniting to Remember

I will never forget where I was this time 10 years ago....starting off my first week as a teacher.  10 years later the world is forever changed.  When we visited ground zero many years ago, among all the ruble still being taken away was this cross.  I pray peace be with all those who suffered a loss as they honor them today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Whoot Whoot for Friday!

I know I know I have only been back to work for 4 days but boy am I happy to see Friday!!!  It helps that the weather is promising that the rain is not going to soak us today!!  All this rain and dark weather makes me want to do this when my alarm goes off at 4:30am....

Today's promise of sun ruled out and I rolled over knowing Em and I could run to the park later!  I am amazed that I have already lost 3lbs!!  How did I do it?  Well simple.  I am no longer grazing all day at a lovely buffet I call home!  I only have what I bring to work to eat for the day.  I am making an effort not to come home from work and eat for 3 hours straight so that could have something to do with it too! 

I want to give a big shout out to my very best running buddy ever Jill at One Tough Cookie and a Beer!!  She is running the Nahant 30k on Sunday.  One thing about Nahant is that it is ONE BIG HILL!  Seriously it is a small island near Boston and it is all hills!  Head on over to her blog to cheer her on!!  Go Jill!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Yesterday was my second time with the running group and as cheesy as it sounds I was smiling from ear to ear!  I love the challenge of speed work and it is really rewarding to already be feeling stronger!  I have learned many things in just 2 sessions so here are three from yesterday.

1.  Never judge a book or runner by their cover!  The man who runs the group is in his early 70s and is the classic very thin older runner.  The difference is this guy can haul!!  It was my goal yesterday to stay with him on the pick-ups and boy was it a challenge!  To see him walking around you would never know it!!

2.  Wearing your Boston Marathon jacket is like flashing your street cred!  It was rainy yesterday and so I wore my Boston Marathon jacket.  Seriously it is the only running rain coat I have but it made a difference....not certain if it was due to the jacket or just that it was my second week.  I had a lot more conversations about training and what races I was doing.  Also got invited to long run meetings and such too!  

3.  When running on a rainy track, stay ahead of the pack!  Like I said in #1, I tried to stay with the leader the whole time but a few times I got stuck behind a very tall man (like wicked tall...even if you aren't a shorty like me) and got a muddy facial!  I quickly learned to stay ahead or I was going to be a muddy mess!

I'm so thankful my hubby has agreed to let me do this group.  I know it is extra work for him but it really is a time I look forward to!  Thanks babe!!!  Hope you all are having a great day....I seriously needed an ark to get to school today!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yes....even in my back-to-school...get kids K-12 tested and placed and receiving help in 3 days deadline craziness....I still need me some blog time!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up Meets Week Ahead

Ahhh what a weekend!  In a good way of course!  Friday Em decided to sleep the afternoon away which meant waiting for Dad to get home to get in a run....well life got in the way and instead of heading out for 5 miles, I was heading to the Commons for a little bit of this....

Oh yeah Em picked out the pink one she's pointing to in this picture but seriously EVERY kind here is awesome!!  They even have shots of frosting!  Well knowing these cupcakes tend to make kids act like the frosting is laced with speed I split one with Em.

 No need for Momma to eat too much either!

Saturday I met Jill at One Tough Cookie for 13 miles.  She's training for NYC Marathon and I was more than happy to run the canal with her!  Quite the head-wind but it was a great time with a great friend!  Finishing it felt like every joint in my legs and feet hurt!  I am about 100 miles overdue for new kicks!  Which led us to Plymouth on Sunday for Mom kicks and Em's haircut!  

This morning was my last summer morning is what I thought about that....
Pardon the sweaty mess but the humidity here won't quit!  And what would sum up Fancy Nancy's perfect Labor Day weekend?  

You guessed it!  A day at the beach!!!  

This week is back to reality and work.  Thank you all for your support.  The early wake-ups won't be fun but I'm sure I will fall back into my routine easily.  There are 4 more weeks until my half and I hope to hit my 1000 mile this week!!!  I'm trying to stay positive about going I will probably lose weight since I'm not home all day snacking.  We shall see!!

Happy Labor Day!  What did you do?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunrise Run....Running Away

Well the time is quickly coming...when our quiet seaside town becomes quiet again and cool ocean breezes has you grabbing a sweatshirt each night....the days get shorter....and I have to go back to work.  YUCK!  I love the Fall and love my job but I LOVE the summer and the freedom it brings!  I think this summer was particularly special because it was the first one in many, many years when I didn't have to take classes, work constantly, or have major stresses weighing me down.  I was able to spend copious amounts of time making sand castles, sliding down slides, and running each morning as the world was waking up!  Now not every day was doves and roses being a mom of a 2 year-old, but I was so thankful for the time I had with her good or bad.

One thing that spoiled me was that extra hour of sleep!  I have been blessed by being able to wake up at 5:30, wake up a little, and head out the door for an outdoor run along the beach and our town.  It has been so great...honestly a blessing!  Now that the inevitable is upon me, I go back on Tuesday (even saying it makes me nausious), and now my reality is going to be 4:30 wake-ups and lots of time with the mill.  I know so many of you brave ones run in the dark but I have night blindness and that coupled with my inner fraidy cat forces me inside.  My plan is to make time in the mornings too, while it is still warm and I can run with Em in the afternoon, to do weight training.  I have fiercely neglected it this summer and I have the chicken wings to prove it!

How about does your schedule change as the summer fades away?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Come On Irene!

Good morning all!!!  Yes I am alive and kicking....however getting a squeaky start after vacation!  We got back on Thursday night which of course made Friday laundry day!!  Saturday was then officially Get Ready for Hurricane Irene Day!!  We brought everything inside and made sure we had enough food to feed an army!  Well Irene certainly did her own thing and left us without cable or internet for several days and a HUGE tree in our backyard.  We are so thankful though since the tree came about 6 inches from our house.  Plus so many others in Irene's path had far worse damage.  My family and in-laws lost power for several days! 

I promise pics from our great vacation (so much fun!) and our new jungle gym (aka fallen 50' oak tree) very soon!  I went to my first day of running group yesterday!!  I felt like I was going to my first day of preseason of freshman soccer all over again!  I didn't know anyone and was so nervous.  They were all very nice and it was great to do a different workout!  We did a mile warm-up and then pick-ups for 30 min, then a mile cool down.  I was pretty proud of being able to keep up with the fastest group even though I felt like my legs were made of lead!  It was really fun and I'm so glad I pushed myself to go!!

Now I'm off to catch up on the million blogs I missed and find out all about your adventures last week!!