Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Confession Thursday

Good morning all!  I'm taking today as a purging of my nagging bad habits as of late.  So I am confessing them to you and starting anew with your support!!

1.  I have been skipping workouts/runs...It is my plan to wake up before work(4:30am) and go to the gym to get in my runs/workouts before the day starts.  Once I hit my 1000 miles, I planned on using my Mon, Wed, Fri as weight days and then run Tues, Thurs, and Sat.  Well this week I have been so dang tired that the thought of getting to the gym is quickly pushed aside as I reach over and hit my snooze button.  I say this week but really I have been inconsistent since going back to work and this needs to stop if I ever want to see any change in my body.  This means making better choices about when to go to bed and getting my week ready on Sunday.  I had the determination before....I just need to find it again.  Perhaps my upcoming 10 year reunion from college (where I was 20lbs lighter) will help!

2.  My eating has not been great....ok it has kinda sucked.  I have been eating candy corns like they are another food group and other snacky foods that really are not what I should be grabbing.  Yesterday's track workout was awesome but I felt those candy corns the whole time....rather I tasted them the whole time!  Again just like exercise I know what I need to do and just need to get myself organized.  Remember those 3lbs I lost the first week....yeah they must have missed me because they're back and brought some friends with them!!  Again a looming reunion should kick me into gear!

3.  I'm a bad blogger of late....bad exercise habits+yucky eating=bad blogging.  This should not happen!  I love blogging and connecting with all of you....good AND bad.  I know I need to be more consistent about posting and about commenting to all of you!  I love encouraging all of you and have honestly been reading all about your adventures.  

There I feel much better now....getting that out I'm now ready to start again!  Hiding the candy corns and getting myself out of bed tomorrow!!

Anything to confess???


  1. My eating has also been less than stellar. As in, I've eaten WAY too many of the Halloween oreos I bought for the kids. Ugh.

  2. Sometimes just putting it out there is all it takes to jumpstart things. You'll get there!

  3. Goodness, is it Halloween candy time already? Where did this year go!?

    It is hard to start new habits. I read somewhere it takes 21 days. That said, your going back to work is a change in your habits, and it will be hard to change your routine! I usually get up early one day, run at lunch one day and run after work one day (+ one weekend day). That way I am not always giving up my morning or my evening. I don't know if that would work for you? I know that it is HARD for me to get up earlier to run, and I don't do it until about 5:30. 4:30 would be even harder!

    Thanks for being honest. I think you are right, you need to be accountable and putting things on your blog usually makes that easier! So good luck and GO GET EM!

  4. have been such a bad eater. thanks for putting it out there Nancy. Now get up for your runs girlie. You can do it!

  5. My big confession is that I bought another huge bag of m&ms. Thankfully, it is no longer underpants run season, or tri season, and my running mileage has gone way up. Conversly, my biking mileage has gone WAY down. Not sure that I care, though, since I am done with tris until next year, if I don't spend all my money at Boston next year and can still afford to do one. I have still been swimming, but very slowly, which sucks. I have been shopping WAY too much for Soren's birthday. When I get into a spending spree, it is really hard to stop it.

  6. I'm injured + sick right now which means {for me} worse eating and obviously, no running. No bueno. I'm such a lazy arse right now. :)

  7. I'm thinking that you are pretty amazing in my book for just setting a goal to get up that early!!! That is soooooo out of my schema...don't get it at all and I could never be like that. you rock! Get back on track...go get 'em girl! :)

  8. I am injured and am still trying to pull my marathon out (which you might have gotten from my post yesterday :) ) - and I confess that I am really scared I won't be able to finish the 26.2! I know I am pretty strong mentally, but I am just really nervous about the physical...

    I get stuck in unhealthy ruts too...not the best eating habits, not the most consistent workouts, and with this injury - my blogging has absolutely faltered! But you know what? It wouldn't be interesting if we were perfect all the time!

  9. You will get back into the groove. You're doing great and know you want to make changes!

  10. Hi, my name is melissa and I'm a nutella addict. For the past week I've been eating alot of nutella on toasted waffles with whipped cream. I didn't run once last week.

    Wow, I feel better. You should too!

    Today is a new day!