Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I would love to say that my type A personality is a product of being a busy working mom....or maybe a product of trying to fit it all in but no....that is how I've always been.  I swear from the day I was born I was making goals and trying to reach them before all my peers.  I schedule, make lists, set goals, and plan....plan....plan.  All of this makes our house and my life run pretty smoothly....most days.  One goal that I have been working on this year and admit I still need to work on is what I do when the plan doesn't go the way I have planned.  When life gets in the way of my running plan.....well watch out.  I tend to either get really irritated and pout or get frustrated and just quit for the day.  I need to work on my flexibility for when life gets in the way....which it does often.  I would love to be the kind of runner that is flexible about when I do my runs, especially my long runs.  Right now I have a whole routine I follow before the run and if that is changed it throws me all off.  Some day I will be able to be flexible and be able to head out the door whenever the time is there.

What do you do when you reach bumps in the road?


  1. Sometimes I get super frustrated and freak out but I am trying to get better about this lately and just work out the issue.

  2. I think the best solution to making sure runs get done is first thing in the morning. I'll drag my butt out of bed at 4 if that's what it takes! Good luck to you.

  3. I need to do that too! Having kids has definitely made me more flexible! When I plan to get up early to run and one of them is up in the night, beware, I am a witch the next day if I can't get up and get in my workout.

  4. There was a time when this post could have been written about me. Happily not anymore :)

    Forcing myself to allow for a little flexibility has made the biggest difference in accomplishing more and being less frustrated.