Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up Meets Week Ahead

Ahhh what a weekend!  In a good way of course!  Friday Em decided to sleep the afternoon away which meant waiting for Dad to get home to get in a run....well life got in the way and instead of heading out for 5 miles, I was heading to the Commons for a little bit of this....

Oh yeah Em picked out the pink one she's pointing to in this picture but seriously EVERY kind here is awesome!!  They even have shots of frosting!  Well knowing these cupcakes tend to make kids act like the frosting is laced with speed I split one with Em.

 No need for Momma to eat too much either!

Saturday I met Jill at One Tough Cookie for 13 miles.  She's training for NYC Marathon and I was more than happy to run the canal with her!  Quite the head-wind but it was a great time with a great friend!  Finishing it felt like every joint in my legs and feet hurt!  I am about 100 miles overdue for new kicks!  Which led us to Plymouth on Sunday for Mom kicks and Em's haircut!  

This morning was my last summer morning is what I thought about that....
Pardon the sweaty mess but the humidity here won't quit!  And what would sum up Fancy Nancy's perfect Labor Day weekend?  

You guessed it!  A day at the beach!!!  

This week is back to reality and work.  Thank you all for your support.  The early wake-ups won't be fun but I'm sure I will fall back into my routine easily.  There are 4 more weeks until my half and I hope to hit my 1000 mile this week!!!  I'm trying to stay positive about going I will probably lose weight since I'm not home all day snacking.  We shall see!!

Happy Labor Day!  What did you do?


  1. 1000 miles????? YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! :) That cupcake is obscenely beautiful, as are you and Em! :) Happy to hear you had a great weekend!

  2. Beach Sounds perfect...we are digging through closets and taking our girls shopping. Dave Matthews was our big getaway on Saturday. Remind me what grade you teach again?

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. We had rain today so no pool for the last day. Great job on the 13 miles, the cupcakes look great and the weekend sounded super fun. Good luck @ work!

  4. What a perfect Labor Day! Running, beach and cupcakes!!

  5. The weekend doesnt get any better than that... exercise of your choice, cupcake of your choice, and then the beach?! Perfect!

  6. That cupcake looks outstanding. What a great way to spend the long weekend.