Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday-Weight Supersets

I am in no way at the caliber of Hanz and Franz but today I had a great weight workout that I was going to share with all of you!  You know the kind of workout where you leave the gym all gooey armed and all!!  First let me say thanks for the encouragement!  It got my butt out of bed this morning! 

This workout originally came from my trainer back when I was trying to shed all the baby weight.  If you remember from way back I had an amazing trainer named Di!  If you are anywhere near the Salem, MA area...go check out Dihard Fitness....She ROCKS!!!  Either way she helped me to make the most of my hour with her by having me do supersets.  I had to change it a little today to fit it in with the time that I had today.  Here is how it went:

Warm-up (Today was a mile run)
Set#1 - Side raises, walking lunges, bicep curls (12 reps of each one after the other for 3 sets)
            Chest press, tricep extension, bent over row (same as above)
            Roman chair (that hanging thing with the arms-3 sets of 15)

5 minute cardio (I did the bike)

Set #2-overhead press, one legged squats, hammer curls (again same as above)
            flies with the cable machine, lat pull down, tricep pull down (same as above)
            bicycles (3 sets of 20)

5 min cardio (got on the mill with a HUGE incline)

I stopped after two sets but normally I would have gone on for another set of the same.  Each set hits all parts of your body.  I normally (when I'm not a lazy girl) do this three times a week.  The supersets keep your heart rate up so you are burning tons of calories!  Today I burned almost 500!  Even though I have been a bit cardio obsessed, I do LOVE the way weights make me feel....strong and powerful!

Have a great Friday!!!!  This weekend we are having a big girl sleepover with our nieces!!!  Can't wait!!!


  1. Weights are something I need to do. I think I want them as well, but it is Sooooooo hard to get motivated to do them! You are right though, I should put them in my routine if I ever want to see a postive change in my body. Congrats on getting them done yourself!

  2. Great workout. I'm terrible at remembering to do weights. My painful quads after my half marathon have motivated me to do more. Have a great weekend.

    Visiting from FF Blog Hop.

  3. Man, you go girl! I used to go to the gym a lot but now I mostly just run. I really need to get back into lifting a little. I know it helps to make you run faster!

    I am glad you got out of bed early! Putting it on your blog does sometimes help you remain accountable!

  4. That looks like a great workout!

    I have been slacking the past few weeks on my strength training and I am starting to be able to tell. Hopefully, I can get back into a groove after the weekend.

    Have fun at your sleepover!

  5. Good motivator for me to get my own strength workout in later today. Thanks!

  6. sounds like a great workout, i love doing weights!

  7. I don't do weights nearly enough, but I do love that noodle arm/leg feeling I leave the gym with!

  8. I am not sure, but is a super set when you just go from exercise to exercise with no breaks??

    Well done getting out of bed (that's the hardest part for me)and having a great workout :)

  9. I def want to get into more weight training after my marathon. Right now I only get one, maybe 2 days of weights... but after marathon that will increase. I want to see some muscles!

  10. This looks like an awesome workout! I love circuit training.

    And I totally understand about the bad eating, missed workouts, and how it affects your blogging. Life has ebbs and flows, but it always works itself out.

  11. I haven't heard someone mention Hanz and Franz in years!!! So funny! Love the photo. Thanks for sharing the workout routine!

    Get Up & Go

  12. This is a great workout! I did an upper body super-circuit today. Love the weights!

  13. What a great workout! I love strength training almost as much as running. And it's made me a stronger runner :)

  14. Great workout!! Weight training is definitely something I should do, but for some reason never have "time" for it. I know excuses... maybe over the winter :)