Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Joggermom Race Report....long overdue!

During the month of May, Joggermom hosted a virtual marathon complete with discounts at vendors, prizes, and weekly newsletters that even included a playlist for the week! It was so well organized and I was so excited to be part of it! I split mine up over the week with my long run of 12 miles being the end!

I started the "race with a quick 4.2 miler on Mother's Day. I mean what better day to start a JOGGERMOM Marathon?!

The next 10 was done on the dreadmill....too boring to take a picture of!!! Don't worry though I submitted my times!!!

The last was run partly on my own and the other part with my jogger buddy!!! They even had shirts which I of course sported for my last run!

All in all I completed the distance in 3 days and have added another race to Race for the Bling. Thank you again to Joggermom for hosting this great marathon!!!

21 Day Reset

Well it is with a heavy heart that I write this post this morning. I set out a few weeks ago to do a 21 day challenge....to make better choices with what I was eating and stop this pattern of eating like it is my last meal every day. This weekend as the temps rose and we were out in our summer fun clothes, I was embarrassed by the way my body looked. A few months ago I was 3lbs away from my goal weight and proud of how I looked. Now I am 8lbs away and trying to hide behind my clothes! So enough talking and putting off for tomorrow what I need to do today! I am resetting the 21 day challenge. This time I am going to take a pic of all that I eat though so that I will remember it at the end of the day! I am choosing foods that are going to make me feel healthy again! I will blog about it so that you all can give me a kick in the pants when I am headed off track! I can do this and I need to feel I am worth the effort!!!

On a positive note, we had a great weekend enjoying the outdoors....family....and friends! I even headed out on a long run yesterday and smoked it!!! I left my Garmin at home and I had one of my fastest runs in a while! I was sad to see today come but there are only a few weeks left!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday My Friends

Have you ever wonder how teachers feel about long weekends, vacations, and summer?.....Well we feel a little....ok a lot like this....
I know what you're thinking....you teachers are always on vacation....or you get the whole summer off....Well my friends that may be true but I would love for the next reality show to be held in a school. You can pick your grade! Don't get me wrong I am blessed to have a job I really love but a long weekend is just what the doctor ordered right now!!! Add to this that it is kicking off one of my favorite times of the year.....summer and I'm in heaven!!! Bring out the tiki torches the beach chairs, and the frozen concoctions cause this girl's got a long weekend!!!

I am taking the wise advice from you all and planning out a new long run route. I agree that a new route might break up the feeling of...if I see that house one more time I'm going to poke my eyeballs out! Em and I are taking our usual route today to the park but we may take the long way since hubby is off golfing as long as the sun is up!

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans??? Anyone else hearing a constant soundtrack of Kenny Chesney songs in their head? Summer does that to me!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Good morning all!!! Spring/Summer has sprung finally here. We usually don't get Spring really....it's more like rain until you feel like you are part of a rain forest then boom summer is here! So here are my three things.....I hope you take part in #2.....great cause!

1. Yesterday's temps and sunshine was a gift from God!!! Em and I couldn't get home fast enough! We changed and sprinted out the door for a run to the beach!! It was awesome!!! Em could have sat there for hours digging in the sand! Note to self though....careful of sand in the shoes when you have 3+ miles to run home...ouch!

sweaty....squinty.....loving it!!!

2. Alicia over at Alicia Runs is hosting a virtual 5k to help her raise money for Autism. You know how much I love me a virtual race and the prizes are amazing...but more than that it is to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. My sister used to work with early intervention with autistic children. One boy in particular became another member of our family. He came over to dinner and games at our house often and it really taught me so much about children with autism as well as the challenges parents face. I still get chocked up to see what amazing things this boy is now doing in his life! Head on over and join this great virtual race!!! Just click on the picture to go to her blog.

3. Dora the Explorer! I think that my usual route is starting to wear on me....I am finding a significant lack of motivation in my runs lately....like someone kill me if I have to run another step! I've been taking walking breaks which is unlike me and basically it is killing me!
Has anyone ever experienced this???? What do you do to break out of the funk????

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Runner Survey

I saw this on Run with Jess and had to join in! I added one question at the end. Join along and add a question if you have one!

What is your favorite type of cross training?

Spinning!! I love everything about it... loud hard rocking music, lots of sweat, killer workout....love it! When I was pregnant with Em I went spinning every day almost up to when she was born! I didn't feel comfortable after a few months to run and spinning gave me that high! Plus the spin room was next to the bathroom!

What is your favorite song to run to?
I am so random when it comes to running music. Lately Ke$ha, Pit Bull, JLo, and Britney have put a little pep in my step. Really anything with a great beat!

What brand of shoes do you wear?
I have run in Saucony Ride for the past 7 years....I tried straying a few months ago but I went running back to the store!

Do you wear a hat when you run?
I love wearing Bondibands and head bands but I love me a good running hat! I have a lot of hair and I sweat a lot so a hat is needed a lot especially when I am running at the gym! I have them in all colors of the rainbow and throw them in the washing machine every time!

What temperature is your favorite for running?
50-60 degrees is perfect. I love it in early Fall or early Summer when it is warm but not too hot. I love the crisp Fall morning too! Really as long as it isn't 10 degrees or 90 degrees I'm good!

Do you have any big races coming up?
I haven't scheduled a lot of big races just short fun ones for the summer so far. I have a few 5ks in June with friends and a 5k with my hubby on July 7th. I am not a big fan of racing in the heat but there are a lot of short races locally that I'd like to check out. Then late summer early fall I'd like to ramp back up with a few half marys that I have my eye on! We shall see!!!

What is your favorite distance?
13.1... I have really have fallen in love with this distance and am approaching 10 halfs! It is still a challenge but you don't have to sacrifice your life to train for it!

Are you a morning, noon or evening runner?
Morning. I can get it out of the way before life gets started. I also love a late night run in the summer...when the heat of the day is behind me and the cool sea breeze is all around.

Do you run solo or with a buddy?
Usually solo since I run early and also moved away from my lovely running buddy! I love running with her and sharing laughs....really makes the miles go by quickly!! Oh and I can't forget my Em...she's my running buddy too!

What's your favorite post run snack?
bananas and peanut butter....I'm so bad though about post run eating usually because I just get caught up in life when I walk back in the door.

What's your FAVORITE race?
This is a toughy
since I don't run too many more than once....I love races with a theme so I can dress up! There are a few that I have really liked in the past...Wicked Half in Salem, MA...Louisse Rossetti in Beverly, MA...Tufts 10k....and any holiday run! Can't wait to dress up for the 4th of July one coming up!

Do you wear a Garmin? If not, how do you track your runs?
I got the 110 for Mother's Day last year and I can't imagine my life without it now!!! I truly believe it has made me faster!!! I LOVE MY GARMIN.....thanks hubs!

What is your least favorite race?
Jill this one is for you.....the 25K in Gloucester, MA....17 hills....yes that's right 17 hills....I kept saying to Jill, "Why the heck did you make me do this?"

What race is your favorite medal from?
Boston marathon....not too flashy but it's more about what it stands for....triumph over obstacles!

Who is your running idol?
Kara....and all of you! Seriously I know it sounds cheesy but I have been so inspired and motivated by all of you....and Kara just rocks plain and simple.

How long have you been a runner?
I started running in high school to get ready for soccer season. I laugh when I remember saying how I could never run cross country because there was no purpose! After college I needed something to stay in shape and since sports were done I needed a competitive outlet! I ran my first 5k in 2000 and have never looked back!

Do you run with your engagement/wedding ring on?
No....I don't want anything to happen to it. Sometimes I wear my wedding band but usually nothing.

What's your favorite workout? repeats? long runs? tempo? fartleks?
I really like long runs....especially with someone! The feeling when it is all over is so satisfying....I'm also starting to become a big fan of repeats....call me crazy but I may just like speed work!

What's your favorite place to run?
I love love love running by the beach. In Newport it's the Cliff Walk....challenging terrain of hills and such but the views are amazing! It wraps along the ocean so you have ocean cliffs on one side and historic mansions on the other. Plus the smells....yummmm salty sea air, sunscreen faces, lilacs dripping, beach roses....Love it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up meets Week Ahead

Hi there!! Well we are working on our 3rd week of clouds, drizzle, and cool temps....yeah this is getting old. I was reminded this morning of an Elizabeth Elliot book I had read in college where she gives the advice, "Don't complain about anything, not even the weather." but I am finding it very hard! I am also starting to panic that this is what summer is going to be like....NOOOOOOOOO! Ok so off to more positive things!

Saturday I met a friend I haven't seen in a wicked long time for lunch. It was the first time in a while that I have met a friend for lunch sans Em so it was a huge treat!...thanks to the hubs! I was able to carry on an adult conversation without any interruptions to say don't put that in your hair....or would you like to watch Elmo....or anything along those lines! It was great and I was even able to find a cute pair of shorts. That's right you heard it here I bought shorts. I am NOT a shorts person. I don't run in them and I don't hang in them but this year I am going to try. This purchase has prompted me to revamp the workouts too but I'll get to that later. I also saw a super cute running skirt at Lululemon......
I mean really how cute is this!!!?

Sunday I headed out for my long run with the intentions of running 10 then grabbing my partner in crime to run to the park. Well it was cold and windy so that was out but the way my run went made the decision even easier! It went awful!! Right from the get go I was sluggish but just thought I had to warm up a little. By mile 3 my body was begging to be done! Not a good sign! I finished the run but not without a few walking breaks. Not sure what is up but my body just felt so incredibly tired....same this morning but hey the show must go on!! Hopefully this week will be better. Which leads me to......

This week's workout plan: (I've changed things up in hopes to have more weight days in)
Monday: P90X legs and back and Ab Ripper (am) 5-6 miles (pm)
Tuesday: 5 miles (am)
Wednesday: P90X shoulders, back and chest and Ab Ripper (am) 7 mile tempo (pm)
Thursday: 5 miles (am)
Friday: die....I mean rest up!
Saturday: 10-13 miles
Sunday: Play all day!!!

My eating goals continue this week. I did some cooking this morning so I am stocked for the week. How was your weekend???

Friday, May 20, 2011

For My Daughter

A few weeks ago I started to see a towel on Bloggyland that said, "Because my daughter is watching" and it rang so real to me and it really has been the talk of a lot of discussion I have been having with a lot of people lately.

When I found out I was going to have a daughter, I became fearful that she would have to struggle through the same things I did (poor body image, eating disorder, being teased). I even caught myself thinking, "Oh I hope she isn't like me!"...my hubby said in response, "I hope she is!" He was seeing the good things while all I could see were the struggles she was about to face.

Being a girl is hard and seeing my high schoolers and what they are struggling with (mean girls, bullies, body image, and promiscuity) I know the problems will not go away nor can I control what happens to Em but I can control how she deals with it. For me growing up, aside from the Lord's constant mercy and guidance and my parents, I feel like being active in sports kept me out of a lot of trouble. Now not to say there weren't a few wack-a-doos in the mix but it helped me to stay focused.

I run....I lift.....I eat healthy (most of the time) for many reasons but added to the list is because my daughter is watching. It hasn't taken long but her preferred form of transportation is running....running....and more running and I love it! I know that she is seeing herself as strong and healthy. I hope in the future she can keep this up or find her niche one way or the other. In the mean time I will try my best to be an example for her.

What do you do because your kids are watching?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday-Embrace Random!!!

1. Need for speed...cue Maverick and Goose! Tuesday I nailed my speed work and it felt GREAT!!! I wanted to do 3X1600 with 800 in between and I wanted them to be negative splits. Nailed it!!! They went a little like this....8:27, 8:12, 8:00. The half-mile in between I kept at a 9 min/mile pace. I finished the run at 6.5 miles and felt so excited that I nailed it!

2. Don't Stop Believing.....T at My Life & Running posted a print that said "She believed she could so she did" I love this! One of the things I have tried to continually remind myself is that I have to stop underestimating myself. I am stronger and faster than I give myself credit for. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? It is easy for me to encourage others but when it comes to myself there is always doubt or fear of failing.

3. Go Girls Go!!!....Speaking of encouraging others, dear friend and invaluable running buddy Jill is running the Harpoon 5 miler with her best bo Brian this Sunday in Boston. Jill has brought me to a whole new level with running and has been an amazing friend! Normally she could rock this with her eyes closed but she has been under the weather lately and could use a HUGE dose of encouragement. Plus this is Brian's longest race yet....head on over and give them a shout out at One Tough Cookie and a Beer. I am so thankful for both of them and know they are going to do GREAT....plus you get beer when your done!!! Also, my great friend Carrie is running Run to Home Base 9k this weekend in Boston. I ran with Carrie during her first 5k and she has since completed a half marathon and many other shorter races! She rocks even though she doesn't always think so! Good luck this weekend Carrie!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

21 days from now....plus a few to get me through the sugar free challenge
Oh and yes I color code my day planner! Don't you?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21 for Tuesday

Let me just begin by saying how much it trills my sole that it is raining for the 5th straight day and will be doing so for the next 5 more! The hubs said yesterday that we are going to have a jungle for a backyard when this is all over....he may be right!

Ok whining aside...now down to business! I have posted a few times lately about how I need to rein in my eating. It is not Fat Tuesday every day and I have needed a reminder....rather kick in the pants! I worked so hard to lose the weight after Em and ended up losing an extra 15lbs which brought me down 70lbs....with 5lbs more I'd like to get rid of. Well the past few weeks like I said I have stumbled....some due to things out of my control but mostly due to what I choose to put in my body. Yesterday I got on the scale with an extra 3lbs flashing back at me. There was my kick in the pants!!! Now I have 8lbs to get rid of but more than that it is the scale moving in the wrong direction. I haven't felt great about my food choices either and I know they are not good for me.

Yesterday I read this post on "Endurance Isn't Only Physical". Tricia has an amazing story of weight loss but more than that it is of finding her own strength and who she is. You should really stop by to read it. She is amazing! One thing she said was that she gave herself 21 days. She marked it off on the calendar and for those days she promised herself to make good choices. Within those 21 days she was able to feel the difference she was making. She is also doing it again to reset herself which got me thinking....I can do 21 days!

I've marked my calendar and today begins my 21 days. For 21 days I am taking my health and weight seriously. I'm not cheating! 21 days of good choices for my body!

What can you do for 21 days?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week in Review

Well it is hard to believe that another week has gone by! This week I focused on just two things....getting my workouts in (weights AND runs) and starting and completing the Joggermom Virtual Marathon. I will say I did pretty well with the first and rocked the second!! I will post more about the Joggermom later though....lots of pictures! I was able to fit in 3 days of P90X (mostly upper body) and 5 days of running. What I struggled with most was the days that followed my double days. For example, on Tuesday I did weights in the am and then ran in the pm. Well Wednesday morning I was just not up for it! I am pretty happy with this my first week back. This coming week I plan to get all my workouts in with NO excuses! Also this week I want to clean up my eating even more. I let a few meals slip and so this week I'm on it! I am allowing myself one day for a treat...not every day like this week!

Had to psych myself up for my Thursday night run at the gym....down to business shirt "Nobody Trains to be Runner Up...a little down to business tunes....needed the energy!

My favorite run of the week......yesterday I ran 12.5 miles. 9 miles were on my own not a major pace but again just trying to get it back and 3.5 miles with Em. Before I left for my long run I promised her I would come get her and we could run to the park. It was such a nice day, which is a blessing since it has rained 6 out of 7 days and is forcasted to rain for the next 10! Yikes! I felt sore but great to be out there again!!! Quote of the day was after I got Em all strapped up in the jogger she said, "Ok Mommy I'm ready to roll!" I love my girl!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday Confession Style

Hi there all!! I hope you are enjoying your week! We are currently trapped here on Cape Cod in a wind tunnel....serious winds since Sunday! That equals no jogger running outside....which equals lots of treadmill work...yahoo! I have also started using P90X again on the days that I am doing weights.....Holy Batman my chest and arms hurt! I even had trouble holding my arm up to wash it in the shower!!! I am nervous to try the leg workout because I don't want to be out of commission for days. Any suggestions??? Well today I thought I would get a few things off my chest so here it goes!!

1. My eating has been horrible lately! I haven't really considered myself an emotional eater. I'm more likely not to eat when I am stressed out but lately watch out! When I found out I was pregnant I tried very hard to get out of the diet...count calories...be hungry mode. I confess that I allowed myself a few too many treats here and there. However now that I am no longer pregnant I need to reset my eating. I have been giving myself a little grace but I know that I can't let it go too far. Well almost like a gift from above, Amanda at RuntotheFinish is starting a Sugar Free Challenge in June!!! I need this accountability so I am so excited!! If you are interested head on over to check it out!

2. I make up parking spots! I was laughing to myself today as I headed to one of my schools and saw that the parking lot was full. Well being my creative self I made up a spot!!! I used to do this ALL. THE. TIME. in college, much to my parents' wallet's dismay! If you can't provide adequate parking spaces then I'm sorry but I am just going to make it up!!!

3. My daughter eats like a college freshman! For one reason or another I have a daughter who is a very picky eater. Her dinner choices include pizza, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, pancakes, and oatmeal. She will eat all kinds of fruit and she will eat veggies when she can dip it in something. I have borrowed the book Deceptively Delicious and am ready to get her eating better! She is not over weight or unhealthy but it would make me feel better if she ate more of a well rounded menu! Any suggestions for picky eaters????

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Just make sure you don't stop all together!!
Got this chocolate last week....thanks for the permission Dove!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Em was my Mother's Day gift!!! My Vineyard Vines treat!

As promised this weekend I got back on the road and it felt great!!! After a perfect Mother's Day courtesy of the hubs with my family, I headed out to run a few miles while Em was napping. In true Fancy Nancy fashion I headed out a little fast, 8:12 min/mile, and by mile 3 I needed to dial it back a little. I finished with 4.2 miles in 35 minutes which is ok with me after 2 weeks off and a body that is still a little weak. The run to me was just an amazing way to recharge and get back to feeling like me again. I am strong and this past week has taught me just how strong I am. I know this will take time but I am glad to be running and giving myself that time!

Monday morning came the dreaded, I mean lovely 4:25 alarm and I was on the mill by 5 after a little quality time with the heating pad to warm up my stiff back. Apparently the back was going to have a little more impact that I thought because I got in a 4.1 miles of a ladder workout. I would have like 5 miles but I ran out of time and wanted to ice my back before I got ready. Is it me or does the mill seem so much faster? I was thinking to myself, "You just ran much faster than this yesterday....what's up?"

Today is a Tuesday Two-a-day....I got up before work this morning to get in arms, chest, and shoulders of P90X. So many push-ups....boy have I lost strength! I apologize to Di my kick butt trainer back where we lived....she would not be pleased! I have a short time before summer so I really need to stick to my planned weight workouts! Tonight it's back to the gym for a planned 6 miles.

I need to find a race or at least pretend I have one so I can get back on a better schedule! I have a few small races coming up but I would love a big one to train for. We shall see. I'm also thinking through entering Em in a race this 4th of July. She has been asking me when she is going to run in a big race. She practices in our living room and driveway. I say, "ready, set, go" and she takes off! And might I add she is fast! Even a boy at the park told us she was fast!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Putting on My Big-Girl Pants

First things first I have to thank all of you for your kind words and support! This has been a very difficult 2 weeks for our family but we are blessed with the promise that we will meet our baby one day in heaven! It means so much though to read all your kind words!

How can you totally kill a runner....you can not let her run. Doctor's orders and add to that a nasty case of strep throat to add icing to the week! Needless to say I am ready to go. Whenever I have to overcome something I tell myself, "Nance, it's time to put on your big-girl pants!" I have allowed myself to grieve and be sad...to look at life as more precious.....to give out and take lots of hugs....to allow my body to heal....but now it is time to put on the big-girl pants and go back to being the example I want for my always watching little girl! I'm putting on my big-girl pants and I'm heading back to running and weights! No more eating like I have the metabolism of a 3 year-old! I didn't reach my goal for April and my May mileage may be low but I am determined to get back on the horse and be beach ready!!!

Also I chose this day because....well it's Mother's Day! I love my Mom! It would be so incredibly hard to put into words all that she is to me! I just hope that I am able to support Emma the way that my Mom has always supported me! Speaking of which....I am forever thankful for the tiny blessing that made me a Mommy!! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank the Lord for her!!! She is the coolest, funniest, smartest, cutest, most loving kid I know and I am so proud to be her Mom!!! Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!

A moment I will always treasure....the first time I saw my blessing!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Now What.....

I'm sorry if this post is vague and maybe hard to follow but I am going to be taking a few days off from blogging. Our family has suffered a great loss this weekend and are spending time together to mend our broken hearts. I'm sure soon I'll be back to running and posting silly pics with my girl Em but for right now I'm just sad. I know that life is going to continue but I also know that I will forever be changed. I'm so thankful for the support of my family and friends. I will be commenting on your blogs since it feels good to escape for a little while and encourage someone else!