Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Em was my Mother's Day gift!!! My Vineyard Vines treat!

As promised this weekend I got back on the road and it felt great!!! After a perfect Mother's Day courtesy of the hubs with my family, I headed out to run a few miles while Em was napping. In true Fancy Nancy fashion I headed out a little fast, 8:12 min/mile, and by mile 3 I needed to dial it back a little. I finished with 4.2 miles in 35 minutes which is ok with me after 2 weeks off and a body that is still a little weak. The run to me was just an amazing way to recharge and get back to feeling like me again. I am strong and this past week has taught me just how strong I am. I know this will take time but I am glad to be running and giving myself that time!

Monday morning came the dreaded, I mean lovely 4:25 alarm and I was on the mill by 5 after a little quality time with the heating pad to warm up my stiff back. Apparently the back was going to have a little more impact that I thought because I got in a 4.1 miles of a ladder workout. I would have like 5 miles but I ran out of time and wanted to ice my back before I got ready. Is it me or does the mill seem so much faster? I was thinking to myself, "You just ran much faster than this yesterday....what's up?"

Today is a Tuesday Two-a-day....I got up before work this morning to get in arms, chest, and shoulders of P90X. So many push-ups....boy have I lost strength! I apologize to Di my kick butt trainer back where we lived....she would not be pleased! I have a short time before summer so I really need to stick to my planned weight workouts! Tonight it's back to the gym for a planned 6 miles.

I need to find a race or at least pretend I have one so I can get back on a better schedule! I have a few small races coming up but I would love a big one to train for. We shall see. I'm also thinking through entering Em in a race this 4th of July. She has been asking me when she is going to run in a big race. She practices in our living room and driveway. I say, "ready, set, go" and she takes off! And might I add she is fast! Even a boy at the park told us she was fast!


  1. I'm glad you got back at it! I read back over a couple of posts that I missed, I'm so sorry for your loss : (

  2. Sounds like your'e back at it with a vengeance. With that dedication you'll be back up to full strength in no time!

  3. Love the mom outfit! Very cute. And, yes, you need a race. Without an upcoming race, I am lost. Good luck with the p90x. That stuff is hardcore!

  4. You're back! I wish I could tackle the treadmill like that, but I've just about given up on the dreadmill.

  5. Great run and yes it does take time to get back but I'd be thrilled with a run like that!