Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture Post-Let Summer Begin!

This weekend Emma and I went down to RI to hang with the family! It was so much fun and here are some pics from the cousin filled beach trip...what was my sister and I thinking bringing 6 kids to the beach by ourselves?!
Cousin love!

Emma getting ready for Quicksilver!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy (way late) Father's Day/Three Things Thursday!

Well better late than never right? I've decided to mesh Three Things Thursday with my very late Father's Day post! And luck would have it that Emma has three amazing Dads in her life!

One of course is her Dada whom she adores! Her Dada is over the moon for her and would give her the world!

The second is her Grandpa who is my father-in-law. I just love this picture since he is 6'6"! He just adores Emma...his little chickie!
The third is my Dad who is also known as Papa Lennie! He just loves Emma to death and loves tease and joke with her!

How blessed Emma is to have these three amazing men in her life...who are also head-over-heels for her! I am blessed too to have them in my life and I thank God every day for them!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I am fully intending on putting up a "better late than never" posts about the amazing Dads I know...but today after school I had a conversation with a bunch of people I work with and needed a place to vent. It left me wondering why women always have to compete against each other. Not all women are like this but you know the ones that I am referring to. The group of people talking were a mixture of new and veteran runners along with other non-runners. One of the teachers...yes the same one I referred to in the post where she lost 14lbs in 2 months...was talking about going for a run after school. A few were joking with her about her pace saying, "Are you up to 3 minute miles now?" and her response was, "Well I am running a 6 minute mile right now and I just started 2 months ago. I am aiming for 5!". My response in my head was....well it isn't appropriate for publication but it starts with a b as in the animal. Last week we were talking about a race she had done and she said she did it in 11 minute miles. Later in the week was when I ran my PR. All of a sudden she is pulling an 18minute 5K? If she is then I need her secret!

This still leaves me with the question why some women have to always be one upping others. It's ok to be who you proud of it! Running for me is such a blessing! I hope that she will find that too instead of having to compete for the wrong reasons. Sorry to vent but sometimes I just don't get it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5K Race Report

Ok so today I ran in a local 5K with a few friends of mine. I ran this one last year when Emma was 6 months old in a little over 27 minutes and felt like I was going to yack. Now a year later I am feeling much better. Today I set a goal of at least 25 minutes. My big, oh my word how awesome goal was under 25 minutes. Well here it is....

I was so excited that when I saw my friend Jill I started to cry!! I finished in the top 50 finishers and got a spiffy shirt that is a little small but I will pour myself into it if I have to! I almost made it in under 24 but my stomach was not being my friend! I can't even express how psyched I am about my time! My Garmin....who I think needs a name...kicked my ass into gear! Ok I am going to go and just smile all night! I may even smile in my sleep!!! Great jobs also to Jill and Carrie!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do I need to cut of a limb???

I know I just posted to review and gush about my favorite watch ever but I also had something happen this week that got me asking the question above...
Do I need to cut off a limb???
A girl that I teach with, who we may add is already very slim and in good shape, was starting to look really thin so I asked her if she had lost any weight. She of course went on to say that she had lost 14lbs in the past 2 months. "Good for you!" was my response and I really was excited for her because I knew that she was trying to lose a few pounds. Really I was happy for her. Her response...."Yeah I was inspired by you and just started running!" Ok again so happy for her and that I was able to ignite that love for running, but I started thinking of my own weight loss and how the past few weeks it has come to a screeching halt. Now granted I haven't been as clean as I should's the end of the year and everyone is retiring which equals cake. I LOVE frosting! But....I just started running......UGH!!! I ran 110 miles last month and lost 1lb!!! What do I need to do? HELP!!!

I'm sorry to come across whiny or to make you think I am not supportive of others....just one of those days I think!

Say Hello to my LIttle Friend!

Oh yeah that is the new Garmin 110 baby! This was my Mother's Day/Graduation present and I LOVE IT!!! It is really easy to use which I really need because I can be a little slow. This is the version with the heart rate monitor so it helps me keep track of calories burned too! It is such a motivator because I can see my pace while I am running. This is new for me because before I just had a timer. I love it! I can tell when I am slacking off and need to pick up the pace. It's like my own little trainer on my wrist yelling, "Move your ass! No slowpokes!" It has the technology to upload your runs really easily which again is a bonus for me!

This baby was like the hardest thing to find and all the while it was right under my nose! My hubby ordered it from a website called bodytronics about 3 weeks before Mother's Day. Well they said it was backordered and so we waited for it to ship.....FOREVER!!! One day at school a friend of mine said, "Hey I saw that watch you were talking about at the expo this weekend in Boston!"....WTF!!! I called the store, Marathon Sports, and they had one in stock and waiting for me the next day! The hubby went into Boston and picked it up!!! I wouldn't use that website ever again. They just never communicated and it was frustrating but Marathon Sports we love!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just When You Thought You Were Strong.... take a TRX class and have trouble holding the phone to your ear afterward! My trainer left my gym to open her new studio. Since I am her biggest groupie...I mean fan...I continue to take classes from her. Today's adventure was TRX. Now TRX is hard enough by itself but she insists on kicking everyone's ass every class and this was no different! She mixed in agility drills and cardio between TRX moves. I forgot my heartrate monitor at home but the girl next to me burned 670 calories and I was totally sweating more than was actually very similar to the sweating of a fat, stinkin hog! The sick part is....can't wait for next class!!!