Monday, June 21, 2010


I am fully intending on putting up a "better late than never" posts about the amazing Dads I know...but today after school I had a conversation with a bunch of people I work with and needed a place to vent. It left me wondering why women always have to compete against each other. Not all women are like this but you know the ones that I am referring to. The group of people talking were a mixture of new and veteran runners along with other non-runners. One of the teachers...yes the same one I referred to in the post where she lost 14lbs in 2 months...was talking about going for a run after school. A few were joking with her about her pace saying, "Are you up to 3 minute miles now?" and her response was, "Well I am running a 6 minute mile right now and I just started 2 months ago. I am aiming for 5!". My response in my head was....well it isn't appropriate for publication but it starts with a b as in the animal. Last week we were talking about a race she had done and she said she did it in 11 minute miles. Later in the week was when I ran my PR. All of a sudden she is pulling an 18minute 5K? If she is then I need her secret!

This still leaves me with the question why some women have to always be one upping others. It's ok to be who you proud of it! Running for me is such a blessing! I hope that she will find that too instead of having to compete for the wrong reasons. Sorry to vent but sometimes I just don't get it!

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  1. Sounds like someone needs a Garmin so she can figure out how long a mile really is...

    I know what you mean. I've been working my ass off with cycling and HIM training. A friend, who has never biked, just did a charity ride. Just hopped on a bike & rode 45mi. Then posts on FB - ride was great, distance wasn't bad! WTH? Really?

    Have you read The Penguin's Courage To Start? It's a great reminder how we need to tune out other's and focus on our own path. :)