Friday, June 11, 2010

Say Hello to my LIttle Friend!

Oh yeah that is the new Garmin 110 baby! This was my Mother's Day/Graduation present and I LOVE IT!!! It is really easy to use which I really need because I can be a little slow. This is the version with the heart rate monitor so it helps me keep track of calories burned too! It is such a motivator because I can see my pace while I am running. This is new for me because before I just had a timer. I love it! I can tell when I am slacking off and need to pick up the pace. It's like my own little trainer on my wrist yelling, "Move your ass! No slowpokes!" It has the technology to upload your runs really easily which again is a bonus for me!

This baby was like the hardest thing to find and all the while it was right under my nose! My hubby ordered it from a website called bodytronics about 3 weeks before Mother's Day. Well they said it was backordered and so we waited for it to ship.....FOREVER!!! One day at school a friend of mine said, "Hey I saw that watch you were talking about at the expo this weekend in Boston!"....WTF!!! I called the store, Marathon Sports, and they had one in stock and waiting for me the next day! The hubby went into Boston and picked it up!!! I wouldn't use that website ever again. They just never communicated and it was frustrating but Marathon Sports we love!

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  1. oooh. i havent seen many of these yet since they are pretty new. would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on it as you get used to using it/it's features!