Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5K Race Report

Ok so today I ran in a local 5K with a few friends of mine. I ran this one last year when Emma was 6 months old in a little over 27 minutes and felt like I was going to yack. Now a year later I am feeling much better. Today I set a goal of at least 25 minutes. My big, oh my word how awesome goal was under 25 minutes. Well here it is....

I was so excited that when I saw my friend Jill I started to cry!! I finished in the top 50 finishers and got a spiffy shirt that is a little small but I will pour myself into it if I have to! I almost made it in under 24 but my stomach was not being my friend! I can't even express how psyched I am about my time! My Garmin....who I think needs a name...kicked my ass into gear! Ok I am going to go and just smile all night! I may even smile in my sleep!!! Great jobs also to Jill and Carrie!


  1. Wow! Congrats on an awesome time!!!

  2. seriously!?! I am SO impressed and jealous (since I can't wait to get back at running). Congats!