Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So here it goes...

1. When suffering an IBS flare up one should steer clear of a brick workout...Last night I went to check out a new gym here. I was a little iffy on doing weights even though I am so guilty about how little I have weight trained since we got here so I decided to stick to cardio. 5k run, 10 mile bike, 5k run...all well and good if you are trying to ignore the stabbing pains in my belly. Ugh! I got it in though and am so happy about that!
2. Warm weather = funk buster! This week has been in the high 60s and Em and I have been hitting the pavement! We run to our favorite head home again! I have loved it. I have listened to your advice and am looking for a race a little ways out to train for. You were right. It does keep me focused.
3. Thankfulness coming your way! I want to start again focusing on the many blessings in my life so November will be my thankfulness month...who knows maybe it will last the whole year!

For now I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday and this weekend holds the promise of moving the rest of our stuff into our new house! Yahooooo!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....almost

Lately my IBS has me feeling like this!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to Funky Town!

This week was a bust as I find myself taking up residence in Funky Town. It may be the weather or just me winding down from so much going on these past few months but I am in a FUNK! And let me add I am not liking it!

Not sure what my problem is but I only ran 11 miles this week! Not good!!! For whatever reason every time I sit still for more than 2 minutes I fall asleep. Tonight we were watching the Pats and Em was watching a movie and off I went to sleepy land! I'm sleeping enough at night...just a tired girl! The forecast looks good for this week so I am hoping to get in at least 5 days of running. Hoping this will break my funk! I am also looking at another race to train for. I am thinking that since I'm not training for anything then maybe I'm getting lazy. Any suggestions?

How do you break out of your funk?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fueling Days

Since I haven't joined a gym here yet, Em and I are doing our workouts together. We have begun a little tradition that has turned into something I am beginning to cherish! This little tradition has begun to be my own personal fuel...for those days when I am feeling a little shaky about our relocation. Those days when I want to whine about how everything is different and how much I miss my friends (...hint, hint) sneak in each week. Then comes the fuel....the reminder of what this move will do for our daughter and our family.

Our tradition is that Em and I go exploring each run. We...well I...find a place we want to go to and then run there. Usually it is to the park which Em has grown to love, but this week was the beach. There is a small, hidden beach about 3 miles from our house which I had found on a run alone one day. We ran there and when Em saw where we were, she yelled out, "BEACH!". She's just like her Momma! We spent the next half hour chasing seagulls, digging in the white sand, and collecting shells. It was a day that fueled my soul! We climbed back into the jogger with a fistful of shells and back home we ran!

Last year, my life was go go go. I was working 2-3 jobs, getting my CAGS degree, squeezing in runs, and always busy beyond belief. Many days I felt like life was slipping away from me. I am so thankful to have days to take a pit stop at the beach...or the name it! Who knows where this weeks adventure will bring us!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....almost

New discovery....the self-timer that counts down on the screen! Em loves to count with it...whatever gets her to smile!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today started my day with the mindset of no excuses...this week I am not going to let the weather or circumstances get in the way of my workouts. And of course today was that first cool, damp day where you just want to curl up in your jammies. Well praise the Lord for my hubby who played with Em while I went for a run when he got home.

About a mile into the run I realized that it was quickly getting dark and street lights in my new neighborhood are few and far betw
een. Now I am a serious self-proclaimed scardy cat...we're talking hate the dark, Boogie Man under the bed scared. Even when I was younger, you could tell when I was home alone at night by the amount of lights that were on! Well today I hauled bootie to get in at least 4 miles before the street was too dark even though I felt like this:

I guess I just need to do my racing at night now since I maintained a 7:30 pace!

What brings on the speed for you?

Monday, October 11, 2010

10K for 10-10-10

So I am posting this a little late because we were at a wedding last night...probably us and half the world since it was such a popular date! The hubs and I partied like rockstars forgetting that we in fact are no longer that! Definitely dragging around today! Ahhh to be young again!

So I was going back and forth yesterday b
etween running a 10 miler or a 10K. One meant I would need to go alone and the other included my trusty running companion Emma. My ultimate decision was made because my Hubby has always been so good about letting me run whenever and for how long I want and I thought he deserved some gym time! So I bundled up the girl and out the door we went to celebrate this cool, autumn day!

Yes I am not beyond saving her favorite snack for my runs! Veggie Sticks!

I didn't go for a certain time but I wanted to keep it under a 9 minute mile. I have been trying to push myself more and more each time. However, today was a different run for me. I started off and began to remember a eulogy that I heard a few weeks ago while sitting at a funeral for a childhood friend who died far too young. Her husband said beautiful things about his wife but what stuck with me was how he credited her with showing him how to slow down and enjoy life. So I took this run to do just that. We stopped to look at the leaves, the beach, the fuzzy caterpillar lumbering by. We made a pit stop half way to get in some swinging and slide time at the park. We stopped to greet every neighborhood dog. We sang songs way off key at the top of our lungs and counted to 10 more times than normal. My pace....well it was under 9:20....but the time we had together was priceless! It was a beautiful morning and a gift I promptly thanked God for...many times!

Emma decided she wanted to run the last part toward the house. She loves to run!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harwich Half Race Report


I did it!!!! I finally broke the 2 hour mark! I decided to just work on staying calm and run my race....and it worked!!! I kept a pretty consistent 8:40 mile pace with quicker miles here and there! Oh man I can't even describe how happy I am to report this time! I officially feel like I have made it! I am loving this Mommy me cause she's fast baby! I mean I'm not breaking any world records but I am breaking all my personal records!

The day was overcast and around 60 degrees for race time. The wind was cold especially by the beach. Once we got going it was perfect weather to run. Did I mention how happy I am that I beat 2 hours?! I met Jill and Brian there at the race and we picked up our numbers. This was by far the least amount of swag....just a shirt. After a quick bathroom run and drop off our stuff we lined up. Can I just mention here one of my biggest pet peeves? Umm people that wait to the last second to line up and then wedge themselves in the 1/2 inch between me and the person in front of me...or the people who line up late and then proceeds to weave in and out of other runners almost tripping people. Is it too much to ask for you to line up when you are told to?

The rest of the race was pretty uneventful. It was a series of picking out people to pass and then making my way past them. Jill caught up to me around mile 3 and then we ran the rest together....she seriously rocks! At one point Jill was talking to me about our pace we were keeping and the chances of breaking the 2 hour mark. I proceeded to shush me it was like a no just don't talk about it until it's over!

The end was surreal....I rounded the corner and sprinted to the finish line! My finish line pic must be me with a HUGE smile across my face! I got my medal and then saw Jill...the tears were about to flow! I was so happy! Now I can go to work tomorrow morning and look at that great finish started and ended at the high school in Harwich which is one of the schools I work in.

Well this happy Momma is headed to bed....a very happy Momma that is!