Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So here it goes...

1. When suffering an IBS flare up one should steer clear of a brick workout...Last night I went to check out a new gym here. I was a little iffy on doing weights even though I am so guilty about how little I have weight trained since we got here so I decided to stick to cardio. 5k run, 10 mile bike, 5k run...all well and good if you are trying to ignore the stabbing pains in my belly. Ugh! I got it in though and am so happy about that!
2. Warm weather = funk buster! This week has been in the high 60s and Em and I have been hitting the pavement! We run to our favorite head home again! I have loved it. I have listened to your advice and am looking for a race a little ways out to train for. You were right. It does keep me focused.
3. Thankfulness coming your way! I want to start again focusing on the many blessings in my life so November will be my thankfulness month...who knows maybe it will last the whole year!

For now I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday and this weekend holds the promise of moving the rest of our stuff into our new house! Yahooooo!


  1. Glad you've found some motivation. Stomach rumbles are never fun--worst feeling in the world, especially since mine always like to act up when I am miles from a bathroom...

  2. we hit the playground a bunch too this weekend, so happy it was nice out, especially since it may snow on Halloween!!