Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fueling Days

Since I haven't joined a gym here yet, Em and I are doing our workouts together. We have begun a little tradition that has turned into something I am beginning to cherish! This little tradition has begun to be my own personal fuel...for those days when I am feeling a little shaky about our relocation. Those days when I want to whine about how everything is different and how much I miss my friends (...hint, hint) sneak in each week. Then comes the fuel....the reminder of what this move will do for our daughter and our family.

Our tradition is that Em and I go exploring each run. We...well I...find a place we want to go to and then run there. Usually it is to the park which Em has grown to love, but this week was the beach. There is a small, hidden beach about 3 miles from our house which I had found on a run alone one day. We ran there and when Em saw where we were, she yelled out, "BEACH!". She's just like her Momma! We spent the next half hour chasing seagulls, digging in the white sand, and collecting shells. It was a day that fueled my soul! We climbed back into the jogger with a fistful of shells and back home we ran!

Last year, my life was go go go. I was working 2-3 jobs, getting my CAGS degree, squeezing in runs, and always busy beyond belief. Many days I felt like life was slipping away from me. I am so thankful to have days to take a pit stop at the beach...or the name it! Who knows where this weeks adventure will bring us!


  1. Love this post. "Fueling" is SO important! :)

  2. A hidden beach - that sounds like fun for both of you! We moved into town from the suburbs a year ago and I've found woodsy trails in the middle of Houston - you just never know what you'll find!