Friday, August 31, 2012

September Goals....My New Years

Well the last day of August is upon us.  As much as I have denied that it was coming, it still came.  September's arrival for me is always bittersweet.  I welcome the cool, crisp temps of the fall and honestly everything that is fall (colors, smells, food, etc) but I mourn the loss of my beach time and freedom that summer brings....that anything can happen feeling of summer.  Fall also mark back-to-school time for me and less time to spend with Em which is always hard for me. 
This September/Fall brings so many changes in our little family that are both exciting and scary all at once.  Em is starting preschool next week and yesterday I went to the parent orientation.  I found myself overcome with tears at random points (yes partly thanks to pregnancy hormones) half sadness that this time is going so quickly with her but also excited for all she is going to learn this year!  I am heading back to school too but only long enough to get things started and organized for this coming month.  I will then be off for 12 weeks after Baby #2 makes her arrival!  So while I am digging my heals in the sand and wanting to hold on with dear life to August, I am making goals for September and what lies ahead.....and here they are!

Breathe....Life tends to travel at breakneck speeds, especially when I am working so this September I want to make sure I am taking time to breathe...enjoy the blessings around me...reflect on the past year...take in all that life has in front of me.  I'm reading the book "Discerning the Voice of God" with the amazing Harmony this month.  If you want to join in please let me know!!  I want to enter October a much calmer momma!

Organize....Call it nesting, I'll call it my Type A personality!  I need things to be in order!!  Now that there is only 5/6 weeks until Baby Girl makes her mark on our family, that is becoming a huge need!!  By the end of September I want all the boxes unpacked and things set the way they should be!  I also want to get meals organized so we can be eating healthy after baby too!  Good luck to my family!!

Strengthen...While September is my last month of pregnancy, I want to go into October and the birth with a running start instead of a binging start!  I joined Tamara's Fresh Start Challenge and I couldn't be more excited to have this challenge guide my eating and exercise this last month!  No need to shy away from a challenge even though I'm 9 months pregnant! 

So there you have it!  I'm keeping it simple for September...which for teachers feels like our New Years! 
Now what about you?
What are your goals for September??

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

As summer begins to slip away...I find myself clinging to summer traditions and getting as much of them in as possible.  This means extra time at the beach collecting shells and making sand castles....Or a perfectly placed pinwheel!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cardio vs Muscles....Which Reigns Supreme?

The age old debate in the Fancy Nancy house is which is more important...cardio or weight training.  To be fair, the past few years I have certainly jumped on the running like crazy train and have not been as good about getting in my weight training.  In the same vein, the hubs competed in his first body building competition this past April so we are really two ends of the spectrum.  Which leads me to the question of the day.....
Cardio or Weight Training....which is best?

The answer for me....both.  A life of just cardio gives you lots of heart health but fails to keep you toned.  Weight training, on the other hand, promotes bone and muscle health but fails to give you that cardio strength as well.  When given 30 minutes in the gym, my first inclination is to jump on the treadmill or other cardio machine.  However, as we have seen in the past year with the rise of HIIT training, a mixture of both for those 30 minutes can burn far more calories AND gives your body an overall workout. 

Lately, now that I feel less like a cute pregnant lady and more like "WOW you're going to pop any second!", I have been able to run less and less.  I've been using the bike more and walking but really am not getting that high like I do from running.  I've been doing more weight training though, feeling strong and building up those muscles to help me bounce back!  I'm looking forward to The Fresh Start Challenge in September with Fitnitchick to bring me right up to delivery day fit and healthy!
 So now it's your turn to weigh in....
Cardio or Weight Training....Which reigns supreme with you?

Monday, August 27, 2012

When Monday Isn't Monday...

One day....many, many years from now I will be able to retire from my job as a teacher (I mean a LONG way at least 22 years).  Following that last June day, I will be faced with the age long question and one that Fitness Cheerleader has given us to discuss...
What now?  What will you do after you retire?
While I honestly do love my job as a teacher, there is something to be said for that lack of the stress that Sunday afternoon brings me knowing another week is on the horizon.  No more Mondays?  Ok sure thing!!  But what would I do with all that time on my hands....I'm sure I would fill it...
Travelling....I love to travel and experience new places.  Teachers yes do get vacations but often times that is when the prices are highest for flights and etc.  I wold love to be able to RV across the country...and I have 22 years to convince my hubby that he would love to too!
Volunteer...I can't imagine spending 35 years doing something and just stop all together.  Besides the fact that I went into teaching because I love helping kids!  I can see myself volunteering at schools with struggling students.
Beach....Yeah I can hear you already..."But you already do go to the beach!"  yes but I imagine myself one day in that group of ladies you see at the beach who meet each other there each day and sit in a circle and chat! 
RUN....Yes I do plan to be that 80 year-old lady still toeing the line at races!  Just think of the training I could get in when I don't have to work....ooodles!!!

In the end I pray I have my health and family around me when work is all finished.  At the end of the day that is all that matters!  I can bring my grandchildren running with me!!!

And you???  What will fill your moments when Monday isn't Monday?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up!

With all the birthday celebrating going on in the Fancy Nancy house this weekend I failed to post yesterday!!  We celebrated hubby's birthday Friday with a family dinner, yesterday with a day at the beach (oh wait that was probably more for me!), and last night with a date night dinner!

See...I'm not always in workout clothes!
It's honestly weekends like these that remind me of why I named this blog "Living the Dream".  Granted I am minus the running part as much as I would like but there are moments where I stop to look around and realize I am living what I had always wanted.  I am a wife and a mom who gets to run, workout, and be a beach bum!!  What more could I want?  Life certainly isn't always perfect and best believe there are days when I ask "why me?" but I know I am blessed...I am living my dream.

Yes I'm not running as much as I would like...and honestly not sweating it up as much as I want either, but this time will pass and being safe right now reigns most important.  When I am running like I want, my Saturday mornings follow an almost Groundhog Day-like pattern....wake, eat, read blogs, run.  I miss it!  I miss sitting down to my whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and sugar free red bull knowing the next two hours of running will be fueled by carbs and caffeine!  I can't have sugar free red bull right now (even though I can smell it from a mile away and it gets me all giddy) and eating a bagel now just isn't the same when you know you are going to burn it all off in a run.

Do you have a pre workout tradition for food?  Does it ever change?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...get outside...summer is slipping away!

Friday, August 24, 2012

What's in my gym bag?

Well folks are you in for a treat!!  Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and bring you my very first vlog!!!  Not only do I feel size ginormous but I was also sweating since it is Africa hot here bear with me and I hope you enjoy!

Want to know what's in there and where to find it?  Check out these links!!
"Running for two" Tank-they have these for all sorts of activities!!
Under Armour bag
Gu (rumor has it they came out with a peanut butter flavor....yum!)
Saucony Kinvara 3
ZOOMA hat...enter to win one!!

Your don't need to vlog!!
What's in YOUR gym bag??
I'm linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and also Jill with Fitness Friday!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday....Best Things

Good morning!!!  Today's Thursday randomness is brought to you my the Healthy Blogger Challenge with Fitness Cheerleader!! 
Question of the day....
What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?
Well the past few days I have been giving little Em lots of extra hugs and cuddles since she has sadly come down with hand foot mouth....which by the way is agony to watch and I'm sure to have!  Through the sickness we have had a good week so far!
1.  Closer than I think....The other day I decided to add up my mileage for the year just for the heck of it.  I was shocked to see that I am less than 200 miles from 1000!!  Considering I have been pregnant all of 2012 this is amazing to me!  I can remember 2 years ago when Mel started the 1000 mile challenge I never thought I could hit 1000 miles!  It's amazing what your body can do that your mind never thought would happen!!
2.  New discoveries....One thing that we loved about our old house was the beach and park just down the street.  I was really bummed to be moving partly because of this.  This week Em and I have been exploring around us and have found two new discoveries....a new beach that we love and a running/bike riding path less than a half mile from our house!  I know over time we will find our niche in our new neighborhood but these new discoveries were great!
3.  Healthy baby and mom...I went for a check-up yesterday for Little Miss #2.  I had had a tough stretch last week where I was feeling really weak and almost passed out one day.  The doctor said it was due to my consistently low blood pressure and most likely everything is just fine...just need to make sure I'm hydrating well during these hot, humid days.  Phew!  Also Little Miss #2 is doing well with a strong heart beat as she is camped out on my right side.  Routine check-ups are a huge blessing...Boring is a blessing with babies!!!

You're turn!!!  Let me celebrate with you!
What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Pre-Mom Fancy Nancy

Ok well first call me red in the face...I just realized that my title for yesterday was a little early since was Tuesday NOT Wednesday!  I'm blaming baby brain for that one!! 

August Blogger Challenge with Fitness Cheerleader today is:
Write a letter to your former self.
I have written a post similar to this before to my 16 year-old self.  However, this got me first thinking about what my former self was like.  I have always been an athlete and very active so it was hard for me to think of a time where I would be different.  Then I remembered...just 4 short years ago...I wasn't a mom.  I had all the time I needed (oddly still felt busy) and I had no one to really to take care of but myself.  And....honestly I thought my fitness days were over.  Hang up the running shoes because that pr is never going to happen now!  Here is what I would say now to that Fancy Nancy.
Dear Pre-Mom Fancy Nancy,
     You are getting ready to be a mom for the first time and while you may think you have it all together and planned to the last detail, there are in fact a few things you have neglected to see.  Here are some things you never thought or dreamed about from the next four years.
  • Go easy on're a new mom and just learning how to fit back into your life.  You DON'T have to be one is!
  • Yes you're turning 30 and are over tired and over weight...but life is NOT over!!
  • Believe in who you are and stand by that!  You are capable and able to endure far more than you ever confident in your strength!
  • Polish off those running shoes chicky because they are going to take you places you never dreamed....oh and be sure to find a place for all your finisher medals because they are going to start to roll in!
  • Listen to your body....especially your back! (Yeah that's an injury I wish I could have avoided)
  • Put on your big girl pants because you have a lot ahead of you....and the journey is SO worth every bump!  You're a mom...what you've always dreamed of...and you're going to make mistakes but You Rock!!  
  • Some day soon your tears will dry up and you will realize you are Living the Dream!!!  
Much Love,
Your slightly older self :-)

What would you say to your former self??

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Word for Wednesday

Thank you all so much for your suggestions on gear to add to a home gym!  I am going to try it out for some time...I'll have to think of a creative name for my gym so when people ask me where I work out I can tell them!!  I tried it out today with a run...well run/walk. 
Worked like a charm and even was able to get a load of laundry done and catch up on my celebrity gossip on my favorite radio station and find a few recipes in my Clean Eating magazine! 

Now onto today's topic of the day from Fitness Cheerleader....
Why did you start your blog?
Well I started writing Living the Dream in 2009 well after I had been reading blogs.  The name came from a t-shirt that I had purchased from LTDChix with a mom on the treadmill with a baby and laundry hanging off.  Perfect!  I was a new mom and really looking for one thing....
What I received in returned I never expected...friendship, unbelievable support, encouragement, countless fitness and food ideas, motivation, parenting tips, and access to an amazing group of people striving to be the best version of themselves!!!  I wouldn't trade it for the world!!  I'm so thankful for it!
Why did you start a blog? What unexpected things have you gained since then?

Monday, August 20, 2012

No Gym? 5 Must-Have Fitness Items

Today's August Blogger Challenge question fits perfect into what is happening in my life now!  Since we have moved a few weeks ago, I am needing to decide whether or not to keep the gym membership that I had or cancel it and workout at home for a stretch.  The gym I belong to was literally door to door 2 minutes from our old house and so an early morning workout was simple to fit in before work.  Now it is about 15 minutes which isn't much but you saw my schedule yesterday....tight!  Plus Miss Capen #2 will be making her appearance soon so I will need to fine tune my "making fitness fit" skills again!  I may be looking at cancelling the membership, free tanning and all.  This is a hard decision for me because it has been 17 years since I have not had a gym membership....yep 17 years!  I'm nervous not to have that gym environment not to motivate me...will I slack at home?....will I get the results?...what do I need to have the same results?

Here are my 5 must have items for at home fitness....
A treadmill...don't forget I'm a running crazy gal!!  We were so blessed to find one on a great sale!
Lifting a baby is not going to cut it in my quest for jacked arms...the only struggle is finding the right weight amounts.  I have up to 10lbs but I know I'll need to up the weights.
Short time calls for HIIT training....getting the best sweat-inducing workout.  A good timer is a must!
Yes my love for Saucony continues!!!  A great pair of sneakers though is a must have for fitness...home or at the gym!
A good plan....there are races to train for and goals for post-baby body but without a plan, nothing will get done!  I am equipping myself with plan from Train Like a Mother, killer workouts from Blonde Ponytail and my fellow kick butt Fitfluential Ambassadors, and a few apps on my iPhone.  I've been collecting workouts!!
What would you add to the list?  What are your must-haves for fitness? 

And...a little motivation since it is Monday and all!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Day in the Life of Fancy Nancy

Day 19 of the August Blogger Challenge and Fitness Cheerleader has us talking about our typical day.  Now there are a few factors that I need to mention before I explain a typical day to you.  First, I'm a teacher...and one that intentionally does not have a summer job except for 1 week where I teach a course at my alma mater (last week).  I love the summer to be able to be home with Em and connect so a typical day for us is much different depending on the season.  Second, in just 7 weeks (yup sooo not ready but that's a whole other post) we will be welcoming another little lady into our life and I fully expect "typical" is going to change for a while!  That being is a day in the life of this working momma!
Typical Work Day
4:15am - wake up and give myself the gym pep talk
5am - gym time
6am - shower and get ready faster than a speeding bullet (usually because once I woke up at the gym I realized I would rather be there then heading to work!
6:40am - out the door for work
7:20am - my first high school student stumbles in usually half asleep (they have no idea how good they have it to be able to sleep all they want!)
7:20am-2:30pm - I travel between classrooms and schools (3 schools) team teaching and teaching small groups to my students
3pm - pick up Em from Daycare (this year it will be preschool-Even less ready for that!)
3-5:30pm - This time is usually when Em and I do something fun together (park, run, paint, visit my aunt, play outside, etc.) but it is also the time that I have to get any emergency errands done and get dinner started.
5:30ish - hubby comes home!
5:30-7:30 - family time with dinner
7:30pm - Em's bath and bed (much later in the summer.....I mean come on it's summer!)
After Em is in bed the hubs and I usually veg out for a few hours on the couch...I typically fall asleep on the couch!  There are a few days a week where I go back to the gym or he goes to the gym if he couldn't fit it in during the day.  

I know what you're thinking....Wow she has such an exciting life!!!  Ha!!!  During the school year it is like Groundhog Day which is both why I try to plan lots of fun things in the afternoon with Em and why I LOVE the summer.  Now it's your turn....
What does your typical day look like?
Best of luck to all you racers out there!!  I know a lot of you are racing RNR Providence...go out and rock that city!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time to Celebrate!

You've done the work....put in the training...race day is almost here....time to celebrate!!!  
ZOOMA is hosting an AWESOME Mocktail Hour sponsored by Hint at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, MA the night before the ZOOMA Cape Cod 10k and Half Marathon for all you ladies (and your fan club too) who are running the race!!!
It is going to be an awesome time to hang out with friends, make new ones, and meet the special guest Fitnessista!!
Here is the skinny on this awesome event!
When: September 21st 7-8pm
How: Register to attend on the ZOOMA blog!

Haven't registered yet for ZOOMA Cape Cod?  Well here is yet ANOTHER reason to click that register button!!  Don't forget to use the code CCAMB4 for your discount!  I hope to see you there!  I'll be the lady ready to have a baby!!!

Pride is Forever...

Pride....I'm sure all of us have had a moment in our lives where we have felt proud of ourselves.  We worked hard at something at reached a goal or received something. 
Fitness Cheerleader today is talking pride.
What is the proudest moment of your life?
There have been moments in my life where I have felt proud of myself...being married to my husband, graduating from my CAGS summa cum laude after having a baby in the middle of it, seeing my students do great things, getting to Emma's first birthday and realizing that she was great...but this being a blog a lot about running and exercise of course I am going to choose a moment (or two...when have I ever been able to choose just one of something?) from that part of my life.
Running the Boston Marathon
It was my first time ever even considering running that distance and boy did I have a lot to learn but rounding that corner, turning onto Boylston Street, and seeing that finish line at the end...priceless!  I had done it....I was a marathoner!
Breaking the 2 hour half marathon
Jill and I before the Cranberry Half Marathon in Harwich, MA
This was so much more to me than a time on the clock.  To me this moment meant I could do anything I put my mind to in running or life.  I was back....and better!  Back from the 50+lbs I had gained with pregnancy...back from postpartum depression...back from a crazy place where I didn't lean on God but rather climbed on His back...and I was better...faster and stronger than I had ever been! I didn't do it alone but that moment crossing the finish line I was proud!
Ok all of you out there!  Time to brag!
What has been your proudest moment?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Friday Fitness

How many more F words can I fit into that title?!(clean ones of course!)  Today I'm linking up for Fitness Friday with Jill and also with the Fitness Cheerleader for out Healthy Blogger Challenge!  How nice of them to work this together!! 
Today's topic of choice?
What is your favorite workout?
Ok so since I talk about running....a is no surprise that I'm going to share my favorite running workouts but know also that I have other loves.  Before moving I fell in love with a TRX class that I took at a local gym.  Di, the instructor, combined TRX and cardio for a kick ass class!!  I do love weights and the way they make me feel...but running is my first love!

Since becoming a mom, the concept of speed work became not only very real but very necessary as well!  If I was going to continue to increase my mileage in the time I had for a long run each Saturday morning, then I was going to need to become faster.  At first speed work was intimidating but once I got going it made me feel that I just got my butt kicked and I loved it kind of way!  So here are two speed workouts that I love!
Ladder workout
This one I had read about a few years ago and decided to try it out.  Basically you are climbing up and down a ladder of time! 
Warm-up (usually I do a mile)
1 min on (the speed is really what is challenging to you....don't fear the challenge but embrace it!)
1 min off
2 min on (same speed as before....remember to embrace the challenge)
1 min off
3 min on (yep its going to suck but remember that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger!)
1 min off
2 min on (same speed)
1 min off
1 min on
Then you just keep the pattern going as long as you can!  Sure to leave you a sweaty mess!

Intervals (adapted track workout)
I started doing this on a day where it was pouring out and I chickened out and didn't go to running group!  I really pushed the pace with this one because it was shorter intervals.
Warm-up (again usually a slow mile)
30 seconds on
30 seconds off (jogging)
1 min on
30 seconds off
1 min on
30 seconds off
90 seconds on
30 seconds off
Repeat as many times as you want.  I try to challenge myself each interval by bumping up the speed for both the on time and off time.

What's your favorite workout? know that one that you love to hate!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daily Dish

Soooo I was a bad challenge blogger yesterday and did not post my songs like I should have.  However check out the playlists from the other bloggers that are part of the challenge with Fitness Cheerleader especially if you're looking for something to add to yours!
Today's challenge question is about food:
What is your favorite recipe to make?
While I really like to cook(provided I like it even better if someone would plan what I should make), I tend to recycle the same recipes over and over again.  Looking at my Pinterest Food board and my vast collections of cookbooks, you can see that I have an interest in trying new things but I really need to step out of my comfort zone for me and my family!  I tend to love trying new dessert recipes(who wouldn't when messing up is so yummy!) but dinner options need better planning. 

One recipe that is my go to is one that I make most often for my lunch for a couple of reasons.  I try to incorporate as many veggies into my lunches as I can and this recipe fits the bill.  I used to pack a huge salad while tuna and rice vinegar but while I loved them...they didn't love me back!  While raw veggies make my belly cranky (to be nice) over too many days, these roasted veggies are great! 

Gather a bunch of veggies to roast.  I use summer squash, zucchini, peppers, onion, mushrooms, asparagus, and spinach.  Cut them up evenly and throw them in a big roasting pan (I make enough for the whole week so I have to use a big one!).  Toss them with lots of balsamic dressing and a drizzle of olive oil and some red pepper flakes for some heat.  Then you simply roast them at 400* for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.  Easy peasy!!  I can stick them in the oven and go on prepping for the next week!

Not only are they super yummy but you can use them in so many different ways!  I combine them with chicken or quinoa (when I'm not pregnant-my only food aversion) and I also make a wrap out of them with hummus. 

Time to dish....What is your favorite recipe to make?

Some exciting news from yesterday was that I was a guest contributor for Fitblogger!  I was so honored to be chosen!!  Check it out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What if....

Are you a person who asks "what if..." during your life?  Do you look back and wonder how taking one different turn could have you living a different life? you not look back and stay strong to the path you are on?

Today's Blogger Challenge Question with Fitness Cheerleader asks:
What is something you always wonder "what if" about?

There are times in my life where I wonder how life would be different had I made different choices.  I would be lying if I said I never thought "what if" about our life these past two years.  "What if we didn't move our life somewhere different".  Things may have been easier....or harder...but I know the blessings we've had the past 2 years wouldn't have been there and that is something I'm not willing to give up!  Like I've said about this before, when God says go. 

Looking back to growing up I have thought at times, "What if I had done cross country in high school instead of soccer and softball?"  Would I be the runner I am today?  Would I have liked it as much?  I used to think running just for the sake of running was pointless....Ha!  Look at me now!!!

I'm sure most college graduates ask themselves years later, "What if".  I made a choice to stay close to my college town and get a job there...a job I stayed in for the next 10 years of my life.  Before graduation, I explored teaching abroad, teaching in NYC, and going back to my hometown.  Yes my life would have been different.  I may have never remet my husband...had maintained a job that I loved...been a mom to the most amazing girl I know...the job in NYC would have put me in my first year of teaching smack dab in the middle of the horror that was September 11th.  Again I wouldn't trade what my life is now!

Running is probably the place in my life where I ask "what if" most often.  "What if I had pushed the pace more?", "What if I had trained a few more weeks?", "What if I started slower?"  These I find are the only "what ifs" that can be useful to me....they make me look at my race and make changes to be a better runner.

Do you ask "what if"?  What are the "what ifs" you ask? or not?

Monday, August 13, 2012

What's YOUR Motivation

I love motivational quotes and often times I find them compared on what is happening at the moment.  Some days I need something a little more hard core to get me going, while others I need more of a big hug to get me out the door!  Today's mission from Fitness Cheerleader is
What is your favorite motivational quote/saying?

I have had a hard time nailing down just one so you're going to get a few from me.  Shocker I know!!
This verse I have used throughout my life.  During my years playing softball, Phil 4:13 was written into the palm of my catcher's mitt to remind me that anything was possible. 
Here are a few more keepers!

Now it is your turn.....What is YOUR favorite motivational quote/saying?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Junk" in the Trunk!

Good morning all!!  Writing this morning while I watch the Olympic marathon....I won't spoil anything for those of you who are out running while the race is tapping...but boy these men make it look so natural!  If I could have a stride like that, I could run for days!!

Today over at the Fitness Cheerleader we're talking junk food.  The question of the day is:
What is your favorite junk food?
Now while there are many weaknesses in my eating lately since pregnancy cravings are in full force now that I am closing in on my 8th month, I tried to think of the one food that if it was on a table in front of me I would have a hard time not sampling.  That food is tortilla chips and guacamole. 
I apologize to my sister who has been my partner in finding the perfect Salt and Vinegar chip but this combo is my Achilles heel by far.  One of things my hubby and I joke about when we talk about our honeymoon is the fact that I couldn't keep away from the guacamole bar that was by the pool...even though it gave me a stomach ache every day!! (Probably had something to do with the fact that it was out in the Dominican sun all day)  I just can't have it near me because I can't resist it!!

Ok so your turn to dish the skinny on your favorite junk!
A quick shout out to those of you running the Falmouth Road Race this morning!  I'm doing the anti-rain dance for you all!!!  Best of luck to the 11,000+ runners!!! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Famous Workout Buddies...Dream Team!

Fitness Cheerleader is at it again and today's topic was fun:
Name a famous person you would like to work out with
Now of course in true me fashion I would not pick just one person.  I instead looked at it from the running front and then the weights front...even though the weights front cross over I'm sure! 
Kara Goucher...I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks she looked AMAZING at the Olympics this year!  I know she trained hard and I would love to run with her!  She would definitely have to slow her pace for me but...yeah we could me Best Running Friends!
Bart Yasso....Not only does this guy obviously know his stuff, but after reading his book, "My Life on the Run" he's wicked funny too!  I think it would be great to lace up my shoes with Bart...and maybe run a few Yasso 800s!
Sarah and Dimity...Great authors, great moms, and great runners (and soon to be triathletes) these ladies would be a blast to run with!  For now I will stick to reading "Train Like a Mother" and admiring my new "Another Mother Runner" bumper sticker I got from doing the June challenge!
Mr. Bob Harper...Killer workouts and tough love...what's not to love about Bob Harper?!!!  Check out My Trainer Bob!!!

Chris Powell...If you haven't seen Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition, do yourself a favor tomorrow and tune in!  This guy not only transforms people over a year of their life, he puts them through awesome challenges!! 
Tosca Rena....Clean Eating Diva Tosca!  She looks amazing and is in awesome shape!  I would LOVE to work out with her for the day....or all the time!!

Your turn!
What famous person would you like to work out with?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fitness Friday....5 Weird Things

On tap for today is a mash-up!  After spending a month with my family, our niece is an expert at mash-ups!  She can start with a song she learned at VBS and finish with something like really is a talent!

For today's mash-up I am not going to sing, (lucky you although I did sing with Kenny Rogers when I was young), I am going to mash together Fitness Friday hosted by the great Jill Conyers and Day 10 of the Blogger Challenge hosted by the also great Fitness Cheerleader!  Don't forget to visit these ladies and check it all out!
Day 10's question is 
What are 5 weird things that you like?
I'm not sure if these are super weird but I am going to pick 5 weird fitness related things I like!  Enjoy!
1.  Sweating a lot....Now this is only fitness related.  Yesterday when I was sweating my face off I was not too happy.  Pealing off my workout clothes after a run or class is awesome!  When I was working out at a gym with my trainer, sometimes I would weigh myself before and after a class of TRX or some other equally sweat inducing class to see how much I sweated! 
2.  Eating chocolate before I run...Not too weird I know but not the best fuel either.  I eat a normal breakfast usually but chocolate always seems to sneak into my mouth.  Tricky chocolate!
3.  Sore, shaky muscles....I feel cheated after a workout with weights if I don't feel like jello!  Even better is that sore, I'm going to walk weird for a day, feeling you have the next day!  Definitely not the injured hurting...just the "I worked my hiney off" hurting!
4.  Pretending I'm way more badass than I really am....This happens to me on a run or in a spin class.  I feel like it helps me to do better....I crank up my music, get my swagger on, and go.  Let's review though...gangster I am not but whatever gets me through a workout!!

5.  Get excited for days when I can workout all day long....Ok maybe this is more a dream than weird!  I do get excited for days when I can get in a morning and afternoon an all day sweatfest! 

 Ok so I'll leave you with one shameless plug....If you're running in this weekend's Falmouth Road Race, stop by the expo today after 5.  I'll be there at the ZOOMA tent with Brooke and Brae...they will be there all weekend so stop by and say hi!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Body Image and Media

Today's topic for the August Blogger Challenge with the Fitness Cheerleader is about the impact of the media on body image....I do have to admit that this is probably the most challenging topic for me although as a mom of a girl, and soon to be mom of 2 girls, it is something that I should be more aware of. 

For a large part of my life, I struggled with poor body image.  In all honesty it is something that sits on my shoulder just ready to come back.  I ate up pictures of celebrities...the skinnier the better and used them as motivation to continue on the unhealthy road I was on.  Please let me be clear that I in no way blame the media for my behavior and feelings about the way I looked, I just found motivation there.  When I found out I was having Em, I knew I was going to need to address my own issues.  I wanted to be an example of health and fitness for her instead of a body focused mom.  This really has been a focus of mine.  Several months back I was watching a talkshow (random one) and they were addressing the pro-ana movement.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it is basically a movement that encourages anorexia through various websites.  Google it if you are still wanting to know more.  Learning about this made me shudder....what if my daughter read these sites and received these messages?  It got me thinking....what can I do to keep her from craving these unhealthy messages?

The media is not going anywhere and I would be silly to think that my girls will never encounter a negative message, but what I can do is build their confidence in who they are.  I can show them their strengths and how amazing they are.  Then...I can pray that if they do fall into negative thinking that they will know their worth and how much we love them and are there to talk.

What are your thoughts on the media's impact on body image...good or bad?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ouch...That Hurt! Worst Injury Ever!

Day 8 of the Blogger Challenge at the Fitness Cheerleader asks:
What is your worst injury ever?
Now while I have been honestly blessed to not have had a lot of injury in my life (a miracle considering how long I have been active in sports), I have had some injuries due to dumb decision making on my part.  Case in point, buy new rollerblades as a teenager....want to show them off and get a tan at the same time...realize I have no clue how to stop while going down massive hill....literally slide across the street in order to stop causing road rash in places I never knew existed!!

The worst injury to date for me still guides my decision making for my running and working out.  It happened about 6 months after Emma was born and I was coming back strong and midway in training for my first half marathon after baby.  I was at a morning session with my trainer (thank the Lord she was there!!!) and Em had gone into the babysitting place at the gym for the first time...oh and let me mention that this was the hubby's first day back to work after his paternity leave!  I was doing Burpees with the Bosu ball and when I went to stand up again, my back still bent in half and no way I was standing up straight again!  My trainer wheeled over a bench and tried to help me straighten out.  No luck....I even came close to passing out! 
**This is also where my worst injury became one of my most embarrassing moments**
In come the paramedics and fire fighters to the hubby had to be called out of work to come get Em...and onto the stretcher I went wheeling out of the gym on way to the hospital (granted the hospital was  across the street)!  Many pain killers and muscle relaxers later I was headed home with a back spasm.  I was in bed for 3 straight days while my family had to take shifts to take care of Em, who I couldn't lift, and get me food since I couldn't walk either!!  Not only was it extremely painful but not being able to take care of my new daughter killed me!  Lesson learned...after a c-section make sure to build your core!!!

What has been your worst injury??

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breaking Through the Plateaus

Today we're talking plateaus with the Fitness Cheerleader...what to do when you are in one so it doesn't stop your progress towards whatever your are doing (losing weight, gaining speed, gaining strength).  Janice has some amazing tips for how to bust through a plateau you need to check out!  I also read Alan Ali's guest post on The Business of Losing Weight today that gets you pumped to bust through a rut too!

I would venture to say I am a lot like other people when it comes to plateaus at first...I tend to either get frustrated and dare I say whine about the lack of change or just continue to plow forward doing the same things that have got me sitting pretty on said plateau.  When I was on my quest to break a 2 hour half marathon, I just continued to sign up for more and more races instead of looking at what was keeping me just shy of that goal.

Plateaus are not fun and sometimes can send us heading back in the opposite direction away from our goals so here are three tips for busting through!
You're welcome if you have Journey stuck in your head!!  The worst thing you can do when you hit a plateau is give up.  Keep your eyes on your goal and BELIEVE you WILL get there!
Write your goals down and put them where you will see them.  For me I write my goal weight on my planner each week.  This keeps me focused!  Training for a race...put your plan on the fridge.  Write down those goals to remind you of the direction you want to go.
Shake things up a bit!  Not only will you get your body doing something new to get it ramped up again but you just may find something new that you love. 

You can bust through that plateau in your life...we all find ourselves in one at one point in time!
What do you do to bust through a plateau?

Also hop on over to Savor the Thyme and check out a guest post about how to fit in fitness into a busy schedule!!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Today is Day 6 of the Blogger Challenge with Fitness Cheerleader and today's question is:
What are your highs and lows from this past year?
I looked over my blog....aka my own person online see what this past year has held.  I really am liking looking back this month.  It is helping me to see that yes there have been times that I have struggled but there have been awesome things too!
  • Finding out I was pregnant with #2!!
  • Getting accepted as a Fitfluential and ZOOMA Ambassador!!!  Seriously this is SUCH and honor for me to be part of both of these groups!!!  Additionally to be accepted as part of the 12 in 2012 group can be added to this, even though my half mary days are being put on hold!
  • Running a 5k PR of 22:38...while dressed as Santa!
  • Getting to attend the Saucony "Find Your Strong" Event
  • Running a half marathon 20 weeks pregnant!
  • Getting my first DNF...but I guess I had a good excuse though since I found out about baby #2 a week before.  After losing our baby just last year, I was extra cautious.
  • Having to move....even though we're only 10 minutes away I HATE moving!
Your turn....Highs and Lows from last year!
I thought I might add a Monday Motivation from the past year since it is Monday and all!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Must Have Munchies....and Sweating off Some Thorns!

Today's question from Fitness Cheerleader is:
What are 5 foods you can't live without?
Now while I try my hardest to eat clean and healthy most of the time, these foods are mixture of both!
1.  Guacamole...without question!  I know it grosses out my hubby just how much of this green goodness I can consume if left to my own devices!
2.  coffee...Fancy Nancy runs on Dunkin! Imagine my sadness since I gave it up being pregnant (although I have worked in some decaf varieties)

3.  Salad....seriously though I love it!
4.  water...water...water
 5.  chocolate....ok so this is probably more of my pregnancy hormones talking!

Your turn....5 foods you can't live without...GO!

Yesterday I headed out early, in an attempt to beat the heat, to run the Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k held by Adam also known as "The Boring Runner".  Now if you read it, Adam is so not boring but instead cracks me up!  Last year I ran this race and it really wasn't the sweat fest I was hoping for....not so yesterday!  The infamous New England humidity had worked it's magic making the thick and just yuck!  I certainly got in the sweat fest I was picturing!
This was last Rhody run before heading back to the Cape so I took my favorite route along the ocean!
Trying to look hot....yeah this hat is light pink normally before I become a sweaty Betty!  Yeah I know...I just look surprised instead of hot like I'm surprised how humid it is!  I finished the 5k in 34:27 and kept going for a total of 4.  I do have to say that either it's the heat or the fact that I'm 30 weeks (or both) but I think my running days are turning a little more into power walking days.  Either way I'm psyched to still be active and out there!  Thanks again to Adam for another year of "Sweating Your Thorns Off"!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Looking Back....Flashback to 2010!

Today's Deep Thoughts with Fitness Cheerleader is:
How have you changed in the past 2 years?
2 years ago puts us in 2010....what I truly believe was my most transforming year of my life.  Just about every aspect of my life changed that year and now looking back over it from this side, it never ceases to amaze me how AWESOME God is even in the storms of life!
I began the year looking like this....

And ended the year like this....
I logged my first every 1,111 miles with Tall Mom's challenge, lost 20lbs, went down 2 jean sizes, and gained an entirely new confidence in what my body could do!  We began the year living on our house just outside of Boston where we had lived and worked for 10 years, and ended the year 2 hours away living on Cape Cod with brand new jobs in a brand new place....and as scary as this choice was, God said go and I can't tell you how happy I am that we listened!!!  In the past 2 years I have learned how to be a mom, a better wife, and a better friend!  As a runner, I began the year struggling to finish a 5k in 28 minutes and finished the year with a PR of 23 and change and a sub 2 hour half marathon!  Thank you Janice for making me look back over the last 2 years!  I always say you can tell how far you've come until you remember where you've been!!
How have you changed in the past 2 years???