Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Friday Fitness

How many more F words can I fit into that title?!(clean ones of course!)  Today I'm linking up for Fitness Friday with Jill and also with the Fitness Cheerleader for out Healthy Blogger Challenge!  How nice of them to work this together!! 
Today's topic of choice?
What is your favorite workout?
Ok so since I talk about running....a is no surprise that I'm going to share my favorite running workouts but know also that I have other loves.  Before moving I fell in love with a TRX class that I took at a local gym.  Di, the instructor, combined TRX and cardio for a kick ass class!!  I do love weights and the way they make me feel...but running is my first love!

Since becoming a mom, the concept of speed work became not only very real but very necessary as well!  If I was going to continue to increase my mileage in the time I had for a long run each Saturday morning, then I was going to need to become faster.  At first speed work was intimidating but once I got going it made me feel that I just got my butt kicked and I loved it kind of way!  So here are two speed workouts that I love!
Ladder workout
This one I had read about a few years ago and decided to try it out.  Basically you are climbing up and down a ladder of time! 
Warm-up (usually I do a mile)
1 min on (the speed is really what is challenging to you....don't fear the challenge but embrace it!)
1 min off
2 min on (same speed as before....remember to embrace the challenge)
1 min off
3 min on (yep its going to suck but remember that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger!)
1 min off
2 min on (same speed)
1 min off
1 min on
Then you just keep the pattern going as long as you can!  Sure to leave you a sweaty mess!

Intervals (adapted track workout)
I started doing this on a day where it was pouring out and I chickened out and didn't go to running group!  I really pushed the pace with this one because it was shorter intervals.
Warm-up (again usually a slow mile)
30 seconds on
30 seconds off (jogging)
1 min on
30 seconds off
1 min on
30 seconds off
90 seconds on
30 seconds off
Repeat as many times as you want.  I try to challenge myself each interval by bumping up the speed for both the on time and off time.

What's your favorite workout? know that one that you love to hate!!!


  1. My favorite kind of workout is a progressive run. I love to push myself to see if I can go just a bit faster. Progressive runs keep my mind off of how much I am not a fan of the treadmill.

  2. Or you might want to check this new tool with balls. I'm not sure though how it works. But seeing the videos of this tool it look painful. The tool is BodyWrench. Excuse me for the link there.

  3. I love the Body for Life HIIT. It's only 20 minutes long and I usually want to puke afterwards. The first two minutes is a warm up then you do 4 sets of 4 minutes of gradually increasing intensity and then 1 minute at the end of a high point (hard as you can) and then 1 minute cool it would look something like this:

    Min 1 3mph
    Min 2 3mph

    Min 3 5.5mph
    Min 4 6.0mph
    Min 5 7.0mph
    Min 6 8.0mph

    Min7 5.5mph
    Min8 6.0mph
    Min9 7.0mph
    Min10 8.0mph

    Min11 5.5mph
    Min12 6.0mph
    Min13 7.0mph
    Min14 8.0mph

    Min15 5.5mph
    Min16 6.0mph
    Min17 7.0mph
    Min18 8.0mph

    Min19 9.0mph -high point

    Min20 3.0mph -cool down

    Do it 2-3x a week and each week gradually try to increase your speed. The following week, I usually try to just bump up each level by .1 mph and that way I don't stagnate.

  4. I actually love my long runs. I think I'm an endurance runner at heart and I just keep pushing for longer distances. I really hate speed work, but it is making me a faster runner :)

  5. I love long runs, although I haven't done one in a while:( Speedwork is fun too since it really improves my race times!

  6. Those are great speed workouts... I love the reminder that any bursts of speed counts, it doesn't have to be an entire 400 or 800 around the track.

  7. I love the TRX!Never taken a class though..sounds cool!

  8. I really like that ladder workout. I feel like that would be a good one for me to do on rainy days when I stick to the treadmill. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. I love TRX, just did it for the first time last week :-)

  10. For strength training it's P90X. I think it will always be my favorite. For running I like long runs but intervals at the track are my favorite.

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