Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pride is Forever...

Pride....I'm sure all of us have had a moment in our lives where we have felt proud of ourselves.  We worked hard at something at reached a goal or received something. 
Fitness Cheerleader today is talking pride.
What is the proudest moment of your life?
There have been moments in my life where I have felt proud of myself...being married to my husband, graduating from my CAGS summa cum laude after having a baby in the middle of it, seeing my students do great things, getting to Emma's first birthday and realizing that she was great...but this being a blog a lot about running and exercise of course I am going to choose a moment (or two...when have I ever been able to choose just one of something?) from that part of my life.
Running the Boston Marathon
It was my first time ever even considering running that distance and boy did I have a lot to learn but rounding that corner, turning onto Boylston Street, and seeing that finish line at the end...priceless!  I had done it....I was a marathoner!
Breaking the 2 hour half marathon
Jill and I before the Cranberry Half Marathon in Harwich, MA
This was so much more to me than a time on the clock.  To me this moment meant I could do anything I put my mind to in running or life.  I was back....and better!  Back from the 50+lbs I had gained with pregnancy...back from postpartum depression...back from a crazy place where I didn't lean on God but rather climbed on His back...and I was better...faster and stronger than I had ever been! I didn't do it alone but that moment crossing the finish line I was proud!
Ok all of you out there!  Time to brag!
What has been your proudest moment?


  1. Very inspiring! I am not sure of my proudest moment, but having my daughter this year was my biggest accomplishment :)

  2. You should be very proud of both of those accomplishemnts! Congrats! As far as running goes, I think I am most proud of running my first half marathon in December of last year!

  3. Definitely something to be proud of! Wow.

    I am proudest of my 10km PR (brag time - 50 mins and 50 secs). I've been training for a marathon, and I didn't know how fast or fit I really was.

  4. Those are some awesome proud moments :) You should be proud of them all!

    I'm pretty proud of myself for making it to this moment :)

  5. Congrats on overcoming post partum depression. That has got to be hard both mentally and physically.

  6. Finishing marathon #2 with a great time and still feeling good was a very proud moment of mine. Also, my first sub 2 hours half was amazing!

  7. Those are great accomplishments! Cheering for you!!!

  8. Those are both impressive achievements! Running wise-breaking 2:30 for a half was a great moment for me. As a whole graduating with my Master's is without a doubt my proudest moment.

  9. Finishing a marathon made me very proud of myself. It made me feel strong and capable and ready to take on all kinds of things!

  10. You are a rock star!! :) My biggest achievement so far has been finishing my first 5k and loving it! I am now training for 2 more 5k's!

  11. Love this piece! I'd say my proudest moments were my marriage, my kids, my retirement from the Air Force, and now having run 3 1/2 marathons, I am training for my first full this fall!

  12. Man, you're fast!!! I run at the speed of walking, so I'm even more impressed with you.

    Here is my proudest moment post: