Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breaking Through the Plateaus

Today we're talking plateaus with the Fitness Cheerleader...what to do when you are in one so it doesn't stop your progress towards whatever your are doing (losing weight, gaining speed, gaining strength).  Janice has some amazing tips for how to bust through a plateau you need to check out!  I also read Alan Ali's guest post on The Business of Losing Weight today that gets you pumped to bust through a rut too!

I would venture to say I am a lot like other people when it comes to plateaus at first...I tend to either get frustrated and dare I say whine about the lack of change or just continue to plow forward doing the same things that have got me sitting pretty on said plateau.  When I was on my quest to break a 2 hour half marathon, I just continued to sign up for more and more races instead of looking at what was keeping me just shy of that goal.

Plateaus are not fun and sometimes can send us heading back in the opposite direction away from our goals so here are three tips for busting through!
You're welcome if you have Journey stuck in your head!!  The worst thing you can do when you hit a plateau is give up.  Keep your eyes on your goal and BELIEVE you WILL get there!
Write your goals down and put them where you will see them.  For me I write my goal weight on my planner each week.  This keeps me focused!  Training for a race...put your plan on the fridge.  Write down those goals to remind you of the direction you want to go.
Shake things up a bit!  Not only will you get your body doing something new to get it ramped up again but you just may find something new that you love. 

You can bust through that plateau in your life...we all find ourselves in one at one point in time!
What do you do to bust through a plateau?

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  1. @ of the same things you listed are my almost always go-to for plateau busting. Goals and something new.

  2. trying something new is definitely a big thing.i am also realizing how much accountability can help push me to a new level

  3. Hey! Caught your blogs over at FC!!

    I totally agree with your post!! Goals, Shaking things up, PUSH!! LOVE IT ALL!!


  4. Definitely change things up. I've been trying to train for a half marathon but I'm stalling. Previously this is a spot that my brain just gets tired of it. I don't really want to run for 2 hours lol I just want to run the race to say I did it. So I'll give myself a break and just run my short 2 or 3 mile runs for a week or two. They feel like sprints then lol

  5. Changing things up is my go-to plan, too. Writing things down makes me very accountable as well.

  6. Great tips Nancy!! Writing down your goals is definitely a must!!!

  7. Great tips. I think you are right about writing things down. I tend to not do it if I don't have a clear goal and a plan of how to get there.