Sunday, August 5, 2012

Must Have Munchies....and Sweating off Some Thorns!

Today's question from Fitness Cheerleader is:
What are 5 foods you can't live without?
Now while I try my hardest to eat clean and healthy most of the time, these foods are mixture of both!
1.  Guacamole...without question!  I know it grosses out my hubby just how much of this green goodness I can consume if left to my own devices!
2.  coffee...Fancy Nancy runs on Dunkin! Imagine my sadness since I gave it up being pregnant (although I have worked in some decaf varieties)

3.  Salad....seriously though I love it!
4.  water...water...water
 5.  chocolate....ok so this is probably more of my pregnancy hormones talking!

Your turn....5 foods you can't live without...GO!

Yesterday I headed out early, in an attempt to beat the heat, to run the Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k held by Adam also known as "The Boring Runner".  Now if you read it, Adam is so not boring but instead cracks me up!  Last year I ran this race and it really wasn't the sweat fest I was hoping for....not so yesterday!  The infamous New England humidity had worked it's magic making the thick and just yuck!  I certainly got in the sweat fest I was picturing!
This was last Rhody run before heading back to the Cape so I took my favorite route along the ocean!
Trying to look hot....yeah this hat is light pink normally before I become a sweaty Betty!  Yeah I know...I just look surprised instead of hot like I'm surprised how humid it is!  I finished the 5k in 34:27 and kept going for a total of 4.  I do have to say that either it's the heat or the fact that I'm 30 weeks (or both) but I think my running days are turning a little more into power walking days.  Either way I'm psyched to still be active and out there!  Thanks again to Adam for another year of "Sweating Your Thorns Off"!


  1. 5 fav's for me might not be pretty (I'm a junk food junkie) -

    1. Coke (not a coffee drinker, so I crack open a can by 6am)
    2. Pasta
    3. Powerade Zero strawberry (figure it balances out the Coke)
    4. Lemon cookies (courtesy of Market Basket)
    5. Jelly rolls (also courtesy of Market Basket)

  2. Coffee is on my list. I gave it up for the first several months of pregnancy, courtesy of awful morning sickness....but I got back on the horse in my third trimester. I loved 7-11's decaf while I was pregnant!

  3. I think it is AWESOME that you are 30 weeks and still getting out there and being active and healthy. You rock!! My must have munchies would be berries, bananas, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and Cinnamon Chex cereal (gluten free!) :)

  4. it wasn't until this year that i started liking guacomole, now I can't get enough. If you have an Aldi store near you, they sell a really good spicy one that is only $3.00!

    my five:
    1. coffee (keurig)
    2. eggs
    3. chocolate (milk)
    4. water
    5. salad

  5. I'm with you on the coffee and guacamole. Avocado is a newly acquired favorite for me.

  6. 1. coffee
    2. water
    3. spinach salads w/ fruit
    4. eggs-prepared ANY way
    5. *guilty pleasure-warm, just baked bread!

    great action it! great job getting your sweat on!

  7. Awesome job getting out there and running! I would put avocados, salad and chocolate on my list too... and probably bananas and oats, or maybe peanut butter...that's tough!

  8. Nice job on your 4 mile run yesterday! My five favorites change from time to time. I tend to eat the same things for awhile and then move on to another set of foods that I eat for awhile. It's so strange but I've always been that way.

  9. hmmmm 1) Coffee 2) Chocolate 3) Bread 4)Beans 5) Diet Coke....I love avocados too =) So excited about seeing pictures of your baby!

  10. I have some combo ones...

    COFFEE (like almost everyone else)
    Greek Yogurt
    fruit bowl (various fruits chopped up)
    tortilla chips w/ fresh chopped salsa
    peanut butter toast

    Typing this made me crave all of them. nom nom nom

    You're doing so well throughout your pregnancy with keeping active. Such an inspiration.

  11. I'm having hard time with my top five...I could my top five healthy foods, top five everyday foods, top five snacks, top five treats...basically, I just like a lot of foods!

    Way to go on staying active! You look great!

  12. Coffee really needed to be on my list but it is just so hard to choose 5......I def run on Dunkin!!! I love guacamole too plus I should have included margaritas....aaahhh so many likes so little places to put them. Great job on your 5K you rock!!!!!!

  13. I'm participating in the blog challenge too! Seems like TONS of COFFEE lovers are involved.

  14. salads??? no thanks! chocolate, peanut butter, & amazing grass chocolate powder

  15. You're so cute in your "running for two" shirt! Way to get out there despite the heat!

  16. list is the same as yours, although I'd add #6: peanut butter. I can't live without it. your tank. I wanted one of those when I was preggo but never got around to ordering it!