Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up!

With all the birthday celebrating going on in the Fancy Nancy house this weekend I failed to post yesterday!!  We celebrated hubby's birthday Friday with a family dinner, yesterday with a day at the beach (oh wait that was probably more for me!), and last night with a date night dinner!

See...I'm not always in workout clothes!
It's honestly weekends like these that remind me of why I named this blog "Living the Dream".  Granted I am minus the running part as much as I would like but there are moments where I stop to look around and realize I am living what I had always wanted.  I am a wife and a mom who gets to run, workout, and be a beach bum!!  What more could I want?  Life certainly isn't always perfect and best believe there are days when I ask "why me?" but I know I am blessed...I am living my dream.

Yes I'm not running as much as I would like...and honestly not sweating it up as much as I want either, but this time will pass and being safe right now reigns most important.  When I am running like I want, my Saturday mornings follow an almost Groundhog Day-like pattern....wake, eat, read blogs, run.  I miss it!  I miss sitting down to my whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and sugar free red bull knowing the next two hours of running will be fueled by carbs and caffeine!  I can't have sugar free red bull right now (even though I can smell it from a mile away and it gets me all giddy) and eating a bagel now just isn't the same when you know you are going to burn it all off in a run.

Do you have a pre workout tradition for food?  Does it ever change?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...get outside...summer is slipping away!


  1. I love those moments that we can step back, take a look at life and say "I'm so incredibly blessed." Wishing you a great day!

  2. Beautiful picture! I'm glad you're having such a blessed weekend.

  3. No pre-workout tradition for food here, but I think I need to start one and find one that works for long runs especially :-)
    Sounds like a fab weekend enjoy the rest of it xx

  4. I love taking a step back and appreciating my blessings. It's nice that you can still appreciate running and know that it'll still be there for you when you need it.

    My pre-run food this morning (as I'm about to leave on the run) was coffee and a slice of toast with almond butter.

  5. You look awesome, Nancy! Yes- we all have those 'why me' moments, but you're so right to stop and count your blessings. You have many! Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Thanks Laura!! Feeling a bit whale-ish today but I'm almost there!

  6. I particularly love weekends because I can have my big breakfast, wait a couple of hours, then go on my long runs knowing I'll be fueled for the whole thing!

    P.S. Your life does sound pretty fab!

  7. I just enjoyed a relaxed week too.

    I do stick with the same pre-run meals: PB&J toast before long runs and pizza/calzone with a glass of wine the night before a half marathon! It works ;)

  8. Hi Nancy! You look great and hope you are feeling great too! I often like to have a giant bowl of oatmeal with dates, maple syrup and milk pre-run on the weekends and often enjoy a smoothie post run with organic eggs in some form (often a breakfast sandwich) to refuel when I'm done.

    Have a great week!

  9. Glad you had such a great weekend:) I have a protein shake and Zipfizz every morning. ON Saturday I ran without my morning fuel and it wasn't good. I better stick with what works:)

  10. Hey, you clean up pretty well! :) Happy birthday to the Hubs! I am glad you had a good weekend together!