Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What if....

Are you a person who asks "what if..." during your life?  Do you look back and wonder how taking one different turn could have you living a different life?  Or...do you not look back and stay strong to the path you are on?

Today's Blogger Challenge Question with Fitness Cheerleader asks:
What is something you always wonder "what if" about?

There are times in my life where I wonder how life would be different had I made different choices.  I would be lying if I said I never thought "what if" about our life these past two years.  "What if we didn't move our life somewhere different".  Things may have been easier....or harder...but I know the blessings we've had the past 2 years wouldn't have been there and that is something I'm not willing to give up!  Like I've said about this before, when God says go....you go. 

Looking back to growing up I have thought at times, "What if I had done cross country in high school instead of soccer and softball?"  Would I be the runner I am today?  Would I have liked it as much?  I used to think running just for the sake of running was pointless....Ha!  Look at me now!!!

I'm sure most college graduates ask themselves years later, "What if".  I made a choice to stay close to my college town and get a job there...a job I stayed in for the next 10 years of my life.  Before graduation, I explored teaching abroad, teaching in NYC, and going back to my hometown.  Yes my life would have been different.  I may have never remet my husband...had maintained a job that I loved...been a mom to the most amazing girl I know...the job in NYC would have put me in my first year of teaching smack dab in the middle of the horror that was September 11th.  Again I wouldn't trade what my life is now!

Running is probably the place in my life where I ask "what if" most often.  "What if I had pushed the pace more?", "What if I had trained a few more weeks?", "What if I started slower?"  These I find are the only "what ifs" that can be useful to me....they make me look at my race and make changes to be a better runner.

Do you ask "what if"?  What are the "what ifs" you ask? or not?


  1. What if...I had not left college when I did way-back-when? I still did OK and eventually returned for my bachelor's and master's. Ultimately, I may never have met my husband, so NO REGRETS!!!

  2. I asked myself the What If :: Cross Country question the other... I just don't know. Part of me is glad I took it up now and never have to compare myself to my 15-18 year old self.

  3. I think the biggest "what if" I wonder but also try to avoid at the same time is about my family. My parents divorced after I moved to Utah and I wonder how things might have been different had that not happened. For the most part I don't worry too much because we are still family and they are still in my life. I also wonder if we would be closer if I would stop moving away from them;) but I know I am on a journey that I am meant to be on...My college president always emphasized Do your best Be your best and No regrets. I always keep that in my mind and just try to go the path that feels like the right one without looking back and then give all of myself to the choice I have made while also still making the people in my life very impt!

    1. You're on the path that is perfect for you!! It will all make sense one day but I'm sorry that you struggle with living farther away. I wonder about that at times even though I'm on 2 hours away!

  4. I can wonder "what if" but I always know that I'm right where I'm supposed to be :)

  5. Christy J took the words right out of my mouth!

  6. I agree with Christy J!!! I think we all wonder "what if" at times but I am happy to be where I am right now in my life!!! I also plan on following my dreams and pursuing all my goals so I do not have any more "what ifs" to look back on!!!

  7. I am a what if person..always wondering how my life would be different if I would have made different decisions. For the most part I am happy with my life and thankful for what I have but one always wonders.

  8. I'm a big what if person and always worry. I wish I could just live in the moment and make the best out of the situation. Because at the end of the day, the worry only holds me back, many things are out of my control. Work in progress :)