Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Pre-Mom Fancy Nancy

Ok well first call me red in the face...I just realized that my title for yesterday was a little early since was Tuesday NOT Wednesday!  I'm blaming baby brain for that one!! 

August Blogger Challenge with Fitness Cheerleader today is:
Write a letter to your former self.
I have written a post similar to this before to my 16 year-old self.  However, this got me first thinking about what my former self was like.  I have always been an athlete and very active so it was hard for me to think of a time where I would be different.  Then I remembered...just 4 short years ago...I wasn't a mom.  I had all the time I needed (oddly still felt busy) and I had no one to really to take care of but myself.  And....honestly I thought my fitness days were over.  Hang up the running shoes because that pr is never going to happen now!  Here is what I would say now to that Fancy Nancy.
Dear Pre-Mom Fancy Nancy,
     You are getting ready to be a mom for the first time and while you may think you have it all together and planned to the last detail, there are in fact a few things you have neglected to see.  Here are some things you never thought or dreamed about from the next four years.
  • Go easy on're a new mom and just learning how to fit back into your life.  You DON'T have to be one is!
  • Yes you're turning 30 and are over tired and over weight...but life is NOT over!!
  • Believe in who you are and stand by that!  You are capable and able to endure far more than you ever confident in your strength!
  • Polish off those running shoes chicky because they are going to take you places you never dreamed....oh and be sure to find a place for all your finisher medals because they are going to start to roll in!
  • Listen to your body....especially your back! (Yeah that's an injury I wish I could have avoided)
  • Put on your big girl pants because you have a lot ahead of you....and the journey is SO worth every bump!  You're a mom...what you've always dreamed of...and you're going to make mistakes but You Rock!!  
  • Some day soon your tears will dry up and you will realize you are Living the Dream!!!  
Much Love,
Your slightly older self :-)

What would you say to your former self??


  1. Honestly? Don't change a thing.
    Except perhaps focus less on the boy chasing in college.
    There's that :-)

    You don't marry any of them...

  2. To my former pre-mom self, I would tell her to do something more productive with her free time! Lol But seriously, I would tell her it is going to be hard road ahead but is will be SO worth it!

  3. Take a moment to breath and enjoy the ride. Most "problems" you've faced where "first world problems" grateful.

  4. Lovely letter! I would tell myself to appreciate how I look in a bathing suit, I look better than I think I do! : )

  5. how fun! love this letter and way to reflect! sometimes life goes by so quickly, we forget to take a look back on where we've been...

  6. i love this:) such a perfect letter! i think i would tell myself that its okay to take risks and be a little bit scared to try new things...but don't let that hold you back because you may discover things you never ever knew or imagined!

  7. Nancy! Wow, I have been gone too long... you're about to have a baby?! Oh, I am so happy for you! Congratulations mama! I bet big sis is excited! :)

    Pre-mom? I don't even remember what that's like these days.... pretty sure having a baby has zapped my smart brain cells. :)

  8. So funny about the title yesterday:) I didn't even notice. Great letter and so encouraging. I didn't do this prompt:( I would have a lot to say, just not sure how to put it into words:)

  9. Motherhood changes EVERYTHING doesn't it? I love the advice you give to your old self.

    Here is my post. A little tough love…but it was needed. I was a mess last year.