Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ouch...That Hurt! Worst Injury Ever!

Day 8 of the Blogger Challenge at the Fitness Cheerleader asks:
What is your worst injury ever?
Now while I have been honestly blessed to not have had a lot of injury in my life (a miracle considering how long I have been active in sports), I have had some injuries due to dumb decision making on my part.  Case in point, buy new rollerblades as a teenager....want to show them off and get a tan at the same time...realize I have no clue how to stop while going down massive hill....literally slide across the street in order to stop causing road rash in places I never knew existed!!

The worst injury to date for me still guides my decision making for my running and working out.  It happened about 6 months after Emma was born and I was coming back strong and midway in training for my first half marathon after baby.  I was at a morning session with my trainer (thank the Lord she was there!!!) and Em had gone into the babysitting place at the gym for the first time...oh and let me mention that this was the hubby's first day back to work after his paternity leave!  I was doing Burpees with the Bosu ball and when I went to stand up again, my back still bent in half and no way I was standing up straight again!  My trainer wheeled over a bench and tried to help me straighten out.  No luck....I even came close to passing out! 
**This is also where my worst injury became one of my most embarrassing moments**
In come the paramedics and fire fighters to the hubby had to be called out of work to come get Em...and onto the stretcher I went wheeling out of the gym on way to the hospital (granted the hospital was  across the street)!  Many pain killers and muscle relaxers later I was headed home with a back spasm.  I was in bed for 3 straight days while my family had to take shifts to take care of Em, who I couldn't lift, and get me food since I couldn't walk either!!  Not only was it extremely painful but not being able to take care of my new daughter killed me!  Lesson learned...after a c-section make sure to build your core!!!

What has been your worst injury??


  1. Im still fighting mine....a NONINJURY injury which Ive no idea how it happened.

  2. oh my gosh! That is a story! I have such a litany of injuries. I'd have to say that my worst injury is my current one - retore my ACL earlier this year. I think that it's the worse because I reinjured myself (I mean, I got it repaired the first time so that this wouldn't happen again!) and because I now have kids and am not in my early 20s when everything heals oh so quickly.

  3. Haha, I'm not graceful by any means. My worse running injury was down a bridge, rolling my ankle. Then, about 6 mos. later, I got bit in the foot by our pup. Couldn't walk for days! I still get sore near the puncture wounds.

  4. Ooh- that would be a good post! How did you recover after your C section? Any advice?

  5. Injuring my hamstring...I had to take about 4 months off of running!

  6. I've had a couple of back-related ones. Most recently, strained intercostals which have kept me from my usual routines for almost 6 weeks now!

    And we all need to work on our cores; C-section or not! Most back injuries occur because core strength is not what it should be!

  7. Oh my gosh, I bet that was so scary to have that happen to you!

  8. The first time my back went out I was merely bending over to pick up a piece of paper. Such an uncool story, at least you were working out! That shooting pain is just unbearable. Hope it never happens again to you.

  9. I have tight hamstrings and hips, but as long as I keep rolling and stretching, I'm fine. My only real injury was after marathon #1, I had a hip bursitis on my left and right hip and was not able to run more than 2 miles every other day for 2 months. I think I'm lucky!