Monday, August 27, 2012

When Monday Isn't Monday...

One day....many, many years from now I will be able to retire from my job as a teacher (I mean a LONG way at least 22 years).  Following that last June day, I will be faced with the age long question and one that Fitness Cheerleader has given us to discuss...
What now?  What will you do after you retire?
While I honestly do love my job as a teacher, there is something to be said for that lack of the stress that Sunday afternoon brings me knowing another week is on the horizon.  No more Mondays?  Ok sure thing!!  But what would I do with all that time on my hands....I'm sure I would fill it...
Travelling....I love to travel and experience new places.  Teachers yes do get vacations but often times that is when the prices are highest for flights and etc.  I wold love to be able to RV across the country...and I have 22 years to convince my hubby that he would love to too!
Volunteer...I can't imagine spending 35 years doing something and just stop all together.  Besides the fact that I went into teaching because I love helping kids!  I can see myself volunteering at schools with struggling students.
Beach....Yeah I can hear you already..."But you already do go to the beach!"  yes but I imagine myself one day in that group of ladies you see at the beach who meet each other there each day and sit in a circle and chat! 
RUN....Yes I do plan to be that 80 year-old lady still toeing the line at races!  Just think of the training I could get in when I don't have to work....ooodles!!!

In the end I pray I have my health and family around me when work is all finished.  At the end of the day that is all that matters!  I can bring my grandchildren running with me!!!

And you???  What will fill your moments when Monday isn't Monday?


  1. I love the thought of no more Mondays! I'm planning on sitting on the front porch with no words like hurry, dead line, and theres no such thing as time.

  2. No more Mondays...... soo far away. Can't wait.

  3. Right there with you on these plans. I am fortunate now b/c I am self employed and work from home. But some day I'll let that go and I do have plans for that time!

  4. Spending time with my wife and hopefully touring the coast on my boat!~

  5. as a fellow teacher, I'm right there with you.....but being a bit older, my retirement is closer to 12 years away, rather than 22...........travelling, volunteering, and (god willing!) running will be part of the plan!

  6. Today was only my 5th back to school Monday, but I know the Sunday stress feeling all too well. If my Monday wasn't Monday, I would be volunteering at some kind of boys and girls club or neighborhood center. I LOVE my kids at school and if I could make it happen now, I would totally leave and work with them outside of a school setting. I'm can totally see my self spending my time doing something like that when I can retire...many maaaaaaaaaany years from now. : (

  7. Good luck with the 22 years of convincing your husband to RV across America. How fun would that be?

  8. Those sound like good retirement plans, especially the RV. For me, I think the bikini competitions won't really work at 84, so Ima be a Jedi Knight.