Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Motivation

I will have a full recap of this weekend's ZOOMA Half Marathon but the last mile of that race can best be described by this quote.  The last mile of this race defined it for me...I could have phoned it in...I could have walked up that last brutal hill...I had enough excuses to pass out but that wasn't going to be the definition of me.  I found my strength in that mile and ran my fastest mile of the race! 
Where have you found your strong?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIAW....Race Edition

I'm sure by the end of the week you will be suiciently TIRED of me talking about ZOOMA Half Marathon that I am running this weekend...then again you will just HAVE to read a recap!!  Lucky you!  You could be even luckier and be coming to Cape Cod to run it yourself!  The weather is looking like a great New England Fall day!!! 

One thing that athletes...most often with runners I that the prerace eats need to be on point in order for a good performance.  When I was growing up and playing softball, I had a lot of pre-game meals that were not just quirky but an absolute superstition!  In middle school it was a roast beef sandwich.  My mom would go to the meat market (had to be the same one every time) and I would have a sandwich that day for lunch.  In college a good friend of mine had to have a snickers mini before each game....and it caught on!  And apparently I'm not alone....

Mets reliever Turk Wendell has to nosh on black licorice on the days that he is going in...Hall of Famer Wade Boggs ate chicken before every player Caron Butler drinks a 2-liter of Mountain Dew by half-time of each game....and Paul Pierce chomps on a good ole PB&J before tip off!

For me it has been more of a tame the belly move than a superstition now with my pre-race meal...something I have worked hard to find and endured many an uncomfortable long runs to find just the right combo.  Pre-race/long meal almost took a hit when I did a paleo challenge last good which what helped me to arrive at my current Paleo challenge! 
For me it's peanut butter and an English muffin...don't mess with it...don't change it!  
What about you?  What food do you fuel with?  What superstitions do you have?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Motivation

This weekend's long run was a breakthrough run for me.  I chose a hilly route to help me to see if I was ready for my upcoming hilly race and I laced up and headed out early in the morning.  I headed out with a plan in mind and finished with a smile ear to ear!  This year's running has not been easy.  It has been filled with more hurts and "this sucks" moments than smiling ones but I don't it what you will I push on.  We all have that stubbornness inside...whether its running or something else.   
When it gets hard....dig deep because it will always be worth it in the end!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp Week 2

Don't think you missed something...I never did a week 1 post since that week ended in a flu coma!  I started Ms. Tina's bootcamp last week and instantly knew it was just what I needed!  Not only does she provide butt kicking workouts that have left me sore every time, but it showed me how much fitness I have gained since the last time I did her bootcamp!!!  Here is just some thoughts from last week and this week!
  • I need to get a measuring tape but so far I am down 2lbs...psyched about this one!!!
  • The cardio workouts are a have I been phoning it in lately!  I can't believe how much I can sweat in just 20 minutes!!
  • I have always considered myself to have a strong lower body (13 years as a catcher will do that) but her lower body workouts leave my butt burning!!!  I love it!
  • This week I completed all the workouts and I'm excited to see my strength increase over this 8 week journey!
  • The support from fellow bootcampers gives you the boost you need!
Have you ever done a Best Body Bootcamp?  Did you see Tina yesterday featured on the AMR blog?  What's on tap this weekend?  I have my last long run before ZOOMA!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Life

When your day starts at this hour...
The possibilities are endless!

After my daily devo and prayer...followed by some time of email reading to shake out the cobwebs, I change and head to my happy corner in the house....

I really need to add some color down here....I smell a project!!
I usually throw in a load of laundry on my way by the washing machine (are all moms constantly doing laundry?) and start my workout of the day.  I either try to get in as many miles as possible before either someone little wakes up or it is time to get in the shower, or weights.  Today's workout was BBB upper body workout (Tina is famous for her butt kickings!).  Cardio will come later today.  Then I head upstairs, finish up lunches, and get this baby going....

before it's to the shower I go!

I'm dressed and ready within a half hour....breakfast is always on the go (Pumpkin Chai Designer Whey smoothie!)
My commute is about 35 minutes (a little more after getting a speeding ticket oops!) and I then spend the next 6 hours molding the young minds teaching ESL for high school and elementary school.  They are great kids and keep me on my pics for obvious reasons one being I like my job and would like to keep it.  Posting pictures of students is a certain no no!!

After work I fly to pick up Emma from school...never fails I get stuck behind someone old and not in a hurry (there are a lot of those types of people here!).  A quick play in the school playground with a friend then it is off to pick up chickie #2!  Home again and I'm cleaning out backpacks and planning where to put the ginormous self portrait Em made while the ladies have a snack.  Change of the clothes and we're out back...running around the yard playing "Mr. Fox".

No more crawling for this little lady!  Sad.....
Even Aubs is in on the game...she loves it!!  Wednesdays we head to my inlaws for family dinner and today is a treat because while the ladies catch up with their grandparents, I get to squeeze in my run.

Much better than waiting until 8pm!!!  Plus this weather is awesome!!!  Back home...ladies in bed and hubs and I veg on the couch before I need to start packing lunches and my bag for the gym before I crash into bed.  Gotta rest to do it all again!!!

There you have day in Fancy Nancy Land!  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Motivation

It started with my hubby waking up sick...then Em getting sick at school...then the roadblock just grew bigger and bigger until I was the one sick in bed.  Just 2 weeks out from ZOOMA and my last double digit run and it was as if this giant bolder was in the middle of the road!  Thursday it came on and then Friday it was hard to keep my eyes open let alone eat.  It has taken us until this morning, and I'm still not convinced that we are in the clear.  Aside from me being certain that I never want my family to get the flu ever again, this week was a confidence shaker.  The last push week until the big race...the last week to put in the work before the taper time comes...the last time to make it count.  This morning I'm ready though...ready to make THIS week know that I can't focus on the bolder that blocked last week but look ahead at what I can do this week.  Here's to a healthy week!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


It has been years...ok maybe that is exaggerating...since I have dished you all a dose of my randomness.  With the start of school and lots of things happening in Fancy Nancy Land I have more than enough to dish!

1.  Contagion...With half the Fancy Nancy Crew sick it is like a scene from the movie Contagion here.  Hubby woke up sick yesterday and we thought it was food poisoning but a call from Em's school saying she threw up at school changed our tune.  I left school yesterday and mortgaged our house to buy full shelves of antibacterial cleaning products!  My inlaws were so awesome to take the baby so she wouldn't be around the two sickies.  Now while I tend to pride myself in being able to deal with sickies (being a teacher and mom will do that to you) I would rather take one for the team than to have my kids sick...especially the baby since she's so tiny.  This morning Em is still not keeping anything down but I hope as the day goes on they will both be feeling better.

2.  Wait for it...One thing about living in New England is that you can never trust the weather.  Just a few days ago I had resigned myself that my beloved summer was over and I began to embrace and be excited for fall...and then yesterday came and the humidity was up over 80% and temps to match.  My sister sent me this pin that cracked me up!  It was sent to me after I texted her "Nothing beats swamp ass while you teach!"

3. Creating a habit...I've been doing the 100s challenge with Blonde Ponytail and I'm really loving it!

Just enough of a challenge to make me sore but not enough to take me away from my other workouts.  I actually look forward to it each day!  Are you doing the challenge?

3+1.  ZOOMA...If you were on the fence about registering or waiting for whatever reason about registering for ZOOMA Cape Cod, delay no longer.  Prices go up September 15th.  Come join me in Falmouth...I promise (kind of) that the weather will play nice!!  Don't forget to use the code CCAMB4 to get 10% off!!!

Ok now go enjoy your day...Tonight I'll be hitting the mill while I watch the Pats beat the Jets!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIAW...Getting Paleo Ready

So last week I announced that I was challenging myself, and anyone else crazy enough to join in, to 180 days of Paleo eating.

The days in school (Monday-Friday) I am challenging myself to following the Paleo guidelines.
I'm not going to lie, the first week was hard.  There was a very specific reason why it was hard and I'm going to share some tips so that you can avoid the same fate!

When embarking on a challenge that changes the way you eat there is one thing that for me is needed....
"For the Love of the Game" anyone?  Anyone?  

There are many foods that if I have them in the house, or know that they are there, I want to eat them.

Just like Billy Chapel had to clear all that was going on around him to throw a strike, I need to clear the food distractions going on around me.  I did not eliminate all foods that the rest of my family eats...although I did pitch a few when they weren't looking, I just put them out of focus (i.e. off the counter).
When beginning the a new way of eating it helps to "clear the mechanism" by:
  • Clearing the house of your triggers...for me it's fruity candy or chips.  I see them and want them period.  
  • Communicate with your loved ones...roommates...etc. what your triggers are and if need be ask them not to buy them or leave them out.  I know this sounds cray cray but I did ask my hubby to hide the bag of candy he bought...and boy he did a great job because yes I looked for it!!
  • Replace triggers with healthy choices...if I'm craving that crunch there are many veggies I can nosh on.  Often times for me it is just the crunch I'm looking for.
  • When all else fails...go for a walk.  Getting out of the house for me helps me to stop thinking about that food that I want to eat...the fresh air and added mileage isn't too shabby either!
  • Have a plan of've just cleared out all your triggers yes but if you aren't prepared there WILL come a time when you are STARVING and you need food NOW.  Being prepared ahead of time will help you to stick with your plan.
  • Tell people you see daily...this will help them to know not to bring you food and it will help you to stay on task knowing that others are watching.
  • For me I'm steering clear of the Teacher's Room...aka the dumping ground where everyone brings their goodies they want out of their house!
Remember that this is a phase.  I usually go through these cravings for a week or so and then it isn't as bad.  The important part is giving yourself a clean slate!
What tips would you add for someone trying out a new way of eating?  Are you a salty or a sweet craver?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Motivation

My running this summer can best be described as a mental mind playing games with itself....convincing myself that I can continue on and that no I do not need to walk those hills...playing games to convince myself to go one more mile.  I think the hardest part of coming back to running has been the mental tenacity...regaining that drive.  I am making that decision though that I will not fail at this...I will reach my goal I set to break 1:50 for a half marathon.  I know it is going to take much more work than I have been putting in lately...but now is the time for my body to follow!
How do you keep yourself convinced to push when you mind is trying to tell you to stop?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW....Back-to-School Challenge

For most people, the new year comes around once a year on January 1st.  At that time they make resolutions or promises to themselves about how they are going to spend the next year making themselves a better version on themselves.  365 days to a new you.  For me there is another "new year" that has me making resolutions.  As a teacher our year lasts 180 days and begins on the first day of school.  This year I have many resolutions...promises to be more organized, run late less, and to not get overwhelmed with perfectionism but this wouldn't be WIAW if it didn't have to do with food!  This year I am making a big challenge to myself....I'm challenging myself to eat Paleo for the duration of the school year. 
The days that I am in school (including when I'm home) I will be following the Paleo way of eating.  I'm giving myself the weekend (well just one day) and he occasional holiday (maybe) off but I'm commiting to 180 days of Paleo eating.  No grains, dairy, sugar, flour, or legumes for 180 days. 

Now here's my question....
Who's coming with me?
You had to know that was coming!!!  You don't have to do 180 days...maybe you want to start with 30 days and see where you are then.  For me I did the 30 days...I felt fantastic...then summer came!  Who knows what you will discover about yourself in the next 180 days...where you will be come June! 
Here's to a healthy school year!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Marvelous Monday

I apologize for the deviation from the usual Monday Motivation post....I will resume again after this week but today is the last day of summer vacation for me.  Usually on the last day of summer vacation you can find me either sulking in the corner or being dragged off the beach as the sun goes down.  In an attempt to help me focus on the positive I have decided to link up with Katie for
So here has been some Marvelous things around these parts this summer!!
  • I finally feel like a real Cape Codder and am now confident to drive out onto the beach!
  • The girls and I were able to spend 2 weeks with my family making memories and having fun!
  • The little lady has started taking steps and will soon be running!
  • Hubs and I have been able to spend some awesome time together and even a weekend away!
  • I ran almost 300 miles
  • I've been able to watch our two little ladies go from a baby and a toddler to sisters!
  • I have been blessed with 3 months of time....time with my family to just hasn't always been rainbows every day but getting to be there when my girls wake up has been priceless!  It's 
  •  as if Aubs knew this morning as she gave me an extra long hug this morning as she woke up!!

    What about you?  What has been marvelous for you this summer??