Monday, September 2, 2013

Marvelous Monday

I apologize for the deviation from the usual Monday Motivation post....I will resume again after this week but today is the last day of summer vacation for me.  Usually on the last day of summer vacation you can find me either sulking in the corner or being dragged off the beach as the sun goes down.  In an attempt to help me focus on the positive I have decided to link up with Katie for
So here has been some Marvelous things around these parts this summer!!
  • I finally feel like a real Cape Codder and am now confident to drive out onto the beach!
  • The girls and I were able to spend 2 weeks with my family making memories and having fun!
  • The little lady has started taking steps and will soon be running!
  • Hubs and I have been able to spend some awesome time together and even a weekend away!
  • I ran almost 300 miles
  • I've been able to watch our two little ladies go from a baby and a toddler to sisters!
  • I have been blessed with 3 months of time....time with my family to just hasn't always been rainbows every day but getting to be there when my girls wake up has been priceless!  It's 
  •  as if Aubs knew this morning as she gave me an extra long hug this morning as she woke up!!

    What about you?  What has been marvelous for you this summer??


  1. I am also a teacher and always get sad and a little emotional when summer ends. These three months really are a blessing! I hope you have a great first week of school!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Those three months are such a blessing! so nice to have all that time with the family. I love that I only have to work three days a week so I can have lots of great family time too, although all summer probably is pretty great for having to work full time during the school year!

  3. summers are always marvelous for me as i love my time off work :) i love teaching, but having no schedule for a couple months and being able to lounge around and run errands freely and do things i normally wouldn't get to do is fantastic!

  4. With school running so long this year it was just two months of summer - and while it felt like it flew by we really made the most of it with some great family time! :)

  5. The end of summer is always bitter sweet, isn't it? I look forward to getting back in the classroom, getting to know the new faces, and seeing former students looking much more grown up. With that said, I still cling to the last days of summer vacation and the freedoms that come with having the days off.

    Have a great school year Fancy Nancy and all your teacher readers too!

  6. end of summer is always hard for me...
    we LOVE summertime. the camping, the beach, the swimming, the BEING TOGETHER and NO SCHOOL!!! ugh, it's still hard getting back into the groove of the year.

    beautiful memories you made and such gorgeous views of the beach...your girls will remember it for a lifetime :)

  7. Aw sweet. I am glad you had such a great Summer and I hope you enjoy your first day of school.

  8. So many marvellous things to be grateful for! Is it already September? That means my bday is coming up :)