Thursday, September 12, 2013


It has been years...ok maybe that is exaggerating...since I have dished you all a dose of my randomness.  With the start of school and lots of things happening in Fancy Nancy Land I have more than enough to dish!

1.  Contagion...With half the Fancy Nancy Crew sick it is like a scene from the movie Contagion here.  Hubby woke up sick yesterday and we thought it was food poisoning but a call from Em's school saying she threw up at school changed our tune.  I left school yesterday and mortgaged our house to buy full shelves of antibacterial cleaning products!  My inlaws were so awesome to take the baby so she wouldn't be around the two sickies.  Now while I tend to pride myself in being able to deal with sickies (being a teacher and mom will do that to you) I would rather take one for the team than to have my kids sick...especially the baby since she's so tiny.  This morning Em is still not keeping anything down but I hope as the day goes on they will both be feeling better.

2.  Wait for it...One thing about living in New England is that you can never trust the weather.  Just a few days ago I had resigned myself that my beloved summer was over and I began to embrace and be excited for fall...and then yesterday came and the humidity was up over 80% and temps to match.  My sister sent me this pin that cracked me up!  It was sent to me after I texted her "Nothing beats swamp ass while you teach!"

3. Creating a habit...I've been doing the 100s challenge with Blonde Ponytail and I'm really loving it!

Just enough of a challenge to make me sore but not enough to take me away from my other workouts.  I actually look forward to it each day!  Are you doing the challenge?

3+1.  ZOOMA...If you were on the fence about registering or waiting for whatever reason about registering for ZOOMA Cape Cod, delay no longer.  Prices go up September 15th.  Come join me in Falmouth...I promise (kind of) that the weather will play nice!!  Don't forget to use the code CCAMB4 to get 10% off!!!

Ok now go enjoy your day...Tonight I'll be hitting the mill while I watch the Pats beat the Jets!!


  1. Seriously, what's up with this weather? Go Pats!

  2. Ugh--hope everyone gets better asap! And I am feeling you on the weather--it has been ridiculous here this week. They even canceled all the kids' practices last night b/c we had a code red air quality day. Crazy!

  3. Sick here too......Izzy's been I'm sick. Ugh. Yuck!!!! I hope your family gets better. SOON! The weather is crazy. I left school yesterday and it was 92 degrees. WTH!

  4. Ugh - hope your family is well soon and you don't end up sick!!!
    Still hot here and I'm loving it!!

  5. So sorry everyone's sick :( Not loving this return of the humidity - running hills today was ugly! Go Pats!!